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  1. Do find it funny every AT could probably start a topic like this, in fact in the controller forum there already is one: I even commented in that one, tankers have in the past often made controllers feel "not needed" especially. And now with the buffs they are getting, probably more so.
  2. Personally I'd always try to grab an immobilize to go with storm. Storm has powers with fear effects that tend to send AV's (who have good slow resistance) running. Can be a real annoyance. Since you've already gone electric with your epic pool, I'd consider picking up electric fence. Maybe more useful than a 1 slot Thunderstrike anyway.
  3. I know back in the day the clash was between tankers and controllers. They both had a bit of the same "role" (controlling the battlefield), just a different approach. With the proposed (pretty major) buffs to tankers on the test server now being tested, does this change things? Make controllers have even less of a role on teams? Still won't stop me from making controllers as I find them fun personally. Just found it interesting I haven't seen it brought up, when it used to be a big thing. Only complaints I see is how buffed tankers are encroaching on brutes. Maybe brutes already made the argument moot.
  4. Would be curious if you slotted a taunt enhancer in it, whether or not it'd fix the issue for you.
  5. Yep, just thought, probably the easiest most obvious one would be to simply give them a merit bonus that would vary depending which challenges you activated.
  6. I do like this idea regardless. Would be nice if the extra challenges you can do on TF's/Ouro flashbacks gave better rewards than just badges. More people might try them.
  7. Same issue I have with some. Worst to me is controller /darkness affinity, which you should add to your list. In its case, the power "Fade" not only covers/transforms your character into some kind of almost invisible shadow wraith looking thing that entirely replaces your character (and ironically the power doesn't even grant stealth), it does it to your whole team as well, so you can annoy everyone on your team that doesn't want to run around looking like that. Add to that it also has some sort of weird migraine inducing flickering to its graphics. Worst/most annoying graphical power in the game right now imho. It also happens to be very powerful, so hard to justify skipping.
  8. Electric blast got a nice buff for sentinels with tesla cage actually doing good damage. The main reason it was considered really underpowered on Live was the lack of a third hard hitting ST attack. You got voltaic sentinel instead, which is nice for some almost "free" extra damage, but nothing earth shaking. The insta-snipe has improved it a lot in that regard for the other AT's. One newer downside in the new "meta" is endurance mod IO's sets don't really have any good proc opportunities for offensive attacks (would love to see that changed). Still a nice enough set now though either way.
  9. Ah, the old "you just haven't had a good one" Classic. 😜
  10. I've always thought it should be scrappers: 80, Brutes: 85, tanks: 90. Scrapper resistance cap makes it REALLY hard to justify playing a resistance armor scrapper (like electric armor) when brutes do about same damage and are ridiculously more survivable with it. Stalkers maybe should be 80 as well. But I can only imagine the brute screaming if their cap was nerfed at this point. Generally I like all the changes a lot. Now it is just a matter of fine tuning the actual numbers. If the buffs to damage/radius/range/caps need to be tweaked a bit, that's what the testing is for. I could totally see one or more of those being lowered a bit, but the general ideas are great imho. I had no desire to play a tank before and these changes would definitely make me rethink it.
  11. Well, that has already sort of happened with the PPM changes. People regularly plan builds now trying to avoid slotting recharge reduction in their powers. I agree it is weird, but that ship has probably sailed as well. As to the other, Titan Weapons has been shown to be somewhat out of whack compared to every other melee set in single target (and it also happens to have some great AoE on top of it). So, I don't think comparing it to TW is particularly fair, as every set "kinda sucks" compared to TW. Good showing on that can be seen here: Tables are scrapper based, but same ratios are going to generally apply. Unfortunately SS isn't shown. Would love to see actual numbers on how it ranks instead of everyone just saying "SS is horrible without double stacked rage" or even single stacked, without any numbers to back it up. Main problem I see in SS is the first two powers (jab and punch) are such low recharge and low damage, they have a very low ceiling. Personally I would like to see jab and punch have their recharge increased to 3 seconds and 6 seconds with the appropriate damage increase. It'd help their DPA and the set's damage overall without a major change in its feel. As to rage, not being able to stack rage, but also no penalty seems fair to me.
  12. Issues now fixed per the patch notes, yay.
  13. Would be nice to see some improvements to EM, always liked the feel of the set, but never got far in it.
  14. Electric Blast - Voltaic Sentinel still isn't fixed either. There are two versions: Defenders have one with lower damage and slightly more end drain (at max level 35.59 damage, -6% end), Corrupter/blaster/dom all have the exact same higher damage version with slightly less end drain (at max level 44.49 dmg , -5% end). Sentinels got the defender version, which logically makes little sense. I originally posted it here and a mod actually moved my post to the bug forum without me asking, so I took that as acknowledgement it is a bug anyway.
  15. People are focusing on the blaster comparison, but the comparison given vs. corrupters is the one I more can't wrap my head around. Taking away the secondary (and are you counting scourge or not?), you are pretty much left with just the damage scaler of the AT as the difference. Sent range damage scale is at .95, corrupter is at .75? correct? That also means ANY damage boosts are going to put the Sent that much further ahead due to having a higher base. There are some minor differences in the powers damage/recharge between the two, but enough for that kind of overwhelming tilt?
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