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Praetorian Quality of Life

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I've started running teams in Praetoria with our SG and it is popular enough. Now I know we'll never get the finished ideas of being able to go till near the end levels or such and it would never make sense to do iTrials as a Praet. But I was positively surprsied to see there is a contact to turn in Halloween Salvage. Would it be possible to add Costume Unlock Contacts for level 20, 30 and 40? You can easily stay Goldside for these level ranges now and it would be great to be able to get the costume unlocks. 


And last a really long shot, but every zone that absolutely does not need one has an AE building, except Praetoria. If it could get one, or even just the insides of one added to one of the Magistrarium buildings it would be an amazing chance to build something like "Invade Primal Earth" arcs for characters there. 

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There is an AE in Pocket D which can be accessed from Studio 55 (Bobcat's place) without offically going Blue or Red.

It'd be nice if there was actually one inside Studio 55 itself (that is, without even having to go into Pocket D), but it's an option you can do now.


Additional costume unlocks in Praetoria would be nice. I don't know that I'd need them... 6-7 costumes still covers a LOT of variety.... but it would definitely be nice, and shouldn't be a huge lift, esp if the mission is "Go Beat Up 20 Syndicate" (as a decent preatoerian stand-in for beating up the Tsoo, or the Family...).

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