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  1. This was mentioned in a thread about regen: And that sparked a thought. Outbreak, Breakout, and the Galaxy tutorials exist... that's about all I can say about them. The Twinshot and Graves tutorials are kinda pointless as any character high enough level to trigger them is already past the point of needing a tutorial on the things they cover. And then there's the AE 'tutorial' which is more a walking simulator as you don't actually *do* anything, and the Invention tutorial... which is fine, if boring the 1000th time through it. What other things *ne
  2. I'm not sure this is a 'bug' as such, or just weird behaviour; I was on a character with the No XP gain option on in order to finish some missions before they were out-leveled, and quit to character selection screen. Then I created a new character... and that character retained the No XP gain setting. I thought to myself, okay, maybe that's a global setting then, turned XP on, did a bit of street sweeping to get to level 2, and then quit to go back to my higher-level character... and the no XP gain option was still on that character. Weird, I thought. Not really that bi
  3. +1, but only if all the current skin colors are added to the 'master' palette. I believe there are a couple of shades/tones in there that don't appear on the costume set. Though to be honest, it would be nice if the option was added to be able to use a wider palette if desired. Though that starts digging into a deep well of issues, where some items have overlays that alter the colors so they don't quite match, other items have fixed tertiary colors that are un-editable, etc.
  4. I'm under the impression it's not actually an acronym as such, but what the Korean name sounds like. Latinized as 'En Si', which I have been told translates to Mister Yen? Not convinced of that last bit.
  5. Or to go back even further, like Hank the Ranger on the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. 🙂
  6. I agree with this. It weirds me out when I get multiple missions that point to the exact same door. There are *so* many doors on each map, the RNG has to be weighted in some weird way to get the same door over and over again.
  7. I'm gonna have to go with something I have half-a-chance of actually doing, since I have a vague familiarity with: Reorganizing the costume creator would be a side effect, but the big swing would be rebuilding the 3D assets/textures in a more accessible toolset. The fact it's all built in a proprietary toolset that no longer officially exists, and has to be hacked at to achieve anything is a big barrier to adding more costume pieces, converting existing NPC pieces to usable PC pieces, dealing with base building objects, buildings, vehicles, *maps*, etc. The graphical update that pe
  8. I remember being told ages ago that when the game was in beta, or originally released, or something like that, the 'scale' on the character creator was from 0' to 6' or something like that. When players asked to be able to have bigger characters, Jack simply increased the top number on the 'scale' from 6' to 8' and didn't actually adjust anything else. So, if this is true, all those 7-8' NPCs running around in-game were originally meant to be about 6' or so. It's one of those things that bothers me a bit. Several of my toons who would be considered tall in RL (6'5"+) are often the
  9. 52 here. It feels weird being in an online fandom now-a-days, and *not* being the oldest one here. I've gotten used to being 'that crazy old guy in the corner over there' on most forums. 🙂
  10. Yeah, I agree that the current 'types' of contacts, and the fact they share mission sets is a bit obscure. I started looking at the HC wiki with the intent of rewriting the contact pages so they were more explicit about the grouping by origin and were more complete, as several contacts seem to be missing missions and the like. But I ran into a wall of 'that's a lot of work, is this just me being anal and does anyone else actually care?' I also agree that the name of the contact should show up somewhere on the Oro pop-up. It's a bit of UX design that would make things a bit cleaner
  11. What I think this is referring to is that there are contacts that offer the exact same missions because they are the same Origin in the same level range, and you normally only get access to one of them. For example, in the level range 05-09, Rachel Torres, Detective Joe Brogan, and Vic Johansson are all Natural Origin contacts with the same missions on offer. When I took my main through the missions, I got introduced to Rachel Torres, and the other two wouldn't talk to me. In that same level range (Genevieve Sanders, Laurence Mansfield, Paco Sanchez) are Magic, (Henry Peter Wong, K
  12. I swear I have a commodore PET in the attic...
  13. Just as a point of information, some people (including myself) have built 'hybrid' VEATS that take powers from both paths past the 24 respec. So I somewhat object to any of the plans that split the AT paths up into their own ATs, and prevent the hybrid versions from being built. However, I do want to note that I tried to pre-build my Widow so that the 24 respect wouldn't require any change. That she could just continue on, adding the appropriate powers like a normal character. But I couldn't, because there wasn't enough slots after 24 to get the powers I wanted out of the options
  14. I believe you're right. Spark Blade, Rose Star, Foreshadow and Mirror Spirit were all part of the supergroup "W.I.S.D.O.M." which was part of the "City of Hero" Korean beta. It never made it to production, but parts of it got integrated (All the 'young faces' in the character creator came from that beta, I believe). I think Spark Blade at least appeared in the physical Top Cow comic for a couple of issues. Not sure about Rose Star.
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