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Tarnation Wants Your Bodies on Everlasting!


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My Old West dead gunslinging rogue Tarnation prefers to possess human beings to get the full range of his powers  and as he is a dual pistols corrupter, he looks for gun welding types to possess specifically to fire his spectral bullets of cold iron, ectoplasm, or hellfire.

I have a couple generic ones - a Freedom Corps agent, a Detective, etc. but I thought it would be more fun to get some costumes from other Everlasting players instead of using my own few DP alts or those of friends. I have a macro that I use for the transformation and will fully credit any creators (with character name and global) as an out of character mention during that transformation. The only tweak that would be made would be that Tarnation keeps his green glowing eyes so costumes with auras will be substituted with that aura instead.

I have space for 2 villains/rogues and 4 heroes/vigilantes. Characters should be human - it is a limitation that he cannot generally possess aliens or animals. You should be able to attach costume files here or you can message me with them if you would rather they not be out and about.  It is assumed that these are not necessarily willing possessions - though they certainly can be if you have a reason your character would agree to such a thing. Tarnation still acts as himself when possessing others so I wouldn't be doing anything to misrepresent your character. If it makes you feel better, add Tarnation to friends and you can track down to make sure I'm not hanging out in Atlas pretending to be you.

If I get a lot, I'll pick my favorites. Include bios if you can! If I don't get many (or any), I will reach out to friends and my alts.


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