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Super Strength / Willpower


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I am putting this in General rather than Brute or Tank Forum because the question is....which to go with.  I Brute easily,  it is my 'native' class for the game.  Tanking, I "can" do.  It is work, or feels like it.  Also, with SS Rage I feel it works better thematically with Brute Fury.


Having said all that I want to explore kitting out Willpower to it's ultimate Nth degree of awesomeness.  I know that that will be better on a Tank, as Willpower loves a larger health bar.  However there is also the law of diminishing returns, and I do not know where that kicks in in this context.


My thinking is chase 45% S/L def, pump up Resists as smoothly as that ties in with....chasing huge health?  Is that the plan?  Hmmm.  Sounds good, but is it good?


I have memorized and can riff a bit on Invul thanks to playing a dozen Hyperstrike derived builds.  But Willpower is not something I know well.


Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated.


Will be incarnating, consider No I/O off limits, and chasing accolades of course.  For purposes of finalizing numbers etc.

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