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  1. People spamming General zone channels with obvious troll nonsense. If you take your enjoyment out of annoying other people I don't need you in my life. Everything else is sort of secondary, don't care if people are good at the game and even if they go poof during a TF who knows what was going on, their house might be on fire. The only other way would be to be consistently awful and actualy work for it by annoying me personally and at least so far no one put in that effort. Think the age of the playerbase helps a lot in that regard.
  2. I've started running teams in Praetoria with our SG and it is popular enough. Now I know we'll never get the finished ideas of being able to go till near the end levels or such and it would never make sense to do iTrials as a Praet. But I was positively surprsied to see there is a contact to turn in Halloween Salvage. Would it be possible to add Costume Unlock Contacts for level 20, 30 and 40? You can easily stay Goldside for these level ranges now and it would be great to be able to get the costume unlocks. And last a really long shot, but every zone that absolutely does not need
  3. If this is possible it would be utterly fantastic.
  4. I'd absolutely love that. I outlevel story content so often just by joining some TF and its a real shame.
  5. The game is as it is right now is pretty much most of what I ever wanted of it anyway. Maybe some divide between Red and Blue side again, just so red stands a chance to be played at all. Not too much fiddling with balance, more fiddling with costumes, mastermind pets, emotes, etc.
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