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PvP this weekend in Siren's Call (Sat & Sun)


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Stop by Siren's Call on Saturday and Sunday for some PvP fun. The level restriction for SC is 20, not too bad. Heroes and Villains are welcomed, you can switch sides instantly via the Seagull in Pocket D if you so choose.


Check the /Arena chat channel and keep an eye out in other global channels for when the zone is most active we'll be sure to broadcast it.


See yall in Siren's. You can access SC through Steel Canyon on Heroside or Sharkhead for Villains.



EDIT: Yes PvP works in Siren's I've tested it with a few people, Arena is currently disabled and I've heard rumors that Bloody Bay PvP is disabled as well but Siren's absolutely works right now.

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This was posted by user Malex70 on the coh subreddit




"Hi everyone,


Just to introduce myself, I PvPed on CoH for about 6 years straight across many servers. At the time of shutdown, I had around 15 fully min/maxed PvP characters, worth about 5 billion influence each, either for 1v1 matches, zone fights, or 8v8 arena.


For those who are interested in PvP on the new server, I expect Siren's Call to be the main zone for the time being, with single origin enhancements (SO) being the main form of enhancements used.


Here's a tier list I've put together for zone PvP in Siren's Call on the new server.


Top tier is what was used by the hardcore crowd, with Viable being able to put up a strong fight.


Blaster/Cor/Defender Ranged Attacks


Top tier: Psi, Fire, Dark (Blaster version only)


Viable: Sonic, Dual Pistols, Rad


Blaster Secondary


Top tier: Energy, Devices


Viable: Mental


Corruptor/Defender/Controller Powersets


Top Tier: Poison, Thermal, Rad, Cold


Viable: Storm


Healers: Empathy, Pain


Dominator/Controller Primary


Top Tier: Mind, Fire


Viable: Earth, Ice, Gravity, Dark


Dominator Secondary


Top Tier: Fire, Psi


Viable: Electricity, Energy, Dark


Stalker/Scrapper Primary


Top Tier: Psi, Energy, Martial Arts, Street Fighting, Broadsword, Electrical


Viable: Katana/Ninja Blade, Spines, Claws


Stalker/Scrapper/Brute Secondary, Tank Primary


Top Tier: Regeneration, Electric, Energy


Viable: Will Power, Fiery, Invul


Brute/Tank Damage


Top Tier: Super Strength


Viable: Psi, Energy, Street Justice


Mastermind Primary


Top Tier: Thugs, Demons


Viable: Anything else


Mastermind Secondary


Top Tier: Empathy, Pain, Thermal


Viable: Poison, Dark Miasma, Traps, Storm




Top Tier: Peacebringer Nova Mode sniper


Viable: Peacebringer Human




Top Tier: Fortunata, Bane Spider


Viable: Night Window, Crab Spider


Strongest PvP builds based on the list above


Psi/EM Blaster


Psi/Poison Corruptor


Mind/Fire Dominator


Psi/Regen Scrapper & Stalker


Super Strength/Regen Brute


Thug/Empathy Mastermind




-Some of the newer sets (Nature Affinity, Martial Combat, Water Blast) were either never introduced to live servers or never had any real testing in a PvP environment. Some of these sets may be great, others may not."

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