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  1. It also makes ice armor underperform somewhat. All that cold resistance (and slow resistance) it has that doesn't really do a whole lot the vast majority of the time.
  2. You can recolor it though. From what I remember you can tone it down quite a bit if you go for the usual "bright" option and then the dark grey type colors. Course that doesn't help if other people cast it on you I know, but that'd be the same even with a minFX option.
  3. Big part of it for me. Even taking out the long animation time for RI, the radiation debuff toggles radius are so tiny (15'). I always end up comparing it unfavorably to darkest night which is a nice 25'. It's still a nice set, but I always felt it best on a controller where you can better "control" things and make easier use of those tiny radius powers that are such a big part of the set.
  4. There's an option to disable screen shake in game, should work for that issue., check out game options. Unless you mean you like screen shake except in that one instance.
  5. I mostly use it at higher levels, but not because of inf. Lower levels go by so fast anyway and I like to make sure I hit all the bank missions on the way up and open up at least a few contacts/do a few story arcs (Hollows/Striga for instance). With double xp in the early levels you move so fast you end up skipping by the content too fast for my taste. At higher levels that isn't an issue anymore as levels slow way down. To follow up, I do think it would have been a better poll with just "Sometimes - I use it at higher levels" You did not give a qualifier on any other option, s
  6. Every AT has their "pains". You adapt, you overcome, or you find a different team (or start one) that fits your preferred playstyle better. Personally I generally let people play how they want and have fun unless they are truly trolling or if the team has a special goal that is announced ahead of time. This game isn't that hard where you have to be 100% efficient all the time. As to the aoe immobilizes specifically, I'll give the melee a few moments to "gather", but if they fail to do so, I start doing whatever I feel is most effective. One of my favorite characters is a plant/
  7. Also for more AoE damage one of my new favorites is plasmatic taser. It is a temp attack power from the P2W vendor that is basically a clone of energy torrent. It is amazingly cheap for that kind of aoe power (50,000 inf to max out its charges (240) each time). I get and renew it throughout at least the early levels of all my new characters now. Wouldn't spam it too much in a team unless you can control its knockback, but solo it is quite good and fun, both in damage and in adding safety.
  8. Yep, activating the pet window is literally an option that you have to turn on to then get the option to open the pet window. An option within an option. Always found that kind of strange and a bit of bad UI design to have it double nested. Especially now a days when eventually everyone gets pets (lore incarnate). And you certainly are not alone or a dummy. I have mine set up to always default to on when I create new characters now, but I still see this question asked in Help quite often and then have to describe the kind of silly two step process to turn it on.
  9. I don't have a specific build loadout, but illusion/dark sounds like it'd definitely meet your needs. That was actually the last character I did back before the game shut down. I had no problem soloing, including a couple of giant monsters I tried (kraken and the real version of Jurassik). Also adds a tremendous amount of safety to a team as well as some very good endurance recovery (soul absorption) and some decent amount of extra damage (tar patch and of course your own attacks). Dark servant also will occasionally set containment up for you with its tentacles. You could ch
  10. Don't think you are wrong about the automatic introduction, but you can still go talk to him even without an intro (lot of contacts are that way actually), if you know where he is and are the right level. He'll still offer you the mission to start things off.
  11. There are also arcs where everyone gets the missions in the arc in random order (Striga's Stephanie Peebles is one example that I always remember is really bad about this). So unless you happen to get the same mission from the same contact in the same order (very unlikely in her case), you'd have to do each mission several times if everyone in a team wants to get the missions themselves and not just follow along with the leader. Would be another nice "to fix" to "unrandomize" some of these arcs.
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