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  1. ^This. I wasn't a fan when they spread the different archetypes because the then new Villain ATs were equivalents (ish) of existing Hero ATs. But we're here, it's not going to change, and it's a non-competitive game so... flip it. Let's go!
  2. Ignore the flames. This is fine.
  3. This would be a job for "power customisation", wouldn't it?
  4. Talk of the Apollo missions always has me rooting in my music collection. My pet peeve is that I haven't got a 3rd song. This will have to do... Another peeve is that someone's keying their mic. I can hear myself back. That always reminds me of Chuck Yeagar. What a badge collector he is! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Yeager
  5. I did NOT mention playing golf, buying any equipment or riding around on a keg. You're not there to play golf! But yes, equipment would be good, because there's always someone looking to make up a foursome.
  6. That's really interesting and reminds me of things we've seen in video games such as Evil Genius and Minecraft. "Traps" essentially, but they don't have to be traps per se, just effects that trigger other effects. I wonder if something akin to these might be implemented into AE, and even into the greater game itself?
  7. Buy a golf club membership instead. That's the actual way to a better job.
  8. Mechanics as in what? The simplest ones, crowd control, tend to be frowned upon and/or circumvented with IOs these days, although I'd love to see enemies doing more knockback, I think - particularly if the player CHOSE higher difficulty. I approve of new mechanics, they pique my interest, but I'd like to know what you have in mind.
  9. I hasten to add that I love IOs and that whole system, it's just... well ... ... everybody is in such a hurry now. I guess that if you see one guy rush off ahead without dying, then everybody else thinks/knows it's possible, too.
  10. "Painfully slow" or just "longer" and with nothing to compare it to, what did it matter? The game was much more deadly for players back in the day, you couldn't just buy whatever you want on the auction house because prices were prohibitively expensive, so everybody was underpowered back then. When it came to missions, yes, they were "Painfully slow" but there was much tension and a sense of adventure, DANGER! Players would creep through missions carefully to avoid extra adds or surprises. People learnt to do ghosting/teleporting and pulling mobs onto a corner to AoE them. These things are gone now and I think it's a shame.
  11. This is amazing. I love it. Thank you very much indeed, it's wonderful - I love the TTS and I love the beep at the end, too. Very well thought out! Could the program perhaps have a little bit explaining what the difference between Generations and Iterations is please?
  12. After spending weeks trying to get dotnet 4.8 to work and failing, I finally did this; Find NetFramework folder Take Ownership Delete the folder Installed dotnet 4.8 It worked, but I have this; D:\src\dotnet\Hero-Designer\Output\power.json Which is funny because my D drive just has one game and my Pagefile on it and nothing else. It seems I can just ignore the error. It's working it's working! WOOHOO!
  13. Bill Gates, super hero...?
  14. What an odd jumper. I wonder who his tailor is. Must be posh, you can't get capes on the average high street these days. Two jumpers and a cape, it must be bloody cold.
  15. I bet an all-magic team would be interesting - I'd expect lots of Doms and Trollers. Not so much in the way of melee ... I mean... magic melee?!
  16. Here you go, friend. Someone had to do it.
  17. That's one way of looking at it. I like to think of it as a retcon.
  18. Welcome. Isn't it interesting how many military people play CoH?
  19. Now it makes sense! You didn't say I didn't get that from the first post.
  20. My next supervillain! Eeeeeexxceeelleeeeennnntttt....
  21. Don't feel like you HAVE to solo either. Now that Optimal is easier than it was on live, [Suboptimal but FUN] is where it's at! I'd love to find a nice slow team that just wants to meander through stuff - Sometimes I want the old days of pulling mobs around a corner and sending a scout ahead to make sure there's nothing behind the next doorway. I loved that sense of danger. Sometimes I don't care and just want to blast everything to high heaven and feel mega-powerful, though. How do we LFG a group that's not trying to annihilate the map in 5 seconds flat? How do we ask for ppl who have that mentality?
  22. I didn't know Sijin at all, but I wanted to thank all the GMs and everybody else involved in the project because despite the zillions of other people doing the same, You Always Want a Little More Love. That's the name of my motown smash hit. 😉
  23. I'd like to see a rolling costume competition. No standing around - the competition happens in action! (hard for the judges, but should be interesting as a one-off).
  24. I was being facetious, but this is great news! 😄
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