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  1. I'm trying to slot Ascendancy of the Dominator in the primary slots for the power, and Superior AotD in the alternate slots for the power; my intention is not to have both sets active in the build at the same time, I want to switch between them on the same power. It used to be possible to do this circa 2.x but it seems to be disallowed now. It doesn't seem to be limited to that one pair of sets either.
  2. I'm getting that bug where regular and Superior versions of the same ATO set can't be slotted in alternate slots on the same power. I see other people earlier in the thread had this problem and the advice was to upgrade, but I'm running v3.0.4.7 which is the newest version I could find (just installed the other day). Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting Config.json, but the problem persists.
  3. I mean, they look the same to me too, but I assumed Lime in the config file corresponded to the definition for the color I could find online. Using an eyedropper on your screenshot yields (1,255,0) though. I just remembered that I have a super old build of Pine's on an external drive, last updated 6/28/19. Taken Power on that is set to (0,255,0). That build has no Config.json, and Config.mhd doesn't look like it's storing the UI color info in it, so I'm not sure where that was kept before.
  4. As I mentioned a few posts back, you should delete the entire old directory. That was that allowed me to install the new version.
  5. I'm colorblind but I really rather prefer it -- not all colorblindness is equal though. IMO you would have been better off instead trying to find more distinct tones of the same colors rather than changing their semantics entirely -- it was an extremely jarring change. Nevertheless, I appreciate 1) having the ability to customize the colors at all, and 2) your efforts at extracting the original theme settings. Thanks! EDIT: Strangely, some of the colors in the Config.json you uploaded don't match the colors I extracted from the screenshot I posted before. That screenshot didn't have an example of Taken Power (Dark), but the color for Taken Power was (0,255,0), whereas your Config.json has it defined as "Lime" (192,255,0) which I agree is definitely way too similar to yellow. I think Taken Power (Dark) used to be (0,128,0) -- that may not be precisely what it was before but hell it occurs so infrequently anyway. Also I'm unclear what the images you shared are for. Those look the same to me.
  6. While we're on the subject of UI colors -- is the Hero/Villain supposed to be broken? The UI is always blue no matter how it's set.
  7. Don't suppose there's any info available on the old settings?
  8. Make sure the entire RebornTeam folder is deleted before doing the new install. After I uninstalled the previous version of Mids that folder was still there with a couple folders and files (an icon for the Force of Will set, for some reason). I just uninstalled 2.7.2 and ran the Mids installer that I downloaded last August (MRB_Setup.exe, versus the MRB_Setup.msi that I downloaded today), but when I launch Mids it shows that it's the 2.7.2 version instead of whatever I had before was (2.6.x IIRC). Unfortunately I don't think I have any screenshots from before I installed the new version (will dig around though, who knows), and now it seems impossible to roll back. EDIT: Okay, this will clear up part of the confusion, I was misremembering partly -- but the colors HAVE changed. Found this in the HC Discord posted October of last year: This is what I'm used to seeing -- selected powers being colored as green. Although this screenshot doesn't show it, I recall non-available powers being some darker color instead of the (off?) white that is used now.
  9. It looks like a change was made to the color of selected powers. Previously a selected power was yellow and a non-selected power was blue -- these colors have now been swapped. Can this be changed back? It's difficult to look at since I'm used to the opposite.
  10. Also, there's no new update as far as I know. Are you sure you have the right server group?
  11. In Operation Skyhook from Lt. Chalmers, your first task is to steal a holographic projector from Arachnos so you can infiltrate a Council base in the second mission; the power is granted as an automatic temporary power. But when you do this mission via Flashback with the No Temporary Powers challenge set, the temp power is disabled, robbing you of the disguise; this also affects the Nictus Gravitic Emanation click power and Nictus Absorption auto power given to you by Shelley Percy in the arc (but strangely, the Nictus Shadow Step power is not affected). I understand that the point of the challenge is that you can't rely on temporary powers, but if possible I don't think this should be applied to powers that are specifically granted to you in the mission itself, certainly not this one at least. EDIT: After stepping into the mission I realize the disguise power isn't meant to be stealth as the mission takes place in a Wyvern base -- the intention is actually to frame the Council and trick Wyvern into "counter" attacking them. I'm not deleting this though because I stand by my assertion, and also because this bug really just ruins the narrative of the mission for no reason.
  12. Absolute overkill and completely ridiculous. Context matters. Ban the word "coronavirus", sure, but "corona"? Seriously? It's like using Ion Judgement to defeat a level 1 Hellion. Of course the GMs don't have time to just police it all themselves. That's why players can report offensive names, and that is the approach that should be used here instead of a blanket ban on a word that had zero offensive meaning before 2020.
  13. Praetoria's Son/Daughter is showing as a separate badge on the tracker when it should be the same badge as VIP/Destined One.
  14. Steps to reproduce: Receive a team invite but do not accept or decline it. Just leave it open. Enter the costume creator. Click the Save button from the costume editor screen. The (actual) Save button when the filename is displayed will be greyed out. This also applies to saving power customizations. Backing out to accept or decline the invite will resolve the problem.
  15. Set bonuses too. The only things you keep are global enhancement bonuses like Numina's Convalescence +Regen/+Recovery, but ONLY if the power it's slotted in is active. If you have it slotted in a power you took at level 40 and you're doing a level 29 Flashback, you won't get the bonus; if you have it in Health, then you're good. Likewise, if you have Blessing of the Zephyr: KB Protection in Fly, and you have "No Travel Powers" set, that won't be active either. Even if you have BotZ: KB Prot slotted in Hover, which technically is still active under that challenge (just doesn't grant any vertical movement), you still don't get the effect (LotG +Rech doesn't work either).
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