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Bots/FF Knockback


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I've made a Bots/Forcefields Mastermind.  

I tend to get hooked on characters based on the aesthetic.  I'm hooked.

I wanted to focus on the knockback aspects, just for the funnies.  

This is a purely solo character, Any group would be right to hate me.

So if I focused on Defense and Knockback, with some decent procs and damage boosts from IOs,

I'm thinking the fights would be long and humorous, but my survivability would be high.


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Well... yes, probably.

Just be warned that the robots do occasionally knockback a target into the next mob, and then advance to shoot at it, aggroing the next mob. This is mainly a problem with the Assault Bot, because it wants to close to short range to use its piss-poor cigarette lighter. I'm even considering putting a Damage/KB-to-KD IO in it for this reason.

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I'm also planning to boost the knockback from the beam weapon.  there are some decent IO combos for +Dmg % among the knockback sets.

I'm not sure if the build is decent enough to actually make it to 50, but He looks cool and entertains me.


I have too much free time.

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