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Extra "Belladona" in Praetor Sinclair's Moral Choice Mission


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When you face Belladonna Vetrano at the very end of this mission, a cutscene first plays giving you your choice.  Disclaimer: This happened when I chose Loyalist becayse that leads you to fight her, I'm not sure if anything similar happens when you pick Resistance.


When you choose Loyalist, you find that there are two of her, both with the unique rank of Assassin.  One named "Belladonna Vetrano" seems to con as an Elite Boss (she was red at +1 my level), and this one fights normally as expected.  The other one is named "Belladona" (exact spelling) and seems to con as a Minion (yellow at +1 my level), but cannot be attacked as an Invalid Target and does not attack you.  This is presumably the model used for Belladonna in the cutscene that isn't being despawned afterwards for some reason.

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