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  1. You're talking about newbies who've just watched their favourite influencer. It's extremely likely that they're oblivious to the problem. They need to be made aware in a manner that isn't overly aggressive. This issue can be seen from both sides. It's on the publisher to realise that these ARE homages to the characters of their IP. It's not as if some kid playing Homecoming is going to become incredibly wealthy by playing out their fantasies in some sticky corner of the internet. These are the target audience of the publisher and they risk alienating them if the publis
  2. It's hard to understand where cast times end and lag begins (or vice versa).
  3. Nah, it's always been a part of the game - it's not a Homecoming thing specifically It's not actual rubber-banding. It's a rubbery feel. Like there's a cast-time on all the powers - so there's a buffer or something - a lack of snappiness. You know, it's like when you run miles away and around a corner and then 10 seconds later some power hits you. Or when you shoot at a mob and your shot follows them around a corner. Or when you do a knockback on someone who's getting up off the floor and it doesn't knock them down again. But it's not rub
  4. Is the mobility due to powercreep that's occurred since the game was new? I remember that many encounters had to be prepared for, with dedication to repeatedly buffing (boring!), herding (fun for tanks) and suchlike.
  5. Or even said newbie's evil counterpart? Or alternate self from another dimension or timeline or ... both?
  6. Do you think it might be feasible to make the game feel a bit more responsive? I understand that the game was made in a time of dial-up, where lag was enormous and the weird rubber-band feel of some powers didn't really matter. It's now the far future, 2021, post apocalypse and also pre at least another one or two. Lots of us don't even know what dial-up was! With that in mind, do you think that a more responsive game might be feasible by reducing come cast times, or is the rubbery feel of the game part of the way the client and server communicate on a fundamental leve
  7. The Cook! Can you smell what the cook is rocking?
  8. Would you say that due to the asymmetrical nature of the sets, that there's necessarily a stronger set? Let me put it another way... do YOU see ice being used as much as fire?
  9. Would you like another go?
  10. Why is Hot Feet a toggle, but Frozen Aura (it's counterpart in Ice Manipulation) a click?
  11. Please can we have a simple cape pattern that's just a big star in the middle of a plain background? This would look good on single shoulder capes as well as others who use stars as their motif.
  12. Stealth sounds like the player is working hard and being unseen is their reward, Invisibility sounds like cheatmode. My vote is therefore for; INVISIBILITY
  13. I can't finish my builds - I get build paralysis, so while the answer should be 10 it's more like zero. 😞
  14. I turned his frown upside down. Literally. That's why he looks weird - but happier!
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