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Working AE Rez Pads [Base]

Rooster Gold

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AE Rez Pads seem to default over the Basic Reclaimator.


You will still need a Reclaimator in base in order for this to work, otherwise it will only give the Hospital option.


I found this out by accident when using AE Rez Pads as decoration in close proximity to my Reclaimator.


It was putting me inside a bio capsule placed I there, even when placed a moving gear inside the capsule & it still used the AE Rez Pad, so it seems even blocking it won't discourage them.


To make this work properly I placed my Reclaimator in a wall close to the AE Rez Pad.


The AE Rez Pad needs to be in close proximity to the Reclaimator and/or vice versa.


For science I tried putting the Reclaimator in a small room far across the base and I spawned there instead, so its needs to be in the same room as the AE Rez Pad I think.



For science part 2: I've since lowered it into the Medical Platform and it still works like a charm. 😎






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