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  1. Add dark to that in my experience. Howling Twilight also has a "fear effect" in its power info and I definitely have noticed it causing AV's to take off. One of the most useful points of the power is its huge -regen to use on AV's and yet it also tends to make them run which can lower dps enough to completely negate the whole point of using it. They ignore most of tar patch's slow so that doesn't help and them also running out of the tar due to the fear issue just hurts even more. I ended up shelving my beast/dark MM due to the issue after watching the AV's in Citadel and Man
  2. You definitely want procs in creepers regardless, it adds a lot to its damage. I usually squeeze three in (posi, bombardment, explosive strike) and use the other 3 slots for 2x accuracy/damage/recharge and 1 damage/recharge. Boosted at 50 that gives them 53 accuracy and 84.5 damage and recharge. Of all the other ones you mentioned they'd probably all work well, roots probably least since it is a huge radius and fairly quick recharge, but it can still be okay too. I know that is a common one to stick the controller ATO orb proc into. Not real familiar with enflame so can't say
  3. Maybe it was a level 50 librarian who went with alpha musculature for his incarnate.
  4. When you find whole AT's "annoying" to deal with, that is the only real advice to offer at the moment. If you had actual constructive ideas on how others could deal with your complaints (other than telling people don't use pets which is a huge part of their character), or suggestions for the devs on how to deal with your issues, that MAY have been helpful and we're all ears. Your post comes across as a rant with no useful ideas beyond telling other people the way they enjoy playing the game is annoying. You never even asked for suggestions on how to deal with your "annoyance
  5. Demons are actually easy to shut up when idle. There are a lot of emote stances you can put them in that will quiet them as long as you are standing in one spot for a while. I'd always set up a quick macro for just that purpose. Something like /macro Eat "petsay_all <em eat>" I find the noisiest ones now a days for just standing around outside combat are beasts (and the dark control dog) and those you can't emote to quiet them unfortunately.
  6. As stated, Mastermind pets were changed to not affect other players at all anymore and you can go right through them. I'd love to see that change made for all pets. As to your issue more in general, it sounds like you are looking for validation about your personal preference more than anything. Some people have a "love affair with pets" because they find them fun. I think that is pretty much it. Also, if you really hate teaming with pet users that much, then don't? Instead of complaining on the forums about how other people enjoy playing the game, you could even sta
  7. Yep, the intangible pet thing only applies to MM pets unfortunately. A change I REALLY wish they'd forward to ALL pets. Not sure why they haven't. When I play my illusion controller my own phantom army pets can annoy me on occasion as they block me into a room. I mean, come on, they are phantoms, especially in their case why can't I move through them?
  8. Agreed with some of the others. I always recommend /time if I hear someone saying they are having trouble playing a MM (most often the complaint is how the pets die constantly and they find that frustrating). Time (along with the pet +res and +def IO's) is usually enough to make any pet pretty sturdy. There is a whole pinned thread at the top of this forum section on how well it works on pretty much any primary. I also like to remind people though that powerboosting things like farsight has been mentioned by at least one dev as something they are "looking at". Maybe it will
  9. Sentinel's nuke is up much faster and the nuke can drain and shut down recovery of mobs all by itself (and at range) for the same duration as a blaster's. So, looking at just the primary for sapping, sentinel can do it better. I definitely found the set more "fun" on a sentinel than on any other AT. Some of it a smoother attack chain, some of it is probably a case of on a sentinel I felt like an average, maybe even a bit above average, sentinel. Using it on other AT's I felt below average compared to my "peers".
  10. Maybe water blast/empathy? That water squirting flower on your lapel is just really powerful in your case. 😄
  11. Controllers can be very tanky depending on the powers. My illusion/dark hardly ever gets touched with all its pets plus even has decent defense and resistances as well as a bunch of -tohit debuffs flying around. Also has near perma status protection with the psi epic pool mez protection power. /Time is almost like having an armor secondary. /Traps is another amazing one, good defense and status protection. That is on top of the ability to lock things down that the control side has. I've never had surviving issues with controllers, it is more about it jus
  12. It is in their in-game power info. All their attacks have some version of the highlighted.
  13. Thanks. That sounds interesting as well. I think losing the taunt wouldn't be too bad, especially if the PA's did get their own control power added. I do find it funny though that he considers getting to perma PA as "easy". 400% total recharge for perma takes heavy IO investment (and I know there is debate on whether or not the game should even be balanced around IO's, but that's another debate), and tends to make you sacrifice a lot of other options. It is already hard to build up the recharge you need as a dom for perma dom without sacrificing a lot of potential for self defe
  14. If you mean like lower their damage, but give them some controlling type attacks? Have to say that is actually an interesting idea.
  15. This is what I was thinking maybe is some of the misunderstanding. If you are thinking the dom damage scaler would affect phantom army, I don't believe it would. Pets don't tend to be affected by that. Haunts for example in dark control (probably the closest to temp pets like phantom army) do the same exact damage for controllers as they do for doms. All the tier 9 pets do exactly the same damage on both AT's. In all likelihood phantom army's damage would be exactly the same for dom as it is for controller. Add in without as easy a time to buff it with -res secondary power and in practic
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