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  1. I never understood this. If you're going to edit a post, why not edit the main post?
  2. Interesting topic. I have to query the premise a little, though. If there's not "one true fun", and we all find different things fun, does that mean that the game should appeal to everybody? For starters, it's a specific genre - so we've immediately turned off a section of people. On a less antagonistic note, I'd say that in order to find out what direction to focus, you're probably looking at creating a Venn diagram of what various people find fun (within this audience - i.e. not everybody) and then aiming to create a aspect of gaming that is in the most cross-over sections.
  3. I used enhancers as you suggested, but once I had enough inf, I looked at profit margins. Check out purples, they sell for most. Then look how much the recipe goes down to on the market. That's your buy price. Then see how much the crafted enhancement goes up to on the market. That's your sell price. The difference is your margin. Take a couple of million off the margin for the crafting cost. If the number is sufficiently positive, it's worth crafting-to-sell.
  4. DreadShinobi makes a fortune writing small fortune cookies.
  5. What level is that scrapper you don't like?
  6. Here we go! Reichsman invades Praetoria to combine himself with the other two versions of him ... or he's been manipulated into falling into his alternate self's (or ... someone else's) plot to do so.
  7. ... keep going ... an alternate Reichsman (no going back to Tyrant/Statesman, you cheater!).
  8. I would love to see some weird recursive Nemesis Plot where he ends up being his own nemesis, and that Nemesis's nemesis is another Nemesis... and so on. It would be called "The Nemesis of My Nemesis". Or The Enemy of My Enemy... which has me as my ally. I love the "Field Agent Keith Nance" arc, as you might imagine.
  9. I am a very slow reader. I don't mind reading, but CoH has walls and walls of text, SO... A long time ago I switched to text-to-speech for CoH missions. Just copy/paste and head off to the mission while you listen to the story (having two monitors makes this very easy - seriously, when I switched from my CRT (many years ago), I used it as a second monitor and the difference having two makes blew my socks off). I use this website: https://ttsreader.com/ Perhaps your friends might like to try it? Got to give this a hard disagree, but the
  10. Is it half-assery? Or is it the work of a SUPER VILLAIN?! Muauahahahahahahaha hah.
  11. Known unknowns? or known unknown but really knowns, I mean who doesn't own a clock... or a phone with a clock on it? If we REALLY want to cut down on carbon, we'd get rid of time. it's bullshit anyway. Someone just made it up. Like money. #TimeDenier
  12. The computer works out which supergroup has the best name and ranks them in that order.
  13. Is Grandma wearing fishnets? Why Grandma, when you said "Special Sauce", I thought you meant something else entirely!
  14. Climbing, Spider-man webslinging, "surfing"-style flying.
  15. Are there batteries in your mouse? Are they flat?
  16. Oh, I forgot interactables! More things to click in the world!
  17. 1. My #1 is voiced characters, even if it has to be Text-to-Speech. I love the missions and the stories but they're quite wall-of-texty - I tend to copy them into ttsreader.com (english uk female voice) and have it read them to me as I travel to the mission. 2. Bin levels. No more levels, they're a horrible way to make the game because you end up with this auto-level to match zone-level and sidekick level to match exemplar and all that awful bandaid guff. It's just silly. No levels - done. Instead of levels you can be trained when you have done enough missions or stories or an
  18. His nemesis (or real identity!) is a dear old lady called Auntie Life? Edit: I just realised that might be a very region-specific joke. In northern england we pronounce Auntie as Anti. I'll get me coat.
  19. So... I was thinking about a faction standing system. Might be cool redside, not so much blue side, where heroes are powerful individuals - (a notion that was repeatedly hard-sold to us throughout the 20th century). Villains are usually team players (you know, being reds, communists and all that). I was wondering if it might be possible to emphasise this by having red side players gain faction standing when they do missions for prominent villains - perhaps they could rise through ranks, like the NPCs do. Maybe they get a temp power depending on their rank - if they rise, they
  20. I don't want more difficult fights, I want more interesting fights. They can be easier, if that makes them more interesting! That's why I like runners so much - you don't see them in many (any?) other games. Difficult != Interesting
  21. The ONLY album I ever bought immediately after hearing it played in the store. Fu Manchu - Urethane
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