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  1. Antivirus software usually has a feature called "Exceptions", where you can tell it not to scan a folder or file that you specify .
  2. I know a lot of people say "Origin doesn't/shouldn't matter", but I want it to mean at least something. It's supposed to be the manner in which my powers are manifested. Ideally (I know, ideally, but not realisticall), there would be unique animations depending on origin type - Technology uses devices a lot according to the text on the creator, so THAT would determine the animation rather than the power itself. Perhaps this is off-topic, but I want origin to mean SOMETHING, and if it can't be animations, perhaps enhancements can remain that thing. Else what's the point? They're all that remains of a great, and CENTRAL idea in the superhero genre, that got edged out of the game over the years.
  3. I hope we have developers with grand ambitions like this in mind. Regardless of whether they're able to implement such radical alterations to the game, I'd like to know that the people behind the curtain are trying to do wyrdness with the engine. Always push the boundaries! :)
  4. Why not use the new Athletic Run instead?
  5. Just to play deviil's advocate, the stealth thing sounds a bit silly, because you CAN put stealth into sprints... oh it's because in Inherent Powers it's permanent stealth that you can't turn off?
  6. Is there a reason why we can't use set enhancements in Swift and Hurdle inherent powers? It seems like an oversight or something. I'd like to use sets so I can just slap an attuned in there and forget about them.
  7. I know we have traps and trick arrow as a secondary for masterminds. I was wondering if it might be feasible to consider another set or sets that utilise the weapons which the mastermind primaries do? We currently have bow on Ninjas. Zombies have dark powers. But, Robotics has a laser Rifle Thugs has a Pistol Mercenaries has Assault Rifle - Please can we have these weapons as secondaries for MM? I know people have requested whips (from Demon Summoning), but that's another topic entirely.
  8. Is the Unrelenting power's self rez working? It doesn't seem to happen. Am I reading it incorrectly or something... "You can also use this power to fight your way back to the living after defeat - if you are defeated when you use this power, you will be revived with 50% health."
  9. ohh... ...is it? It's interesting, I liken this suggestion to the, "I want more powers that can be set to Autocast". I guess it's convenience, but back in the day it was core gameplay to keep casting hasten or whatever as soon as it was off cooldown. This is the difference between strategy (casting it because it will be useful in the current circumstance) and convenience (casting it because either it's useful all the time or it has a cooldown shorter than it's duration).
  10. Interesting insider information, I feel like I got a glimpse inside the machine! Arrrghhh my mind will never be the same again - I am forever changed.
  11. I'd like to request the Cosmic Corsair Backpack, but just the collar ring please. It's amazing all by itself. If it's been requested before, please forgive me.
  12. Thanks.. I just wanted a reference that would be nice for those of us who aren't so ... certain about these things. Any/Any doesn't really help solve decision paralysis. I think there;s some behavioural analysis that says people are more decisive when you reduce their options...
  13. Some great posts so far, thanks. ... This is the nugget of information that I (and probably many others) just have no knowledge of. It'd be great to have a list of ones that are KNOWN to be powerful, in order to guarantee avoidance of the weak. We don't have to list every combo, just, "old reliables".
  14. Can the devs kindly rename Bonesnap to Bone Snap to match the recipe, please?
  15. Okay, we can just add a note saying "only <whatever> playstyle" if it can only be used in a specific playstyle.
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