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  1. Teamed with a few other folks to take down Lusca & Tentacles tonight but none of us got the Devilfish badge. Also my petition got a form letter as a response that was clearly intended to be for the Weekly Strike Target ("you can only receive the reward once per week"), but that's not a problem with the game code... 🙄
  2. OR fill up the zone to capacity, then head to KR2. 😉 Well that sucks.
  3. Has anyone seen the Paladin recently? I know I defeated him on another character because they have the badge, which I think happened relatively early on in Homecoming. But now I just cannot find him at all. Supposedly the new zone event is on a timer to respawn 20 minutes after the Paladin's last defeat, but I just spent 40 minutes at High Park in King's Row and there's no sign of him. The first 20 minutes was interrupted by a Deadly Apocalypse, so I stopped my timer at 17 minutes and waited it out until the Banners finally cleared. After another 3 minutes there was no Paladin, so I restarted the timer. After another 20 minutes (this time uninterrupted) still no Paladin. And now, zombies. I did notice something odd, spawns of Clockwork triplets engaged in some sort of electricity animation on certain objects in High Park (including, perplexingly, the concrete north wall of the zone), and I found in a thread from this summer someone speculating if maybe the Paladin event worked similarly to the Council War Walker event in Boomtown. But after defeating 30 of these triplets (90 Clockwork total, as well as some that weren't in triplets; definitely more than 100 in all) nothing happened. So what's the deal -- is the Paladin event broken?
  4. Looks great! Would be nice to have a bulk add feature on the search page, so you can just check every badge in the search results with a single click. In terms of the badges themselves: You have Trusting and Arriviste as the same badge like they were on live -- my understanding is that they have been split into two separate badges now that are alignment-dependent in order to earn them. Haven't confirmed this myself though. The second level range on the Ouroborous badges says 15-19, but the spreadsheet says 16-19 (which I assume is correct since the first range is 1-15). AE badges are all under Achievements (AE category is empty on search).
  5. Ah, I see where you got the name from now, was wondering. Hero Corps Recruit in Steel is called Hero Corps Reject on villains.
  6. Just gonna dump 'em here as I find 'em: Exploration - Atlas Park: The villain badge name is Hero Corps Infiltrator, not Hero Corps Reject.
  7. Just noticed the requirements for Master of Dilemma Diabolique mention Gate Crasher instead of Spinebreaker.
  8. You made a copy. No changes to the original are going to carry over to your copy. It's a copy. That's how copies work. It's a copy. My big question is -- how *do* I port my badges over as the spreadsheet is updated over time?
  9. So when I was playing my Bots/Dark on live, I was eventually able to solo a couple GMs (and this was pre-Incarnate) -- Adamastor, Babbage. I also soloed Johnny Sonata and Lord Recluse as AVs, but with some moderate/heavy cheating (nukes/Shivans/whatever the hell else I could find in the case of Recluse). Since Homecoming, I've found myself able to solo a number of AVs/Heroes and a couple redside GMs (again, all before unlocking the Alpha Slot), without even resorting to shenanigans as I did with Lord Recluse in the Beforetimes. Today I had a little trouble finding a team for Renault, and I had just read someone in a global channel saying they had to solo it in order to get it done. I thought "well hell, that's a damn idea, huh?" I'm a little embarrassed that I ended up with the Settings UI in the screenshot* but I was just too pumped to think about it when I was doing the screenshot. (Yes, there's a pantload of big inspirations in my tray -- but I don't think I even used any of them!) *Especially since I initially tried to bind the wrong function, then while trying to remove the bind ended up binding it to my Right Mouse Button... Thoughts: I forgot about Barracuda in the penultimate mission until she spawned. Not a problem but took me a bit by surprise, especially since she ran right out of frame in her cutscene before it even ended. I got to the final room and you can see my reaction in the screenshot. Totally forgot about those obnoxious tornadoes. They weren't too much of an issue but again, wasn't expecting it. Calystix was the most irritating part -- no surprises there, I remember he was a real jogger on live. The Eye was...not a big problem, honestly, but did take longer than Calystix (felt that way anyway). My Bots spent a majority of the fight clipped entirely inside the Eye's model because the game allows that to happen. Also, the Eye does almost purely Psionic Damage, and I'm a Bots Mastermind, so...yeah. 🙂 Can't believe I just barely didn't level off this -- after 200k XP from Calystix and the Eye each, plus arc completion XP. Fortunately after I cleared the Coralax ambushes and the rest of the room I was just barely able to level to Veteran Level 8. A nice way to cap it off. So anyway yeah that's my bragfest.
  10. Some of the defeat badge counts were adjusted downward for Homecoming, the badge text was just never updated.
  11. Level 19 might be too low for it to happen, but I know later Mayhems have what is colloquially known as the Longbow Eagle Death Squad stationed high up in the air above the bank. Flying up too close to them en route to the bank can aggro them and they will follow you into the bank and they will ruin your day if you're not prepared for them. But like I said, I'm not sure they spawn in those lower-level Mayhems, and they're just Longbow Eagles, none of the other mobs you mentioned. My other thought is that you were moving too fast for the periodic regular Longbow ambushes to catch up with you until you got inside the bank. If you did certain side missions first (arson, prison break, smash & grab) those can also have SWAT/PPD ambushes after they're complete. Once you got inside the bank you naturally slowed down to fight the mobs there, giving the ambushes ample time to catch up. Another possibility: your difficulty level was cranked up beyond x4 (the normal difficulty for a 4-person team) and you didn't realize it. If the problem of too many enemies was global to the entire mission (too many outside, too many inside, too many per ambush) then this is almost certainly what happened, possibly with moving faster than the ambushes being an exacerbating factor. If your difficulty isn't cranked up, but the mission belonged to one of your two non-lowbie teammates and they had their difficulty cranked up, that might also explain it (I forget if it scales to the mission owner difficulty or the team leader difficulty -- assuming that was you).
  12. Is BV meant to not be targetable at all when you first meet them in Praetor Sinclair's second mission? Part of me vaguely remembers that being a thing from live but I might also be making that up, I don't recall. The wiki doesn't say anything about it which seems weird if it's working as intended. Defeating the Resistance ambushes ended the mission so I assume defeating BV was not a mission requirement, but usually in these cases you can actually fight the named boss and get them down to like 1/10 HP before they teleport away or something. Even cone damage did nothing -- no dodge, no miss, no untouchable status, just nothing.
  13. Have you actually played this game?
  14. Not sure what this has to do with what you quoted... 🤔
  15. TOs were stale content within the first year of the game's life (in other words: bad design). When I started playing in 2005, I remember being told very early on not to even bother with them because they worth more being sold to a vendor so you could afford DOs at level 12. There was no DFB, no XP boosters, no low-level shortcuts that caused you to blow past the level range of TOs -- they just mathematically didn't matter. Now, having said that, I don't know that I would necessarily say that anything drastic needs to be done with them, especially given how poorly programmed the original game was. It's really hard to imagine that they aren't somehow weirdly baked into the game at such a low level that removal (without breaking anything!) would be difficult if not impossible. They're a harmless little artifact of what the game was once, in some ways a reminder of how far we've come.
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