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Hybrid Support Core Embodiment Bugged


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Hybrid Support Core Embodiment says it is suppose to give 12% to DMG, ACC, DEF, and Special but only gives 6%.


Its a toggle that shuts off after 2 mins and has a 2 min cool down as well. Doesn't say any of that in the description.


Also, if its on when you summon lore pets they don't get the buff.

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1 hour ago, Apparition said:

It gives 12% to pets.  PCs only get 6%.  Two minutes up with a two minute recharge is standard for all Hybrids.

The description says 12% and double for pets. Why is it a toggle if its 2 up and 2 down? Seems kinda worthless for a T4 power.

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I have to agree that this should be looked at. The description says 12% for Core Embodiment, it's natural to assume that 12% is the buff on players and the pet buff is double that.

I bet I am not the first person to slot Core under that assumption and then have to go and gather components again to slot Radial for the higher buff.

If it is supposed to be 6% for players then at least the description should reflect that. It's pretty misleading.

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Lot of the game descriptions could be better, no argument.  The Interface slot is another example of one that is very lacking in describing what they actually do.   In the meantime though, this is a good resource I use (in conjunction with the in-game data):




Click on (abilities) and it'll take you to more detail on each.

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Of the hybrid supports at t4, one gives a bonus that is doubled for pets, and one gives a bonus that is equal for all pets/players.

It sounds like there's an assumption being made that their base power values would be the same, which is not the case (nor would that make sense).

Radial gives an even buff gives everyone +8% to stats (additional the small bonus to +special, though somewhat minimal)

Core gives a "doubled for pets" value, which is giving a base to players of 6% values and pets 12% values.  There would be no sense for the aura to be the strait up better than the other than the other t4 for everyone, instead giving up some value for players (-2% comparatively) to get increased value for pets (+4% comparatively)

Descriptions could def use an improvement / clarification

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