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  1. Appreciated, thanks. I agree on the comment about the judge. I’m also not sure what I did right, but I’m not going to belabor that at the moment. Thanks again, and looking forward to the next one!
  2. TWEAKS & CHANGES: *Reduced number of rescues in M2 to 1 required and 3 optional. Reduced glowies from 2 to 1 by truncating the 2 clues. I still hate that map. What I'd really like is a small corner of the forest. But I need to learn how to use outdoor maps better, and it fits the arc, so...whaddaya gonna do?:-) *Gave some of the Lt's names. *Still need to check: Spawns in M3. Sometimes they're dead on. Other times, they're wonky, and cause backtracking.
  3. Got inspired by Iago's speech in Othello: "Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners." Then it sorta went from there. TEST NOTES: *Initial run throughs=L15 "Power Pool" character. Had issues with some of the customs and the boss. Nerfed them all before proceeding. *2 runs with my exemplared L50 Incarnate Blaster. Last mish was tough, but that was because I had tagged ally reinforcements as "Enemy." Derrrrrr..... Fixed and ran again. No issues. *Final run with a L27 Rad Melee/Nrgy Shield Tank. Only issues occurred when I decided to grab several
  4. I played it and reviewed it in My Josh Jones stuff.
  5. The whole "take a bite, the decide," statement doesn't hold water. You can put a rating on arc without even entering the mission. Just load it, abandon it, rate it. So you can "decide" without even sampling it, which is very (VERYVERYVERY) likely what the revenge rater did. Based on the evidence offered (the offender's own words), It's also pretty much beyond "possible" that the revenge rater is being a colossal jerk. Not sure why you're defending them, unless you happen to know who they are, and/or you know something the rest of us don't.
  6. Kennedy for me. Got me there.:-)
  7. While running Frostfire last night with a group of 3 , including 2 new players (who prefer villains), one of them says, “Let’s slit their throats!” Reply: “We’re heroes, gentlemen. Let’s arrest their throats.” That was pretty fun. Later, villain side, while one of us isn running around doing Dr. Graves’s road trip around Mercy, 2 of us fart around with emotes and have a little dance party in front of the quartermaster. Random player lands next to us, dances for 16 seconds, then zooms away without a word. That was fun. So...sh*t like that.:-)
  8. Two birthdays from 60. 60! What the hell? Who is this guy in the mirror? Is that...my dad? Or my grandfather?
  9. (Sheepish voice) I enjoyed fighting the guards...:-)
  10. This isn’t a solution to the problem, but, in general, working with AE is often best approached using the “path of water.” Which basically means it is often better (or at least just simpler) to work with what AE gives you, rather than try to force it to do what it cannot easily do. Crafting a decent mission using the basic tools can be challenging enough. I often find myself adjusting my own goals and ideas to what I’m given, rather than the other way ‘round. It’s sorta like you’re making a movie, and you want to do ‘X,’ but you only have the budget for ‘Y.’ So, long story short:
  11. Man, do I hate DST. I just can’t get my wife to believe how detrimental it is. Lucky for her, I finally just kept my bitching to myself.
  12. Give everyone enough to pay off their car loans and see what happens. I sold some land I inherited several months ago. We paid off both cars and a credit card bill we’d had since moving (again - a move we didn’t get to prepare for). No loans out, you can actually build some wealth and, you know, buy stuff for the grandkids. in any case, my advice about giving someone something. If you're going to monitor how it’s used, don’t bother giving it away in the first place. Worst thing is someone who lends someone a hand, then holds it over them the rest of their lives. It’s a gift, not a
  13. Not really. You can use Allies without any enemies on them, but their dialogue usually "pops" before you actually get to them. I'll freely admit I'm not the expert on this, though.
  14. It's already been stated, but, to be clear: you've got me confused with the OP. And we obviously disagree about whether to hold this person accountable, so I won't belabor the point.
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