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I'm not able to log on at all ): (macbook)


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I have a macbook pro and I'm not able to log on. Not even past the screen. When I press 'enter' after putting in my password, it freezes for a moment then gives me the same notification popup saying that its either the server thats down or a firewall issue. It's about a paragraph long. I turned off firewall to see if it was that and it was still saying it. I checked the server status and it's not down. I checked to see if I had any anti-virus programs and I don't. I'm so confused. I uploaded an image. I even went to the "island rum" app and pressed rescan several times and nothing. I restarted computer and checked for any updates. Nothing. This sucks! Please help! This was only gonna be my third time playing.

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 3.15.31 AM.png

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100% network issue.  The client isn't able to talk to the server for some reason.


Things to check:

  • Are you able to ping the game servers?  Does Tracert finish? (even with time outs on some hops, it should at least find the destination.) You can find the IP Address for the log-in server in the manifest.xml file.
  • Pinpoint the issue.  To rule out your home network or MacBook, try another Internet source.  Does your mobile data from a cellphone let it connect if you turn a hotspot on?  Does it work at a Starbucks barring that?  If it can connect on another network, you know you don't need to do anything further to the Mac.  If it doesn't, then you can stop messing with your home network, because the laptop is the culprit.
  • I'm assuming you checked the servers at the same place you're trying to play the game.  If you're able to check server status there, then the servers aren't completely blocked.  Sounds like the game ports might need to be looked at on your router: is another app on those ports?  (Click here for the Client article in Paragon Wiki.  The listed ports are all the way on the bottom.)
  • As a possibility you didn't mention, (but I have to say this because it HAS come up a few times in the last 9 months) if you're trying this at a School or Workplace, they typically block all traffic on 'exotic ports' (not 80, 443, and apps that they want to run) including this game.  If this is your situation, there is no solution because defeating their software filters and firewalls is usually grounds for corrective action.  Especially if the MacBook you're trying to do this on isn't yours (even if you checked it out, "Equipment Loan" still equals school property).  Please don't get into trouble because of us.
  • A less severe, but similar scenario is using public wi-fi at a Hotel or Business, when they want folks to use it for web and email, not everything else.  That may be as simple as paying the front desk an upcharge to play games or watch Netflix in your hotel room.
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