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Need help getting a Group off the Ground


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Hi, I've been working on an idea for a group for a while ever since I started back in City of Heroes. Back on live I used to be part of a group called the Artful Dodgers who were like a bunch of misfit teen superheroes who didn't really fit into the standard mold of society or superheroes in general. Most of the group has moved on I imagine, a lot of the roleplay I did back then I wouldn't really want to engage in now (It was very edgy.) but I'm looking to maybe start something new with the sorts of themes that I loved roleplaying when I was younger. The group was kind of a perfect storm of not really needing a strong leadership and being small and insular with people that were all about fun first and creating intricate plots together. I wouldn't even begin to expect that sort of flash in the pan style of management to happen again, but I can at least look to build something similar.


I've looked around this server and there are a few Teen themed groups of note, The Miracles, Young Warriors, and the Paragon Junior Supers Academy to name a couple. And those groups are great don't get me wrong, they all seem to have their own sort of spin on the whole Teenage Hero thing going on and I'm 100% here for it, I just think that I can fill a space I haven't really seen around.


I'm totally fine with starting and running group, but the problem is I'm only one person. I've got no base building experience, and I've never actually run a group of people in a video game before so I wouldn't really know where to start. I am fairly good at organization and keeping the administrative side of things together, so this isn't me just being like "I need someone to run my group," I really do want to run this I just need help from some people who might be dedicated to the cause.

So like yeah, I'm looking for people who can:
-Build Bases
-Manage Groups

-Love the Group Idea

-Want to build a Story Based Group


Here's what I have so far so I'm not just shooting in the dark:






SG Name: Firebrands

RP/RP Friendly: Heavy RP (With some Considerations)

Alignment: Grey Heroes (Hero/Vig/Rogue Leaning Blueside)

Theme/Era: Young Misfits trying their Best.

Inspirations: Runaways, Spiderman, Teen Titans, Young Justice, TMNT, Hellboy, Misfits, Pretty much any Watanabe anime (Bebop, Champloo, Dandy ect.)


IC Recruitment Message:



From the Desk of Anthony Nash:


In 2002 the first Rikti attack created a massive shift in our society, up to that point there had never been such a massive shift in the way our planet functioned. As a country we have been through hell and back, we’ve survived countless invasions and world threatening events in part due to the vigilance of our heroes but mainly due to humanity's propensity for being able to pick itself up and double down when things go wrong. I have been proud to help Paragon City and the FBSA in their rebuilding efforts, but I also recognize that our work is not nearly done. In our haste to rebuild and protect ourselves during the first Rikti war there were unfortunately people in our society who fell through our fingers; the most egregious being displaced children. 


Our foster care system is ill equipped to deal with those that have had a brush with the various supernatural forces that appear in our world. A staggering 60% of children who were in the foster care system at the time of the first attack have gone on to have criminal records; and that isn’t even accounting for those that disappeared from our records entirely or the ones from other countries. With the massive hole left by the Rikti we have unfortunately seen a sharp rise in criminal activity, and I have personally witnessed some of our lost children become villains without the support network they needed to be steered toward the right path.


That is why I’m proud to announce the signing of Project Abeona, headed up by a close personal friend in the FBSA, Noelle Chélet. Abeona will allow for the extension of our Foster Care system to build new group homes for troubled teens and young adults aimed specifically at those who have brushed with the paranormal elements of our city. The Project will allow for a strong support network to be built within our community, offering therapy, education, hot meals and warm beds to those that would otherwise be lost to the various villain groups that would offer them the same. It is my hope that side by side with heroes and volunteers that we’ll be able to combat the manipulation and recruitment of our youth by groups such as the Outcasts or the Council. 



Alright enough of that high and mighty adult grandstanding.


Look, you were probably doing just fine before some self important adult came in and messed up your whole deal. If you’re anything like me then you probably had someone sit you down so they could wag their finger at you and tell you that you were on a dark path, and that you shouldn’t be evil. Like, shit lady, I didn’t realize that being evil was bad, thanks for opening my eyes to the one and only truth of the universe.


And now you’re here with the rest of us with all these, soft beds, warm meals, and comfortable clothing.  It just feels really fake, right?


Well it’s not all bad, we don’t have to sit on our hands and listen to the adults congratulate themselves for rehabilitating us. We could be heroes.


Look I’m not saying we have to be goody goody save the cat from the tree types or whatever, but don’t you hate being what they want you to be, don’t you just want to bust loose and be yourself? We could go out there and prove to people that we’re not just a bunch of useless punks, we could really get some respect in this city. I don’t really think any of us are bad kids, we’re all just victims of circumstance, and I don’t need some adult telling me off just because I stole and fought to survive. I’m sure you realize just as much as I do that sometimes you’ve got to do dark shit to live out there, and that doesn’t make you a bad person.


Officially we all live in that fancy group facility that was built, but unofficially I’ve found a nice little place that can be a base of operations, it might be a little dirty and run down but it’s a home away from home. We might come from a lot of shitty backgrounds, we probably all have countless problems that we deal with on a daily basis. But we got a real chance here to look out for ourselves and each other, we don’t have to listen to know it all adults, or even the scars of our own past.


This is an opportunity.


Being dragged to this group home has given you a golden ticket to reinvent yourself as a real hero, not some spandex wearing poser who thinks they know better than everyone else. Don’t let your bad blood define you, if we stick together we can become something better than the sum of our shitty parts; we can be surrounded by people who understand your struggles, maybe even build a family among all the leftovers.


So what do you say kid? You wanna be a Firebrand.


OOC Recruitment Message:

Firebrands is a SG focused around the theme misfit teens turning over a new leaf. Yes the theme of the group does include some amount of teen angst built into it, but it’s my hope that we’ll be able to balance that edginess with themes of redemption and found family.


We are looking to be a group of diverse individuals looking to tell a variety of stories centered around the growing pains that come with youth. Teen to young adult characters all with their own troubled lives banding together to fight crime and better themselves while trying to keep the darker parts of their lives at bay. We are misfits, orphans, runaways and a bevy of other types that society at large seems to turn their nose up towards. But at the end of the day we are still looking to grow, learn, and better ourselves as people; we might be brooding and negative, but no one of us is an island, we all need a little help sometimes to become stronger people. 


Contact: Right now the group doesn’t have much leadership. But I can be contacted in game as @ToastyKeen and on discord as ToastyKeen#2507



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1 hour ago, artfuldodger said:

Why, Jessie Tell! Hello!


It was indeed the perfect storm. I should have remembered that you were usually something to do with Toast. How have you been? 

I've been great more or less! It's been like forever since we've talked, I've really missed Jack and her no nonsense (but still kinda nonsense) antics.

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