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Kick, Storm kick ( & crippling axe kick)

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I see that storm kick has 2 different animations one for martial arts and one for the martial blaster secondary. The blaster one is epic looking id love to trade that one for the crippling axe kick animation (which while descriptive is  bleh.)

As an aside I'd love to have the fighting pool kick have an option to have another animation. The current one breaks my heart. My Katana wielding ninja should be able to pick up something other than the day one front kick from the YMCA self defense class.

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Prior to Sunset the Devs were starting to do power customization which is basically different animations to choose from for each power.

Theoretically this isn't difficult to do assuming the powers have the same animation times.

For now this is what we have



It does work its not perfect but it does work. Good luck. Stay safe out there

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