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  1. I love how the first big change the biggest private server does is nerf AE then proceed to nerf Vanguard Merits. Its a private server you can literally do anything and your first choice is to start nerfing things, haha. Yup, just keep nerfing stuff that'll definitely not make people leave the server. You know what made a lot of people quit CoH? Consistent nerfs. BTW incarnates are too easy right now, you should nerf that too! Reward merits are too easy to come by as well, don't forget to nerf them! You can flood the Auction House with salvage making it all worthless but somehow Vanguard Merits are too OP? Wheres the line? Seems a slippery slope. You guys deemed salvage too expensive, yet Glad Jav proc recipes are now selling for 1 million influence because Reward Merits are way too abundant.
  2. How does one even go about setting up a Swiss Draw match? For example Arena Survivalist explains whats needed for that badge https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Arena_Survivalist_Badge Win a rated or unrated Swiss Draw match in the arena. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Tournament_Victor_Badge Could have sworn SCORE made this badge easier to obtain and it didnt require a legit 8-64 person swiss draw tournament
  3. how many bananas do you eat a day, I expect a person named banana man to eat at minimum six bananas per day. one w/ each meal and then 2 additional nanners between meals and one bedtime nanner before sleepytime. if you do not eat at least 6 a day I deem you unworthy of the banana man namesake and you should be stripped of the pvp community rep because obviously you cannot be trusted.
  4. SCORE had multiple new ATs in the works that all got cancelled, one was called Guardian and I believe it was a Melee Sets combined with Buff/Healing/Debuff sets.
  5. ParagonWiki says all you need in 10, I've had players in game confirm it is 10 too, in game I've trapped 24 and yet to get the badge. EDIT: Ok so it appears ParagonWiki is wrong and there have been some changes. https://imgur.com/a/Ls9FFEc EDIT: I decided to kill 100 Spectral Pirates since that defeat badge was easier to obtain than trapping 100, I ending up getting the Pirate Badge and Night Haunt badge. As you can see I still have the Trap 100 Spectral Pirates progress bar. Im guessing somewhere along the line perhaps on SCORE they changed how to obtain this change from trapping to just defeating and renamed the trapping badge.
  6. I made a suggestion for a CIT Homecoming site. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,2080.0.html
  7. For those unaware City Info Tracker was a site to track your characters on Live. It went inactive once game servers shutdown however Leandro's private server had their own CIT which means Homecoming coul have their own too if they so choose. This site was used to track badge progress, influence, salvage, recipes, auctions, enhancements, ae tickets, reward merits. The site would take a picture of your character and upload to your characters profile on CIT It can track which shards your characters are on. (Indomitable, Everlasting, Torchbearer, ect) In your account tt lists all your characters across all shards in an easy to order list, you could change it based on AT, Shard, Name in alphabetical order, ect. There were privacy options such as hiding Influence, Global Name as well as characters from your profile. It also tracked Server wide stats such as how many of each AT were created and existed, top 10 most played powersets, the ratio of heroes to villains, ect.
  8. They actually added some new badges to regular Faultline that you can read about here: https://score.savecoh.com/index.php/topic,1395.0.html Thank you, I noticed they added some to Echo Faultline but was unaware of additional to normal Faultline. Anywho I got all of these now, thanks.
  9. I did echo faultline first and now I can't complete normal Faultline because they share some of the same badges. https://imgur.com/a/0m1uZAo
  10. Yeah setting it off on purpose is kinda what my compromise is, I'm willing to live with that.
  11. Obviously not a priority but Time Bomb has a extremely long "charge time" longer than most mobs take to die. Unlike Trip Mine which explodes on enemy contact Time Bomb only explodes after a set amount of time which is 15+ seconds. I've played Traps on every Class its available on and Time Bomb is one of the least useful tier 9 powers in the game. Blasters get Time Bomb as a tier 8 power in Devices secondary. Defenders get Time Bomb as a tier 9 power in Traps primary. Controllers get Time Bomb as a tier 9 power in Traps secondary. Corruptors get Time Bomb as a tier 9 power in Traps secondary. Unique to Masterminds Time Bomb is replaced by Detonator in MM /Traps which is a Henchmen sacrifice much more useful and interesting. I honestly would like to see Time Bomb replaced with something totally different (like a targetted aoe bomb that can be tossed like dynamite/grenade) since there is a lot of overlap with Trip Mine but if Time Bomb must remain in Traps then I would suggest adding the ability for the player to detonate Time Bomb early.
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