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  1. Per the wiki the resist debuff cap is -300%. That is something that is almost never going to be reached (especially once you factor in purple patch) in anything outside of specially constructed teams or very rare situations. I'd consider it a non-factor. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Limits#Damage_Resistance
  2. That wasn't my experience as I remember it knocking things all over the place pretty regularly. Checking both in game and City of Data say: 50% chance of a 2.077 knockback. I wouldn't call that low myself. I definitely would put a kb to kd IO in it unless you don't mind the knockback.
  3. I'd also argue when comparing DPS it'd be more fair to compare them to other AT's that have a "support" set as one of their powersets. So, defender, corruptor, controller. Among those MM often will have the best DPS outside of perhaps the rare exception like fire/kinetic.
  4. Saw that exactly with my own brother. Big WoW player, he tried CoH and gave up because he felt "it was too complicated" for him. His exact quote. As to when MM's bloom, I find the key for me while leveling up with a MM is to not join teams higher level than me. Getting hit with being that -1 level to the team leader is more hurtful to MM's than any other AT. Things go much smoother being even or exemping down a bit.
  5. Infiltration still my new favorite travel power even as is (on anyone that doesn't already have stealth in their primary/secondary). Can easily reach 80+mph, built in stealth, better maneuverability than SS, and the only travel power you can slot a LoTG in. I'll take any more buffs you want to give it though. 😀
  6. Yeah, I wouldn't be against vigilance doing something more than currently while teamed, but don't think more damage is the way to go. As noted, if anything that should be more how corruptor's need some more help (I still think scourge should kick in a bit sooner for instance).
  7. Best MMO community of all time. Hopefully MMO counts as one word. 😄
  8. Tactics is the one I find hard to give up. Not even for the extra +tohit (which can be nice vs certain foes or to help exemped teammates that join the team at -1 level), but more for the +perc and confuse protection for my characters that don't otherwise have it. They can be rare effects, but being blinded or confused can both be devastating. For perception you do have some options: a +perc IO if you have another tohit buff power to slot it, the +perc SG base buff (although both of those are a bit on the low side so best to have both going), focused accuracy as an epic choice, and of cours
  9. Yeah, I had to check twice when I saw that 30 foot radius on it. That is the same as the controller/dom version, same recharge too, very surprising. Don't have one of these yet (but it is on the list to try), but from my experience when a mob can't attack due to recharge slows or endurance drains, they tend to run, Having an immobilize is a good thing.
  10. So true. I have trouble even reading the names of people in the modern team UI. Whoever designed it needed to learn a thing or two about contrast. Only drawback of classic is that the absorb mechanic is kinda wonky with it.
  11. Yep, and the resist shield fx that the pet +res aura IO's give are the worst of the bunch. Garish BRIGHT orangish flashing shields as you can see in the pictures above by @biostem (x6 for your 6 pets), They are horribly ugly imo. In comparison the fx that tactics gives is hardly noticeable, the defense one is in between. That people get annoyed by my buffs is something that I think about. Perfect (and currently worst offender I believe) example is a /Dark affinity controller with the power "Fade". The last thing I want to do is turn my whole team, against their will, into
  12. I tend to take intuition more often than musc myself, but then I play a lot of "control" characters. Still gives you +dam, but also some nice +ctrl. Also has +range which can be very nice if you use ranged cones. I think reactive interface is technically better than degen against everything except AV's/GM's? If I already have a good -regen power I go reactive. Sometimes (most often for MM's) I go diamagnetic as it can really help out with the pets survivability (although the -regen portion of it is laughable even when max stacked and should probably be tripled to be worth anyt
  13. I believe Necro's gloom is better than arcane bolt as well. Even with arcane bolt proc'ing for double damage it'd still be close on a DPA standpoint. Just going by the listed in game DPA numbers gloom at lvl 50 for a MM does 53.83 damage with a 48.94 DPA. Then of course you can also add some procs to make it quite nice. Gloom is one that I think it is definitely worth taking among the MM attacks.
  14. They'll work on pets if you can slot them in the pet power directly. Heck, the purple BU proc even works on phantom army which is otherwise impossible to buff.
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