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  1. Sorry OP, it looks like you're getting slammed. I totally agree with you. Combining the green and blue line, giving away TP powers (Pocket D TP, Mission TP, Team TP, ATT, Oro Portal) like candy and altering travel powers (lowering the travel power level from14 to 6 to 4, removing the travel power restriction of owning haste or flurry, cj or jump kick, ect). Power proliferation for everything. Its such a slippery slope, why dont they just let people buy Atlas Medallion, TF Commander, Portal Jockey, Crey Pistol, Vanguad and all that jazz. Double XP bonus, isnt enough for you? Hows about AE farms and DFB abuse and Set Bonuses and Attuned Enhancements and Incarnates. This game has zero challenge, everyone gets their cake. Getting to 50 means nothing, getting Incarnates mean nothing. Incarnates are just handed out now. Along with merits. Ski Chalet is open 24/7 you can craft all the winter badges in summer, you can do all the skiing badges on Halloween. The amount of people that play CoH for any challenge is super super niche, its a big babies game tbh. Its why for me to have any fun playing I have to refuse PL's from people, I have to ignore DFB runs, I have to ignore the P2W vendor and set limits on how much influence, enhancements or merits I can mail myself. Wanna form a TF guess what difficulty setting people want you to run it on, the lowest. Yeah they dont want to play the TF content they just wanna speed run it to get it over with like its a chore. People enter missions and just stand at the door expecting or begging for a Teleport to the end. Majority of players just want easy stuff, percentage wise CoH community is one of the highest "Give me, I don't want to earn it communities" I've ever seen. My number one wish CoH wise is for a issue 1 server or even a progression server that starts at i1 and slowly progresses, every 3 months the next issue is released. Meaning you get to issue 4 at the end of the first year, I want that.
  2. hasten and burnout i've gotten 6 gun drones at one point on my traps defender of course this is a different server, haha.
  3. Its Traps for Masterminds on CoXG. Minefield & Detonator are unique to MM on that server.
  4. Its worth noting that Triage Beacon in that set is vastly more powerful, it doesnt regen it actually heals and it has no recharge time. You put it down and pick it up as you please. Also web nade is an aoe immob and Minefield is Caltrops+Trip Mine combined.
  5. Disruptor

    Traps Thread

    hit level 50 during a woodsman trial using this 'proc pnly' build was fun, however you literally start running out of available procs to slot at the end, my only choices were to slot as many Karma KB and GOTA Run Speeds as well as a Steadfast KB. Slotting got boring at the end for sure.
  6. Feel free to submit your ss, you'd be only the second person to do so that means top 2 on the server even if its brief, haha.
  7. Credit to Sister Corruption on the Excelsior forums for this idea. 1. ir0x0r - Mutation - Fire/Fire - Dominator - 1493 (verified) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. This Leaderboard will be maintained by me and I'll try my best. Send me a screen like the one on the TOP (through forum PM) or post it in this thread to verify your badge number and that you play on Indomitable. The screenshot on the bottom is to show the difference when not on the same server as a global friend. I may add a cut off number for badges in the future. I'll try to update the leaderboard once a day. Feel free to include any info such as how your chars name is spelt (lowercase/uppercase, numbers, ect) as well as powersets (fire/fire, elec/nin, emp/nrg, ect) *If you need a global friend for your screenshot add me @Shadow Zone TOP CORRECT / BOTTOM WRONG
  8. Disruptor

    Traps Thread

    There is another CoH server that made these changes to Traps. Web name was turned into an AOE. Triage Beacon cooldown was removed and it heals instead of regeneration. You cannot have more than one Triage Beacon anymore but instead you can pick it up and put it down at will without waiting. It lasts until you pick it up/move it. FF Generator buff last an additional 30 seconds after leaving the FF Generator. Time Bomb was replaced by Auto Turret. They also swapped the placing an item on the ground animation for wrist activation animation for Triage Beacon and it uses the Caltrops/Ignite/FF Gen/Seeker Drones placement cursor thing. Meaning you no longer place Triage at your feet instead it can be placed at range.
  9. There was a site back in the day if I remember correctly formally known as Badge-Whore eventually named Badge-Hunter. This listed characters on each server and how many badges, what origin they were, AT and even powerset. You were able to sort by server but also who had the most badges on the server with that AT, ect. I used it frequently, I cant remember for sure if there was a validation process for tracking badges or you manually tracked them yourself using the honor system but I did enjoy collecting badges and tracking my progress into the top 50 badgers on Victory server.
  10. Disruptor

    Traps Thread

    ah ok, sounds like they have a direction they would go but dont really have the intention to do so anytime soon
  11. Disruptor

    Traps Thread

    Thats understood but stuff like Triage Beacon one would assume would be stronger on a Defender and weaker on the other ATs but thats not the case, its the same stats across the board. I'm not saying Def Traps should do more damage than the others or have increased holds, but the debuffs/buffs should be better than the other ATs since its a primary for Defenders. Right now Caltrops, Triage Beacon & Poison Trap are identical for Def, Con, Corr and MM (except MM cost slightly more endurance). Easy solution just lower the cooldown for Caltrops, Triage and Poison Trap on Defenders. TBH Im not sure many people have leveled up a Traps Def and realize how long your primary cooldowns are before getting a bunch of +Recharge. There will be many times prior to 20 that Caltros, Triage Beacon, Poison Trap and Acid Mortar are all recharging so the only thing you are contributing is FF Gen and your attacks.
  12. Disruptor

    Traps Thread

    I was unaware the Devs have made any statement regarding Traps, do you happen to have the link to the post?
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