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Stalker Staff fighting AStrike Bugged


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Title, i'll have to make a quick video of it, but the assassin's staff power is bugged. Occasionally it will fire off, and after a delay pop up as hit/miss, but on a hit, it un-hides you long before the damage actually hits

And it's entirely random. Every other AS hits instantly when the animation plays and either shows miss (Keeping you hidden) or hit (Dealing the damage and unhiding you)

Reproduction, make a staff/anything stalker, get to 6, randomly assassin strike enemies until it happens.


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Its not random, theres some kind of flaw in the "draw"


If you go to AS someone (while hidden) and your staff is not drawn it will have a delay, like the system thinks it is "drawing" the weapon at the end of the AS animation before the damage is inflicted.


If you go to AS someone (while hidden) while your staff is draw it will work correctly


I would assume this is down to staff fighting not having a "no redraw" option.


Solution = add no redraw option to staffs or at least make AS a no redraw ability.

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Bumping this to add:


This also happens with "fast" AS while unhidden if you don't have your Staff drawn. To add, the hit numbers and visual effects don't align properly with the animation because of this issue- they appear shortly after.


Crossed out the above- It doesn't seem to be the case for un-hidden AS after recent testing.


I believe giving Staff the treatment Katana and Titan Weapons received would fix two issues:


-The delayed weapon draw and mistimed AS effect mentioned in this thread

-Staff weapon always having to be re-drawn after using a non-Staff power (e.g. Hasten, Ball Lightning, etc)

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