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Chest detail suggestion

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can we get more of the villain/hero in game groups as chest details? 5th column specifically...we got council but i been wanting the 5th column since live. it shouldnt be too hard to do just copy and existing ones texture and paste onto a new one in the player selection options.

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Not that I'm against it, but I do also see some potential complaints coming up.  Some people feel that it crosses a line to make a character who be construed as a representative or authority for an in-game faction or non-player character.  And just to stress, I'm not saying I necessarily fully agree with this; just sharing a complaint which I've seen pop up time and again.

The 5th Column specifically could be extra thorny, given that between it and the Council, the Column is more associated with and assumed to be a hate group due to real-world connotations (ironically, Nemesis has far more lore expressly stating his bigotry than the 5th do in-game).


But, as ever, I always fall on the side of "more power to the player for character customization."

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