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Hello All!


My Name is Artic, 


I'm the Team Captain / Leader / Founder of Incursion ( PvP SG / Team )


Recently in the last month or so most of my members have been able to play ALOT more then they would usually with the world in the state of " lockdown " as it is currently. When I started to take notice of this I realized that it was very fun to have all 16 of my members on largely thru and thru most hours of the day ( literally ) and I started to think of what it was truly like back on live with active SGs filling Ventrillo up and doing farm runs together and task-forces of all levels together and running static teams of all levels together and going to do PvP Events / Zone together!


It made me fond of my memories and I wanted to share new memories similar to those with the rest of the community here on Indom Server!


With that being said I have recently done just that and for the last three weeks my SG has been open and has taken in 11 new members ( some zone PvPers but mostly new PvErs ) that just are looking for a new place/group to call their family. Where we will teach you everything we know about the game inside and out whether it be PvP or PvE situations. Were currently planning on doing costume contests inside our massive newly designed base by our head of labor Vile Bile. As well as we are currently preparing to run a coalition based Hami Raid of our own with another large SG run by Indoms very own Twisted Visage! ( very good friend ). Were also running static teams once a week and task-forces daily! An that's not all!


Each Member gets their own unique room inside our amazing massive base and gets to style their room to literally whatever they want. We have members from USA and EU with members ages ranging from 26-59 years of age. We are also okay with taking in younger members if you are of a younger age.  


We currently are sitting at 27 individual members including myself as of this post here today. 


( PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, by joining the SG you are NOT a member of the PvP team, rather you would be a member of Incursion the SG and run our tags, being apart of Incursion Community where you can hangout and chat with us discord, play with us anywhere in game and other games, farm, zone, fightclub, duel, static teams, task-forces of all levels, roleplay, costume design, you name it. )


If you are interested in joining please message me ingame @Teh Artic 


OR you can simply PM here in the fourms directly


Thanks for reading and we will see you soon around Indom! 


Check out our base using 


/macro_image "Teleportation_LongRangeTeleport" "Teleport to Base" "enterbasefrompasscode INCURSION-5731"

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