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  1. I grabbed Major Battle from the long list above. Working on some ideas.
  2. I do have one alternate set on that character - forget what right now. Lore, maybe? But I'm not a huge alternate build kind of guy. I mostly figure my supers powers are their powers and that's it.
  3. I had a number of 50s back on Virtue and a few of those I got to the top tiers in the various incarnate abilities but, generally, I would get distracted by a new favorite alt and would peter out on actually getting the character the sets I wanted. I *finally* have a 50 with all the sets I wanted AND top tier Incarnate powers. And it only took 16 years (minus 7).
  4. I couple of these I got from the list and a couple I found on my own but I am dropping them all: Lefty Mugsy Quiz Kid -> could be paired with Quizmaster above for a dynamic duo! Screaming Meemie Screwie
  5. Since Staff came up on Live, I just wanted a spear. A basic spear. Some themed spears would be cool - Greco/Roman, primative, high tech, etc. But, please, just give me a spear.
  6. Quick list....was looking for a name for a water-based character and found these before I decided to go the mythological route. I also released the name Mermistress, which I never really got into. Enjoy! Sea Cadet Sea Cow Sea Fox Sea Ghost Sea Gull Sea Lark Sea Maid Sea Mist Sea Moon Sea Viper Sea Vixen
  7. I mean, we've all seen some head scratchers, sure, but I've also seen some truly awesome costumes get the nod. I'm not too hung up on impractibility given the medium and subject matter. I'm not even saying that during this dry run I've seen any costumes that mine were "so much better than" because it is subjective. I guess it I had to recharacterize what I'm saying it would be "Wow, I've never gone this long or entered so many contests where my taste and those of the judge(s) didn't align at least a little." 🙂
  8. You deserve a good thread, man!
  9. Obviously, you read my journal. Nah, I'm not mad at anyone about it. It's just been a long, long time. I need a win! And influence!
  10. Yeah, it is why I avoided outright suggesting they are "wrong" or that I am a "creative genius" - just being upfront about my admittedly irrational feelings about it. The first few were no great shakes but it has been an increasingly long dry spell. I even jumped on a non-themed one that a patriotic SG last weekend was running with my patriotic character but then fretted that maybe I was catering too much, then sighed in relief as they proceeded to name about a third of the participants as runners-up...but then was pretty bummed that they included nearly all the patriotic characters EXCEPT mine. Again, subjective, but still it felt a bit weird to be about the only one wearing red, white, and blue who wasn't picked in a such a huge field. I'd won a few with that character before too. Yes, subjective. I know. It's still a bummer. It would probably be less of one if it weren't the latest in a long string or if life were normal and I had the usual distractions. 🙂 Tracking globals is a fair enough practice as are any other non-costume deciding factors (wanting new winners, requiring a bio, etc.) but it'd be cool if they put that word out with their announcements. That way I can properly gauge if it is worth devoting play time to participating. They do eat up a chunk of time and you are usually not in a vantage point as a participant to even enjoy other people's creativity.
  11. ...that when I enter a themed costume contest on which I am severely on theme, I'll get a few tells from other contestants saying I've got the win locked. And then I don't even place. CC's are subjective I know but as someone who has won/placed in many over the years, long dry spells always kind of get under my skin. Even my mainstay strongest costumes have been failing lately. I'm kind of surprised at how much it bums me out. Maybe I am playing this game too much. 🙂
  12. I get this error too and what is really annoying is that it will let you equip the Navy Colt in your right hand and use it but at some point by means of a trigger unknown to me it will revert back to the Semi-Auto. At Level 50, this is a 210,000 influence costume fix. If it can't be fixed, please get a lot more generous with the free costume tokens because I don't want to spend millions merely keeping my character looking like he is supposed to look. At first I thought it was costume changes that prompted the issue as I have some costumes with different pistol choices so I avoided costume changes and it happened yet again tonight/this morning. Please find a fix for this. Thanks.
  13. My Old West dead gunslinging rogue Tarnation prefers to possess human beings to get the full range of his powers and as he is a dual pistols corrupter, he looks for gun welding types to possess specifically to fire his spectral bullets of cold iron, ectoplasm, or hellfire. I have a couple generic ones - a Freedom Corps agent, a Detective, etc. but I thought it would be more fun to get some costumes from other Everlasting players instead of using my own few DP alts or those of friends. I have a macro that I use for the transformation and will fully credit any creators (with character name and global) as an out of character mention during that transformation. The only tweak that would be made would be that Tarnation keeps his green glowing eyes so costumes with auras will be substituted with that aura instead. I have space for 2 villains/rogues and 4 heroes/vigilantes. Characters should be human - it is a limitation that he cannot generally possess aliens or animals. You should be able to attach costume files here or you can message me with them if you would rather they not be out and about. It is assumed that these are not necessarily willing possessions - though they certainly can be if you have a reason your character would agree to such a thing. Tarnation still acts as himself when possessing others so I wouldn't be doing anything to misrepresent your character. If it makes you feel better, add Tarnation to friends and you can track down to make sure I'm not hanging out in Atlas pretending to be you. If I get a lot, I'll pick my favorites. Include bios if you can! If I don't get many (or any), I will reach out to friends and my alts.
  14. I played around a little with Speed of Sound last night. Cosmetically, I think I would prefer it over Super Speed on my speedster types if there wasn't that pause in the running animation after you jaunt (really bummed about that) and if there was some kind of streak of costume colors between the old location and the new, suggesting more of a faster-than-you-can-see movement than what seems to be a garden variety teleport. Hope to play around with the other powers tonight.
  15. SG Name: The Sentinels (formerly the All-Star Sentinels of America from Virtue) RP/RP Friendly: We are an RP group Theme/Era: Golden and Silver Age in Theme but the era is today Redside/Blueside: Blueside (Only Heroes and Vigilantes need apply) Recruitment Message: No matter the threat or what we face, Sentinels Stand Together! It is a confusing time for our heroes. Some distinctly remember the universe unraveling seven years ago. Others do not. While we all carry memories of the last seven years, some of them feel false, fake. Was it just the Sentinels that fell apart or was the multiverse torn asunder? With global disasters and crime on the rise, some of the old guard are coming back together to safeguard the Earth and to seek the truth, no matter where it leads. We're old school style crashing into modern times and we need fresh blood to tackle new problems. Join us! A few OOC guidelines so applicants won't be blindsided: - All applicants will have a role-play interview with at least two (or more) Sentinels. These are almost always done at our base, the Sentinel Sanctuary. - All applicants must have a bio in place by the time of the interview. It can be in any format but there must be a bio. - Costumes are a subjective element on which opinions vary widely but we tend to lean towards classically style costumes that would fit best in the Golden and Silver Ages. Look to those eras for inspiration. Golden Age costumes often have a pulp feel, sometimes with co-opted "regular" clothing elements. The Silver Age was all sleek spandex and a space age feel. - Names are another subjective element on which reasonable people can disagree. One person's trash is another's treasure. We tend to love evocative names that speak to the eras we revere (names that have a bit of gee whiz pop to them) but also realize that names can go fast. Proper spelling and punctuation will be expected and we generally don't accept members who have missing or added punctuation or characters to facilitate getting the name they want (i.e. no Mr Name, Ms. Name-, Mr. Name', or xXxMs. NamexXx). There are still good names out there if you hunt for them. Made-up words that evoke the powers/abilities/characteristics of the hero can work great. The Venture Bros. has many examples of these kinds of names for inspiration. - When we like an applicant, we like 'em so we tend to be forgiving if some of the elements mentioned above aren't quite what we envision. That said, we are interested in tightening up the theme a little so keep it in mind! - We are, by design, meant to be a smaller SG. A 60 member max with a potential 5 characters for each player. As a smaller SG, we need an active player base. If you can only play once a week or once a month, we are probably not the SG for you. We need people who play more nights than not. @Attache is my global as well. Reach out to me or to our Prime Sentinel @ApeChild if you are interested!
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