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You took an S-tier primary, and an S-tier secondary, congrats, you chose a lottery winning tanker combination for both extreme durability and some of the highest damage available to a tanker. 


Skippable Powers


Meltdown; this particular power sometimes can be overkill or just not the most "needed," however, a lot personally love it as it is a very help boost that can be up about half the time or more and comes with very little drawback/crash.

Radiation Therapy; sometimes, I really don't recommend skipping it, it is one of the best proc-monsters in the game for a huge AOE up very consistently. 

Ground Zero; this is skippable, but is another great proc monster, if you can't fit in the build with procs, I recommend skipping it.



Crushing Blow; (if you have a build that has a chain that doe smore DPS without it) it isn't the most damaging, it's not an essential core for TW sometimes, you can definitely make this combination work without it.

Taunt; you can take an epic pool power that does more damage and since you're a tanker get gauntlet with those epic pools, therefore sometimes this is viewed as a "skippable" power.

Titan Sweep; towards the end game with this type of build, I hardly find myself using this (due to AoD + WS). I'd suggest getting this power for early levels and then later spec'ing out of it.

Follow Through; (I DO NOT RECOMMEND SKIPPING THIS AT ALL) I've seen some people choose not to take this but honestly it is the highest DPA attack in all of TW, for ST, it spikes your damage. If you have to skip all 4 of these to make a build work, fine, but I really recommend keeping this one.

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