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Water blaster secondary. Temporal manipulation or Energy manipulation


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Hey guys Im making a water blaster and wanted to get some information on 2 secondary's Temporal manipulation and Energy manipulation. If any one can give me any pros and cons of both secondaries and an opinion on which would be better it would be much appreciated.

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Energy Manipulation is good because Water Blast is poor in single-target damage, so the heavy melee attacks in EM help with that. It has Boost Range which will help with the shorter ranged AoEs in Whirlpool and especially Steam Spray, and it has Power Boost which will help really slow down the mobs and help Dehydrate. It also has Conserve Power, which is the best Sustain for Endurance efficiency, but Water Blast can slot a Chance for +End IO in Dehydrate, so it doesn't need this as much. I would look at EM if you're planning to go Blappy.


Temporal Manipulation helps a ranged build more. It has a ranged AoE mez so you don't have to get close (and it fits well with Water since it has a Stun so it can stack with Geyser), and a ranged Hold. The melee attacks are okay but not worth designing a build around, but Aging Touch is fast enough to help with single-target DPS if you're wiling to close to melee to finish off Bosses. Two +Recharge powers help get long-recharge powers out faster, though this doesn't help Water Blast as much as other sets... WB already has enough AoEs that having them recharge a bit faster is always nice but not as useful as other sets who depends on fewer AoE, and Blasters don't usually have a problem having a single-target attack chain. +Recharge is always nice, but Water Blast isn't the best set to make use of it (I would think Fire or Ice would be, with fast-animating attacks so they have larger gaps).

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