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Bug: Costume change causing crash


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While unconscious, using a costume change emote and then zoning before the costume actually changes causes client to crash.


Steps to reproduce:

Get defeated

Use costume change emote to switch to a different costume

Then, before the costume visually changes do one of the following:

        If in zone without jails/hospital on map, Go to Hospital

        If in zone with jail/hospital, use another method to zone such as Enter Supergroup base with passcode

Client crashes

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One of my costumes causes a crash in the character creator. The game crashes when I try to look at the costume. I think it's a clunkery-robot costume with the old one-robot arm, if that helps narrow it down. It may or may not have the crab spider backpack... 

Edited by Herotu

..It only takes one Beanbag fan saying that they JRANGER it for the devs to revert it.

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@Herotu, I don't think a particular costume part is the problem.  I just created a new character with a reset costume (plain black tights all over), changed it's second costume slot to have flared gloves, and then repeated the process. Crashed the client


Edit: And after a further test, it seems you don't even need to be unconscious. If there is a costume change queued up, as it were, and you zone before your constume changes, the client crashes.

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