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"Discarded Picket Sign" - slow mob spawning


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In the Hero alignment mission from the "Discarded Picket Sign" tip, there is frequently an odd delay in the Cage Consortium Guards spawning.


I'll speak to the Miner leader at the beginning of the mission, then defeat the Cage lieutenant that shows up.


Then I'll proceed deeper into the map to find the Cage Raid Leader. Along the way, I'll pass through completely empty corridors and rooms, reach a dead end, turn around and go back the way I came, and now there are Cage mobs all over the place just a few seconds later.


I don't think these are supposed to be ambushes - I've never seen a mission where every spawn is an ambush, and certainly not all of the mobs, all at once. And in any case, it doesn't happen every time. Most times the mobs spawn normally and I encounter them on my first trip through. But the late spawns are happening frequently enough that I'm confident there's a glitch somewhere.


I would guess that one of the triggers in the mission is sometimes not going off at the right time. It looks like talking to the first Miner triggers the first Cage lieutenant to spawn and attack, and defeating that guy then triggers the rest of the regular mobs to spawn. I've seen this in action - the very first time I ever ran this mission, I didn't see the first guy I was supposed to talk to because he was standing up on top of a cargo container and a bit behind a corner, so I ran right past him and found the rest of the map completely empty. I found him when I eventually ran back to the entrance, spoke with him, and then things proceeded normally. And I've watched the regular mobs pop into existence after defeating the first Cage mob - sometimes they're still fighting with other miners.

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