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"Data Games" (A sequel to "Friends & Lovers") Seeking Feedback

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Cranebump presents: "Data Games" [ID: 26757]

"Section-41" is an "off-the-books" organization dedicated to protecting Paragon City, "by any means necessary." This includes stepping way over the line, working with entities like the 5th column and Doc Vahz himself. Now, they've taken one of PPD's finest hostage. You're going to get her back.



*Contact: Juliana Nehring

*Morality: Neutral

*4 missions (3 small maps, 1 medium; the first 3 missions are all pretty short. Last mish is timed, 60 minutes, but I completed it in about 25 mins, on average, during test runs)

*Featured Groups: Freakshow, Wyvern, Section-41 (custom group from Friends & Lovers, with some added bosses), and first appearance of a new group "Omnibus."

*Featured individuals: Fareed Abdullah and Exarch Industries; Sting Agent Rash; Hellbeast and "Bot;" Meg Mason; Super Hacker Jeri McKitnick (whose name is a smashup of two noteworthy hackers).

*Titles feature a "pie" motif (everyone likes pie).


Thanks in advance,




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