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shatter armor dmg

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I don't think so? The last patch was on April 21st and unless something was slipped in, there is no mention of a nerf. I haven't fully slotted mine with Hecatomb, nor am I 50 with my Bane so I can't say for sure, but it seems to be hitting decently. I usually go from stealth: Surveillance (has Achilles' Heel -res proc. Use with caution. It will alert the target if it procs!)>Build Up>Shatter>Poisonous Ray (has an Achilles' Heel in it for the -res proc)>Shatter Armor. It might be all in the set up, but I've had pretty decent damage with it considering my current level (46) and lack of a complete build.


EDIT: It's likely you know this but I need to say this regardless. Keep in mind that each enemy group has different resistances and thus, may impact the damage done by your attacks. How much is Shatter Armor doing for you? What enemy group were you up against? What's it slotted with? Are you max level?

EDIT 2: Just did 500+ damage to a council boss with my usual combat set up I listed, and I've only got an accuracy, end reduc, and dmg mod on that power. Again though, this can vary greatly from group to group. Even certain enemies within a group may have more resistances than the other members.

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