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    RIP Zeppo, I'll remember you if nobody else will. The Zeppo Marx Fan Club starts here! ... and judging by the photo, ends here, too.
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    Give this man/woman (I'm guessing a man) a job in Copyright Law. This rant seems to be high-pedantry.
  3. I think it's more like a "Pay what you want" model.
  4. Very droll, I'm sure. :) I guess back in the olden days the players just got countered, with no choice in the matter. I think that for the most part this thinking is gone now, isn't it? PLayers have active counters and such .. ... actually, now I think about it... ... I can sort-of-remember ... we used to scout ahead and stuff.
  5. How effective is Endurance Drain Resistance? I only need it to the degree that a malta sapper won't turn off my toggles. OR is it resistance % CHANCE to the whole effect? That's good but not as good as I'd like. So to clarify, I'd like it so that when a malta sapper zaps my tanker's endurance, it doesn't go to 0. I want it to go down to .. say... 5% - enough to stop me taking actions for fear of losing toggles. At the moment it's a 2 minute job to toggle everything back on and by then all my allies have run off with no tanker. Which is, admittedly, kinda fun to watch.
  6. They are additive with the ninja/beast run speed and jump amount,
  7. Oooh. I like this! Themed stuff really appeals...
  8. I was expecting that link to lead to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  9. That could be why I tend to abandon my characters when they hit 50.
  10. I thought of this while writing the OP and the counter to it was, "What am I looking forward to? Acquiring the power or USING the power?" I guess I'm coming back to the old question, "What's the point in levels?"
  11. Quite. It's not a serious suggestion (hence it's in general discussion), it's a thought experiment. I think it's a fun idea. This just reminds me of The SHonen Knife...
  12. I would like to see a version of the Ninja/Beast that's just straight up normal running quickly (Athletic Stance?) without the crouching. I wonder how feasible that is.
  13. That would be the case were it not for the P2W powers, I suppose...
  14. No. Not regression. Reverse Progression. It's a bad name for what I'm suggesting but it's clickbait and I thank you for your attention. What if you got your best powers first, and then fill out with less powerful ones as you went along, instead of grinding away to get the best powers to eventually get an idea of whether or not you'll enjoy the class at higher level? PROs: You get to know if you love the character almost straight away. No grinding. Big, impactful gameplay that draws you in and then holds on to you as you fill out your arsenal with less and less impactful, but still important and varied powers. Other PROs: You won't play the character beyond the first few levels to know if you love it or not. Some will see this as a CON, I don't understand why. CONs: The devs would have work to do on this. There may be issues with the super-crap powers that you currently get at the start of the game - people would probably pick pool powers instead (which ISN'T in itself a bad thing). This may provide scope for improving those powers in some way, perhaps making them do different things.
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