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A couple of arc design questions

Wild Claw

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Okay, trying to put together an arc of my own, and ran into a couple of odd situations that I don't know how to deal with. The basic idea behind the arc being a in-universe fan is putting a (nominally bad) novel about a 1920-40's Hardboiled Detective story into AE, and it's coming out a bit... weird. 


1) The first mission is to steal files from the Rogue Island Police. The only police station maps don't allow filing cabinets, however, as filing cabinets and desks are wall collections, and the two police station maps only allow floor collections. Am I missing a better map to use for this?


2) Is there a way to have a boss 'escape' upon defeat, without failing the mission? Like the way Captain Castillo will teleport away, so he can fight again another day.



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As to item one, if a map doesn’t support it, you just have to get creative. You could use a


  • floor item like a trash can and say they were thrown out or a safe and say he knew they were important so secured them.
  • or a destructible item file cabinet
  • or something completely different - like stealing the files from a destructible item police car on an outdoor map.


Alternatively, just using an office building or some other unique map that you can somehow work in is an option.


As to 2: no. Workarounds could be that

  • he escaped on his own or with help after you “captured” him,
  • or have him run away early - at say 3/4 health to give him the best chance without him being a required mission objective. To make that work, you probably want to trigger some other required collection item to appear once he is at 3/4 health so the mission doesn’t end before the fight. Of course just because he tries to flee does not mean he succeeds.


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