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  1. If you want to draw up a new toon, you can pass along the money by emailing yourself, and pass along items using an SGbase for storage. Or maybe just run on teams for awhile. There’s no rule that says you must solo the game. Beyond that, if you really do have that much $$ and boss fights are the issue, maybe purchase large inspirations on the market, then gobble them up as you fight. Or...autocomplete the end boss mishes and move on to the next arc. I had my arse handed to me so many times by Calvin Scott I started doing that as a matter of course for some of my squishies.
  2. I should be available later this evening.
  3. Any way to tie in that nugget about the Lost, whose origin is based on something deep beneath? Or has that already been done? Thinking a Lost arc with doors in the sewers.
  4. Running Allison King's arc (Library of Souls). I hump it a mile, and find a door up here: What the hey...? Don't think I've ever even seen this door. Has a spiral staircase running up, but I SJ'ed it. Craziness!:-) View from the water: Heading up stairs normal like for the lulz: Then the door itself, looking back across the bay:
  5. Experimenting with a self-contained arc that (perhaps) leads to related stories later on. Still not settled on the last map. Apologies in advance for the (inevitable) typos TEST NOTES: Ran with a lvl 39 who isn't completely tricked out--yet:-) Also tested with a L30 squishy. Had a couple faceplants because I forgot how to snipe:-) Ran with a Tank finally, L32. Pretty much no issues, save for slow killing rate.
  6. All strong points. But I think you mean “inaccurate” where you’re using disingenuous. I don’t think people are intentionally misrepresenting the Warriors. They may just may not know all the Lore.
  7. Instead of a Civil War, upgrades could just be the natural consequence of constantly being outclassed. The group evolves to amp up its game, while somehow rationalizing it to themselves that they’re still holding to “traditional values.” Whatever resistance to the movement there is is too feeble to stop the evolution. Or maybe Traditional Warriors might remain in game as is, while the evolution of the group can be explored in a high level arc. It certainly feels like the Warriors might have some sort of affinity for the Well, or some similar source of power. Like, I dunno, the spiritual manifestation of “pure, human will?”
  8. Unless you have a mutation that makes you shoot better. Or took a serum that gave you supernatural aim. Or you ensorcelled the gun with “Deadshot Runes.” (Not trying to argue. Just chiming in with the idea that it’s not as simple to classify as it appears):-) Don’t see why the Warriors couldnt modernize their arsenal. It would be weird to see them with guns, though.
  9. I'm just now running a Dark Melee/Ice Scrapper. With prestige Sands of Mu, you have a pair of cones early on. Later, you have a pair of END draining powers, one of which also drains opponent HP's. I found it to be surprisingly hardy so far, for a scrapper.
  10. The one in Mercy is near the Arachnos flyer, not far from the arbiter. You can see the icon on your map.
  11. Hey, all. After a lengthy hiatus, here is our first review of 2021. In the tradition of throwback arcs (like the James Bond one I thoroughly enjoyed), we now hop to the 80s with: Why I picked it: The theme. Never a Miami Vice fan, but I dig the idea What I ran it with: Nightsickle Powersets and such: Dark/Ice Scrapper, L13 (these are powersets I’ve never used; the toon is literally 2 days old) NOTE: 41 reviews of this arc, with 5 Star rating. Why haven’t I heard of it? Opening: Well the attire’s certainly appropriate. And it’s our seldom-visited buddy from Talos. Okay, first off, as someone who writes plays as a sidelight (and has dabbled with screenplays), I **love** this: Get in the Ferrari? Dude, it’s MY car! (it’s not?...okay…[sniff]) First mish is about a drug bust (what? shocking…):-) I’m running at L13 on a 12-20 mish range, with SO’s slotted, so we’ll see how this goes. Several things to do right off: Actually 6, but I rescued one before I screen capped here. Let’s hope I don’t do a lot of this… Bassins gets a close up. I smell a rat...oh, wait, that’s just me. Sorry...Creole lunch... So, I keep hearing all this gunfire. Come around the corner to see: Dude, you are a baaaaad shot… Minor Issue: Clues are not numbered. Some things I discovered appear higher on the clues list. I don’t mind the scrolling back, but I have to briefly scan each one to see what’s new and what’s not. I think numbering would help here. We take on el boss-o Maybe, Grog, but it certainly doesn’t help your fashion sense. Mish done. We get a “cut scene” interview with Gorgs (in the form of a mish end clue box). Grog points us to bigger fish. Or maybe smellier. I mean...he’s pretty big… This in the end mish box: Hmmm...which 80s tune is mournful...I’m going with Roxette’s “Must’ve Been Love,” ‘cause Croq and I, we have a thing...it’s all about the car, you realize... Mish 2 We’re pointed toward something called the Sindicators. I assume they’re bad guys, because, well, SIN. Of course, maybe they mean “sin” as in “without” (so, they DON’T speak Spanish? okay…) SOOOOO wrong. Sindicators is a night club. Well...seems classy, right? Sez we are greeted by “surly glares” (which is now my next toon name…[and don’t call me Shirley]). Still with the aiming issues, I see… Hmmm...the Warriors are here. And they’ve been trained by Van Damme. Mobs begin to diversify, with a mix of Hellions, Outcasts, Warriors. Evidently the Family is here, too, according to the molecular biology major standing...er, hopping next to us here: Is this really the ONLY way you can pay for college, Libby? Mish goes off without a hitch. Croq strangely regains his aim when I’m around. Cue “Every Breath You Take.” So, we locate our rat in mish. Croq is justifiably upset: Yeah! Fricker! A Statesman doll! HOW COULD YOU! (nice nugget here…) Mish 3 Mission entry accept is “You can trust me.” Which is me talking to Croquette. In quotations. So can he **really** trust me? I mean, I didn’t get a doll.:-) Sigh… More fashion nightmares. And I took down blue. Croq is evidently checking his sight for something. Die you pastel patsy! Stopped the shipment. Pummeled the boss. Looks like Croq gives up shooting and just jams the whole pistol through the pets chest: Vexed? When did you go to Oxford? NOTE: Nice little mish here. In you go, get dyne, grab Croq, then Cavs pops up back near entry of the Mercy dock. Fun and quick. And that’s that! A quick, simple, 3-mish arc. SUMMARY: Positives: Unique presentation style (TV script). Typical baddies, but customized to fit the “Vice” feel. Player-friendly maps. A Ferrari. Tweaks: Doesn’t really need any. It’s straightforward. That said, there are a couple of mishes left to fiddle with, and when I hit the end it seemed awfully quick. Boss fight came with a single ambush, which you don’t have to clear. I’m not sure the final map (which I love) has room for it, but some patrols would spice that up a bit. Might number the clues. Not a deal breaker, though, since most of them popped up where they needed to. Might have the perps at least TRY to dodge Croquette's shots. You know...to make him feel better.:-) From a character standpoint, I’d almost like to see Croq’s worst fears realized, like a major breach that reveals another traitor in the ranks. And maybe a tie in with whoever is receiving the shipment. In other words, a bigger, bigger fish to fry (or broil, or bake...personally, I prefer blackened…):-) OVERALL: 4.5/5. It’s clean. Unique in presentation. No major issues with spawns. Very well done, honestly. I just felt the “rat in our midst” angle could’ve been further exploited. That said, it was fun. My lowbie toon handled everything easily. In fact, I’d wager that the arc can accommodate any of the AT’s easily. It’s got that flexibility. I enjoyed the mix of street gangs working with the Fam. Nice job. Play this if: You want a short, sweet AE arc to run. You’re down with the 80s vibe. You like neon and neon-inspired clothing. You dream of riding shotgun with Croq down the Argo Highway, listening to Roxette and The Police. Don’t play if: You’re looking for a deeper, more character-drive story. You don’t like your character having lines in the script (looking at you, Kyksie):-) COMING ATTRACTIONS: If you’re a Goldside fan, be sure to check out @darmian’s new stuff as it comes out. He’s a dedicated Praetorian, and knows his stuff! Happy Trails, Kemosabes. And, if you’re a Yank, stay warm. Yours in vice (and, occasionally, virtue), Crane
  12. Thank you for sharing this very personal, very touching, very inspiring message. Thank you, too, for reminding us that the measure of a life is in its impact on others. God bless you. And God bless Rose, her family, and those who knew her.
  13. Synapse and Citadel are tied for me, with the latter being more ridiculous due to things like clearing the 2 mishes that literally spawn using the same door, back to back.
  14. I'll be on sometime this afternoon, and should be available in the evening. Not level 15 yet, as far as I recall, but not far from it, either (I don't think).
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