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  1. It would be, but not as strong and pretty as EA/Mace. 😉
  2. Nope, not against smash/lethal, fire, energy, or psi they aren't. Current stats I'm showing right now on combat attributes for S/L for grave knight for instance: Sonic Dispersion 19.75% (75.5% enhanced), Sup Mark IO +15%, Sovereign Right IO +10%, Expedient IO +10%, Sonic Barrier +26.47% (enhanced 76.5%) = 81.22% resistance. I am only tier 3 so far on alpha resilient, but going to tier 4 should only end up giving me about another 1.5% net at most. Should get them to about 82.5% or so. With barrier at min of 5% ends up around 87.5%. Half the time they'll be capped though as for 1 min out of every 2 of barrier gives you at least 7.5%. I also haven't boosted my IO's, so might be able to squeeze a tiny bit more out that way as well, but no where near enough to make up a 7.5% gap that barrier fills in nicely. If you know of any way I'm overlooking to boost them more, I'm happy to listen.
  3. In my experience MM's do depend on powerset combo and build a lot in order to survive well (if you are going to try and do max difficulty anyway). You mention /time and I have had a lot of luck with that one with almost any primary, but I also built up a necro/sonic that does well for me albeit it takes some incarnate help (resilient and barrier to get them to or very close to that res cap). People have raved about demon/thermal and that's probably an easier road. There are other successful builds if you take a look through the forum. Also, one tip anyway is that the level shift you get for incarnate also helps pets which is especially important for tier 1 pets as otherwise those +4 enemies are actually +6's to your tier 1 pets. It is hard for anyone to do anything fighting +6's as the purple patch is kicking in VERY hard at that point. Enemies at that point even have a +5 tohit so the soft cap is 50 and not 45 against +6's. Yes, tier 1's are going to tend to fold against that. Note that solo on my MM's I rarely bother with max difficulty as it is a hassle to me even with a "strong" build, and I honestly don't find it fun or see the point. I'm not trying to farm with my MM's. So, blasphemy I know, but the other option is to just lower it to "only" +3. Combined with level shift now your tier ones are only fighting at +4 instead of +6, HUGE difference.
  4. Also, when that particular proc fires it gives an electrical tesla cage graphic, so you'll definitely know when it goes off and get a good sense from using it.
  5. Same with my MM. BAF is about the only incarnate trial my MM enjoys doing. All those pets are good at stopping runners and the main fight takes place in a specific spot so slow pets aren't an issue. Lambda on the otherhand is a good example of my MM feeling worthless (needing to run fast through a bunch of enemies to target specific things and then a main baddie that jumps away by the time the slow MM pets finally reach the fight again and again...ugh). Having different content that different AT's excel at isn't necessarily bad....as long as there are alternatives for everyone. I too am a fan that there are now many ways to earn incarnate powers.
  6. Which is why my idea was to get rid of the dom bar. Without the building dom part and it dropping to zero, being a few seconds short of perma isn't a PITA anymore. It would be a lot easier way to go then to try and balance whole new mechanics into the AT. How much more damage?, how much more defense?, what kind of new status protection added?, etc. Have to also say it would benefit a certain playstyle as well, as in those that sometimes have to go afk due to family or other responsibilities, which is sometimes me. When I do, I can't keep both dom and hasten up and then I have to start all over again. Getting rid of the "building dom" would help players like me in that regard hugely as well. So that is another big reason I'd like to see that dumb dom bar go away.
  7. Yep, doms are already one of the least played AT's and I don't see people exactly screaming for doms to be on their team. My doms are also typically among my most "expensive" characters to build to reach even that mid level of performance end game. Put that same level of inf and build effort into a lot of other AT's often pays off a lot better honestly. I don't think doms need any huge buffs, but I think some minor improvements are warranted.
  8. I think my main idea was to get rid of the domination bar entirely, just have dom be on a timer and that is it. Having to "build dom" seems a superfluous extra step. That would also be a way of cutting down the gap between perma dom and non perma dom as then you wouldn't have to worry any more about being just a couple of seconds short. When it dropped you could just click it a couple of seconds later when it did recharge without having to "build the dom bar" back up. I think the dom bar itself is what creates this perma dom or go home kind of playstyle. Without it I wouldn't care if I was even 10 seconds short or whatever.
  9. In a way yes. If you can get to (I say more like min 125%+, as a buffer to server lags and other slight hiccups) you could actually skip hasten entirely. I did exactly that with one of my doms on live and it is in a way the lazier way to go as then you don't have to worry about having two clicks to try and keep up. Also good if you are someone who occasionally/regularly has to go afk a bit and not have to worry about dom dropping. However, it can start to get harder and harder to find those last bits of recharge so you do have to make sacrifices in your build (less defense, less hps, fewer procs, etc. that you could otherwise slot). If you skip hasten/don't use it often you are also giving up that +70% to help get all your other powers out faster of course. If you have 125, then 195 may not help dom anymore, but 195 helps other powers. Can also act as a form of slow debuff resistance. As I mentioned though, if you can afford to keep up the temp powers it is much easier to hit that +125% number now a days as you can actually hit it with only +90% + temps. In response to your other post, for the cheap way to make it work, you only need about 60% + hasten + the 20% base buff (which is not expensive at all). You shouldn't need a single purple set to get a base +60%. Almost every character I build regardless of AT ends up with at least in the +60% recharge range anyway. If this isn't a main/important character for you I'd probably aim for that and see how you like it.
  10. Here are some numbers for what is needed to "perma" things. Hasten and dom happen to be given perfectly as examples: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Perma You need about 110% global recharge in addition to slotting hasten for +95% for perma hasten. That is the ideal as with 110% + 95% slotted hasten then it is perma and you are actually then at 180% total (110 global +70 hasten). More than enough for perma dom. You can get away with a bit less global, but then you have gaps in hasten. As long as the gap isn't big enough to fall below 123% recharge "average over time" you are still okay. That is probably where you are getting the needing only 95% global recharge from, although I've heard people it is more like in the 85% or so range. Haven't run the exact number myself as I just try to get to 110% global or as close as possible to it. Edit: Going to the perma dom guide link from the wiki page they actually say you only need +70% global if you have +95% slotted hasten. People probably go for 80%+ to have a bit of a buffer. Don't forget you can cheat a little by using a SG base buff that can give you +20% recharge for 1.5 hours at a time for 3 cheap pieces of salvage (I don't believe you even have to belong to a SG to use their base buff machine). There is also the P2W vendor buff for up to 8 hours of +15% recharge (but much more expensive). But if you got the inf, that is a pretty easy "free" +35% recharge. If you can keep those up you actually only need +75% global recharge to have both perma hasten and perma dom. Or if you can get to about +90%, then with the extra buffs you are at 125% global and then you don't have to even worry about forgetting to click hasten....you are perma dom even without it.
  11. Wow, never thought I'd have to defend time as a support set. To me it is one of the most powerful in the game and gives a huge variety of buffs/debuffs. Time is definitely more than just defense. It has a ton of control, not even counting the extra holds the set has in time stop and distortion field it is chock full of huge slows and huge -recharge. I pair it with illusion control and it is amazing how much it makes me feel more like a "real" controller. To be fair /storm does as well, but /time is right up there. What storm doesn't have that time does is...big +recharge and some endurance/recovery help and an actual aoe heal (two of them actually) so you can heal yourself the attacks that get through all the defense. The recharge of course is a huge boon to illusion (but also helps any defender/corrupter wanting to use their nuke or heavy hitters that much more often which in a way is big damage boost). Then there is farsight's tohit buff which makes tactics completely unnecessary (so I can afford to grab and use assault instead, more +dmg). Also a -resistance and a -defense power and some -regen (although the -regen is pretty small, it is there). Take powerboost and a lot of that goes into overdrive. There are so many ways to get mez protection now (as well as the high defense /time eventually gives that makes mez much less likely), I don't really consider it that big of a deal anymore. First thing I do when creating a new character is grab 8 hours of all the P2W vendor buffs that at level 1 costs a total of a whopping 24,000 inf. That gets me easily into the level 20's even at the slow pace I level. If you do the DFB route that most do and/or team a lot that'll probably more likely get you into the 30's or even higher easily. After that grab rune of protection, or spend a bit more inf to continue the P2W buff, or use break frees until you can eventually get farsight and power boost and/or some other defenses that cut way down on getting mezzed and/or eventually clarion if you still feel it is an issue.
  12. Heck, if they don't want to put the one back in Talos it'd be nice if they'd just change it so you could enter the Echo galaxy one?
  13. You can read the actual numbers in-game. One easy way is go to character creation, go to that power set and click on the upside down ! in the upper right (show detailed power info), then hover over the power you want stats on. Base it gives 20 endurance, +50% rec for 90 seconds. That is listed twice so most likely that is the one you get near you and the other is per target friendlies are near when cast. Also does -33% end to target, slows 24% movement and -240% to recharge! (that is enough to even put a serious dent into an AV's recharge rate) and -24% res all for 30 seconds. It isn't fantastic, but it is a decent power. There are definitely worse tier 9's out there (sonic, traps, force field all much inferior imo for instance).
  14. I believe those things have built in +100tohit so yeah, you'd need like 145% defense to cap against them? I think they were specifically built to wreck defense builds. They also have a lot of psi users, so they like to exploit that hole too. Dark armor or electric armor probably best for them.
  15. I don't think the end of Numina fight is a "real" GM. I remember beating it pretty easily with my DM/SR stalker solo anyway. I think I used daggers, but nothing else special. I think the only real GM you run into on the "standard" TF's is Babbage, and of course he's optional.
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