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Geometry error


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So in the mission "Recover the Manual of the Dead" for undead Montegue Castanella in Night Ward, there's an empty version of the round table room. The room has a dome area in the top-center, and I found that if you fly up to that, it's possible to move sideways and get out of the intended area of the map. I don't know yet if this hole in the ceiling is the same in other versions of this room, such as the proper Midnight Mansion, or the one in Manticore's basement. I'll give them a try when I get the chance and edit this to include new information.


It doesn't seem like a high priority fix, but if anyone is ever plugging holes in the geometry, this may as well go in the list.


Edit: The second such room in the mission map has the same hole in the geometry, increasing the likelihood that it exists in other instances of the room.


Edit: Checked the similar room in the Night Ward Midnight Mansion and was unable to escape the map. Hopefully this means the hole was plugged at some point and they just forgot to fix it inside mission maps.


Edit: Maybe I just didn't try hard enough in the Night Ward Midnight Mansion. Primal Mansion has the same hole in the ceiling.

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