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Just wrapped up a first publication or 2 Arcs of a planned 3-Arc series called “Ordinary People.” The series are King’s Row centered and capped at level 20. Custom content, but uses well-known contacts Freitag and Becktrees. Full dialog, story-oriented, with foundation in established lore (it won’t seem so early on, but will definitely when all dots connect). 


Still polishing but hoping for some feedback on difficulty. Been soloing it with my capped 50, so not sure how accurate that is. In any case, have created an entirely new faction for the Arc 3 finale, which I hope to get first draft up next week. Will submit to scrapbot at some point. In the meantime, hope to get some reviews!


Keep the torch burning,



Common toons:


Major Viktory

Gym Beam



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I have done a TON of AE work, both long form and single arc. Just search the AE mish list for my sig @cranebump. For more information on my stories, head to the AE forum sub-heading and look for “Crane’s World.” Support your AE authors! We ARE the new content.

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