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  1. Well, to be clear, I'm not saying "blame the tank" (and I never blame anyone when I faceplant [except myself, when I deserve it]). I'm saying blame the clueless, rude person who runs ahead before the job is done - which is much more often the case than anything you're mentioning here. That person is not tanking (a lot of the time, they're not even a classic tank). They're just running off, leaving pieces of their laundry everywhere. I don't feel like this should be the expectation, is all. I feel it must be, though, since this type of play does not get announced prior to the mishes where I've
  2. It's not that I can't adequately follow, or don't know how to follow, or don't have stealth, yaddyaddayadda. It's the tacit expectation that I'm supposed to sweep up after someone else, which gives the impression that the spawn hopper's fun is more important than mine (I should note here, I'll stay behind and clear with my melees, unless everyone else has run off). I should probably be more clear here: I'm talking about getting on a team and this occurs without any mention of speedrunning, or any communication at all. As I see this "hit and run" style more often than I did on Live, it leads me
  3. While I don't disagree at all with the logic of the above, speaking as one who is very often one of those ranged toons who ends up playing free safety when the tanks (and not always the tanks these days) run off to the next group while I clean up their mess, I can tell you I don't view that action as "confidence" in my ability. It looks and feels a lot more like, "I'm going to take care of me, and the hell with you." Fair enough, save when you bail out and leave multiple purps and oranges, which me and maybe 2 other people have to clean up, thus putting us behind the rest of the group while we
  4. Isn’t a more responsiveness feel possible? Yes, but it may takes several dates...Marry them, if you have to.
  5. I don’t mind being “inefficient” according to old school standards near as much as I mind the teams where 2-3 people rush ahead with no communication as to their intent. In typical groups, the only action that actually annoys me is when someone phase shifts a mob while I am trying to throw down ranged attacks. Everything else is tolerable.
  6. Marchand finale vs. Calvin Scott, unless I’m running a team or a really powerful toon. I usually get my arse handed to me. Damned land mines!
  7. Ah. So following a facet of the mission theme. Okay, that does make sense, thank you.
  8. Just accept their offerings of spam & sardine sandwiches and move on. Tributes such as those are rare...oh, wait, not THAT kind of placate...(slowly edges out of view).
  9. It is if you're trying to formulate a euphemism for your actual question.:-)
  10. Recall that character from comics and the movies.:-)
  11. Yeah I have Acrobattle there. cranebump is in the 30s. Need to run him up, as well..
  12. "Visual Age: Early 20s. Actual Age: 26?" Um...why the differentiation when the perceived gap is so small? (this just strikes me as weird...is there something about the genre I'm missing?"
  13. Did a Cap invasion team last week. That was interesting. Think there were only 4-5 of us. The baddies kept popping up right next to a building corner, so they were always contained. Didn't get many heavies though.
  14. I had Alderman assassinated as a start point for my AE Leviathan arc. I mean, who better?:-)
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