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Command to close message box?

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I play on a laptop and generally look for tricks to reduce performing any mouse clicking.  I use a lot of keybinds and macros to make this playstyle work efficiently.   


My question is regarding those message box mini windows that pop up at the beginning of some missions (MsLTF has several for example).  These require you to  mouse click the "OK" button to get them off the screen.   Is there another way to get rid of them with a "/" command or any other ideas?



Active on Excelsior:

Prismatic Monkey - Seismic / Martial Blaster, Storm Dragon Monkey - Electric / Dual Blades Tank, Gadget Hunter Monkey - Dual Wield / Traps Corruptor


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For that I use

/bind ADD "dialog_yes"

That's the plus sign on the numpad.  I also have 

/bind DECIMAL "dialog_no"

So if its a yes no box you can click no so you don't get ported off a skyscraper.  That is the decimal point on numpad.  Obviously switch to whichever key you want the bind on or make it a macro. 

Another useful one is 

/bind END "requestmissionexit 1"

So no mousing to click the blue button.


I hate using my mouse so I have most things on binds.  Good luck!

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