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  1. I’ve been running Regen as a second set for my Sentinels lately, along with Leadership. Limited in the number of attacks, but great buffs and endless recovery. You can also run, say, fighting with DP/Regen to get some melee in there.
  2. I think you’re right that Haley is likely an EMP Defender. She’d be some form of buffer or protector, which means she could also be a bubbler (though soloing with that...erg). She might be some form of sonic. And I haven’t played the new electric sets at all, nor do I have a water toon. Maybe something unusual like that. She’s a contact for a magic origin, so maybe her own origin is magic, as well? Maybe Kord outfits her with relics discovered...somewhere.
  3. That is an awesome concept for Peebles. What server did you run on? Feels like an themed SG might be in order. The Alter Egos? The Contact Tracers? 🙂
  4. I run primarily on Excelsior on THU evenings. I get in some play on the weekends, usually morning or afternoon. The tribute characters are all on Torchbearer, though., simply because it’s quieter, and I was soloing. So far, I have: Goldenward: Tony Kord, a play on IM as the Golden Avenger. Ran to L8 or 9, I think. Street Angel: Rachel Torres. Ran to L5 or so. Ivory Leopard: Nandelu. Just gathered explore badges. Omnibus: Jon SJ-Smythe. Logged him in. Didn’t play him. If there were enough interest, it’d be nice to run these guys as a team, along with Haley
  5. Little background: One of my Incarnates (and a toon I run fairly regularly on Excel) is KR Devil, who is basically Juan Jiminez from King's Row (note: I've seen his last name spelled two ways - this one appears to be correct). Yesterday, ran a new version of an old character idea on Torch. Running solo, so smaller pop was preferable. Running without 2XP, I picked up every AP contact that would allow me to do their mishes, and continued this into KR. As I went through Tony Kord's mish, I got to thinking, What (where) is this guy's super ID? I mean he IS Tony Stark/Ted Kord, so where is Iron Bee
  6. Looks like our group sorta went pffffft...BUT... I am usually on THU. You can always hit me up for STUFF (whatever "stuff" may be). Like tonight, I just logged on Acrobattle just to check out rolls. We're still small and nimble.:-)
  7. I would so a "Save As" first, then bring it down to work on it locally. Other stuff: *USING ALLIES INSTEAD OF ESCORTS: I sort of like the Escort function, since it gives me the orange nav point. When I played it, I didn't really depend on the adds for support, outside named NPCs. *FIGURING OUT WHAT TO TARGET: When you're being mobbed, you may not have time to be selective about whom you target. My AR blaster was spraying AoE's everywhere so that I wouldn't be killed. I did start to target those force KB guys later on. Of course, while I did - END drain. Lady or the tige
  8. Sticking with it. The character (Whipsmart, 2nd version) is a BR/Regen sentinel. With the extra END buff (in addition to Stamina) can run the 3 leadership buffs without a hitch. He can bring a bit of support to the group.
  9. I can also throw in Zero G + Prestige Jet pack for some nice jump. This makes the pack seem like it's a sort of catch-all device. Yeah, we'll keep that.:-)
  10. Well, I was going to eventually pick up flight, but notice this when I used a plain ol' jet pack: Dat's a lotta rocketry.:-) Tempted to just keep using jetpack as my flight travel, since my aux set is going to be Leadership. (wonder how the small jetpack looks, or the Brickers?)
  11. Agh! That GD truck! I ran that with 2 other maps, which I exchanged for the map I finally used, then tested it multiple times for that stupid truck in the air spawn. Didn’t happen so I thought, “Good-finally got it.” But noooooooi!:-) (it is funny though) (and yeah it’s Daredevil all over it. And KRD is a nod to vanity-I used Juan in Ordinary People. Then I drew up an AR/TA blaster who is one of my Incarnates now. Juan is actually in the KR zone (I think on a rooftop not far from WW’s) and his official NPC backstory (which I pasted straight out of the wiki), plus my use of him in O
  12. Well...out of curiosity, I played this. And here's what I think. Kyksie's right about M3. Full stop. Other stuff: Timers are uniformly long and slow (and not just this mish, either, though this one is heinously long, and obviously geared to make me fail). Case in point? In M2 (not M3), I clicked on one, hopped to a separate window to type the sentence, above, and when I got back, it was still counting down. As for M3: Screw this mission. I clicked on a Rikti computer, since those ostensibly contain what I need (I assume). And here I am, ty
  13. Okay. Managed to make the Cage Series finale fit the theme: You had remarked after the first two that you wondered if you're still a vigilante. I took that as a starting point for the finale.:-)
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