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[Staging] Patch Notes for February 29th, 2020

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  • This patch is on the Staging servers, Shadow and Reflection. It's intended for patching to Live during the next maintenance window, and contains bug fixes that are not part of the Page 5 patch cycle.
  • Changes from the previous build are listed in green.


Bug Fixes

  • Soulbound Allegiance's Chance for Build Up proc again proc on Pets. It should not proc on players when summoning pets.
  • Fix for issue with Engagement status that has been keeping Targeting Drone from dropping it's Up-Front damage buff while in combat.
  • Fixed a bug where Degenerative Interface was over-stacking on raid encounters.
  • Fix Rune of Protection FX persisting until zoning.
  • Fix incorrect colour of Common Vigor Alpha.


Minor Change That Was Already Merged And Slipped Through

  • Chain powers now have a unique border, courtesy of @GuyPerfect:
  • Beam Rifle (Sentinel)
    • BeamRifle_RefractorBeam.png.de51b8c5eb631a1d7cd8838a815c363a.png Refractor Beam
  • Electric Control
    • ElectricControl_JoltingChain.png.d03b0f3dc9b94eba4fd27dcdd7a4b2cc.png Jolting Chain
    • ElectricControl_SynapticOverload.png.d6e8c5a04ba6d05956fd71e61f3ef5f5.png Synaptic Overload
  •  Electric Melee
    • ElectricMelee_TargetedChainInduction.png.bf8ca850ec6a68b03b389f1e837721be.png Chain Induction
  • Electricity Mastery (Sentinel)
    • ElectricControl_Heal.png.58078b1f7b6f5ecd2c676e49d3eddb33.png Rehabilitating Circuit
  • Martial Assault
    • MartialAssault_TrickShot.png.b8efac7f2770614439baa3bf58e6e3e9.png Trick Shot
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