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  1. I encourage people to bid at the current price, that way you'll get them at the same rate the person who just bid does. You share the loot, and one of you isn't shafting the other person.
  2. I couldn't listen to the Superman one because " Video unavailable This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. ". More Copywrong horseshit. ... but that aside, the other ones sound like they have more urgency about them, as Lines states. You *could* pretend AP is a mad hive of activity as the camera swoops in. That's what I imagine as I listen to the batman audio there. The funky sound you use seems less jarring in these examples. It's approximately the same level in the mix, It's got other sounds around it at the same tempo.
  3. Sometimes, I forget things. This was one of those times 😞 . Thanks Redlynne, I have fixed it.
  4. hmm... maybe I *could* write something... The last time I did it I spent ages doing a 3 act, 5 plot point mission...
  5. Here's an idea. Horde Mode. What's that? You know Matrix2, where Neo is fighting all the Agent Smiths with his drainpipe as if they're nothing? It's that. It's like in D&D when the DM puts a tonne of 1HP mooks on the board. It's the FEEL GOOD mode! It's the mode where there are tonnes of worthless mobs that die in one hit. It's the AoE dream! But they're worth no exp! The whole point is to make heroes feel heroic. Instead of registering damage values, these mobs should just register whether they get hit or not. Any damage at all should kill them. Now, the players *could* ignore them, but here is the twist... they still do damage. You can't afford to ignore them! And in the midst of all of this? Some tough guys, the mobs that would normally be on the mission. Now, if the WHOLE mission is just more and more mobs pouring from pseudo-nowhere like MM pets, that would be bad and would get tiresome pretty quickly (but hey, it's an idea ... ), so I think the mobs should be pre-spawned as normal on mission start.
  6. I love my WP/SS tanker, he does great AoE knock UP (because I slotted for it) with Foot Stomp and the Ascended AoE knockup too.
  7. As someone with not much idea, I'd suspect that anything melee would get completely melted by AoE. Some MMs have solid defensive secondaries (Cold) that can help with defense, but I don't know whether or not that's still the case at end-game.
  8. Just out of interest, do you read any of the stories? Are you interested in any of the stories or is that not what the game is about for you?
  9. I suggested this a while back. I'd love to hear what it's like in Tacotron 2! The reason I disagree with this is that the whole point of comic books is to NOT have walls of text - which is what missions tend to be. Besides, when you're in a team, who reads to mission texts? I know the missions have great story, but often skip them through impatience or convenience. If I could have the text being read to me as I travel to the mission, it saves time, entertains me on my trip and gives to an idea of WHY I'm doing the mission. It reinforces PURPOSE!
  10. So we've all done it, we're thinking of an existing hero, but HOW on earth do you get it to work in City of Heroes? There's lots of scope for something a bit like an existing character, but you're let down by either the secondary options (maybe there are TOO MANY powers, you don't find that many in comics/movies), or some of the options don't fit (fire/ice sword/earth mallets all disappear and then you're there with bare hands on the next power, you want either a weapon or no weapon on ALL of your powers), or the powers simply don't exist : Ice Sliding, Web slinging/swinging, or don't exist in a way you want; permanent hoverboard, throwing shield, whatever. So with all these problems, how do you make an all-encompassing system that allows players to recreate (without breaching copyright because that's important or something) existing heroes? Here's a simple example starter; Blaster: You want to be able to determine a source for the blast, Body/Worn (usually comes from hand), Held Item/Object (wand, gun, book etc), Manifested item (pseudopet such as a conjured book or portal). So if you've had ideas of how things could be done BETTER in the perfect version of the game in your mind (none of this will be realised so why not eh?), what are they?
  11. I don't like the villain stuff because there are varying degrees of villainy. I like my villains to be quite passive - only fighting other villain groups, or robberies, kidnappings ... "harmless" stuff like that. Killing heroes just ... doesn't seem very cool to me.
  12. Thanks for posting this build I've seen some Thugs/Time before but I'll add it to my collection!
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