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How to build Fire/Cold


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Just the other day I got my first 50 lvl character on Homecoming, a pretty fun fire/cold troller. Now, I think this is a combo that, if not min/max, I'd at least like to invest a decent amount into. But as I look at Mid's, I'm having trouble deciding what to build her for. At first I thought defense (Arctic Air, Ice Armor, and Unleash Potential are all in my build), but that doesn't seem feasible without really making some sacrifices in other place.

So how can I best make use of my fire/cold troller? I like her as a master of debuffs and soft controls with some good (for a controller) AoE damage, so I wouldn't want to build her in a direction too far away from those traits. But what should I be focusing on? Exclusively recharge? Recovery? More damage? Is defense more achievable with this build than I thought?


Not fishing for builds, but would love people's thoughts on what direction I'd be best off going in.


(For reference: I took every fire/cold power except RoF and Snow Storm, have the debuff/buff/travel from Force of Will, Hasten, and every Ice Mastery power except Hibernate)

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If you aren't set on ice mastery then take a look at the earth epic instead.  You get a s/l defense armor and dull pain power just like ice, but the rest of the pool is much better than ice in my opinion.  Seismic smash and fissure are both great.  Seismic loaded with procs would hit especially hard with your resistance debuffs.


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Hm interesting, I'm guessing just because they hit harder? Sadly my concept of a tech-based temperature controller can be molded to fit a lot of the epics, but Earth is one of the few that're hard fits for that, along with Leviathan and Soul. 

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