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  1. First off, I can't than you enough for the Disruption Arrow graphics change. Its triggered seizures for me before. I like the power effects though, and look forward to actually being able to use it 🙂 Secondly, I'm disappointed in the change to Rest allowing it to activate while airborne. Personally, I play with an XBOX pad, and use extensive keybinds, in this case having powexectoggleon Rest in a bind combined with +down. It allows me normal movement while flying, and turns on Rest when I'm not (and can't move down anyway). If I need rest, I just have to deactivate Flight. With this change,
  2. I like that better myself. Want some annoyance and frustration though? -------------------------- About 5,200,000 results (0.84 seconds) Showing results for Cacophonies Search instead for Cacophoties Dictionaryca·coph·o·ny
  3. It's not like the writing of laws that will be enforced by armed soldiers is on the line here. It's a forum discussing ideas on a pirated game that died. The stakes of the conversation are not such that correcting someone you feel is "wrong" are worth the unkindness often shown in doing so. On these forums, if it can't be done kindly, maybe it shouldn't be done at all, unless reinforcing the "letter of the law" internet incivility is acceptable or desired. If it's that important to fight logical fallacies, there are vastly more important arenas in our world in which to do so.
  4. In my case I most often notice it during Hami raids, though other visual cacophonies bring it to the fore as well. While I might occasionally catch a glimpse of the ally's target in their target box outline or healthbar, it's not consistent or dependable in the heat of combat. Having a window that I can place in a preferred position on my graphic interface would allow me to see what is being targeted and what it's condition is more dependably. As to why it's worth Dev time to do? well, worth is a rather subjective idea. And reading these forums makes me often wonder if anything can be worth
  5. So, you know this goes both ways, right? What is your desired outcome? Do you want to beat the OP until they give up and go away? Accusations of strawman and ad hominem are only relevant if the person you're accusing has agreed to not use them, as if in a formalized debate. There's no "unspoken social contract" demanding all of us use the same rule and techniques to communicate... and to me at least, these accusations come across as trying to bully someone out of the conversation. Maybe that's what you want. Maybe you don't care, and just want to show off how much better you are at communic
  6. I apologize if this sounds pedantic, but in my understanding of the terminology (at least from a non-professional point of view), what you're describing are the *power effects* where *animations* are the movements/poses the character's body makes during the attack. I only mention this to reduce potential confusion in the conversation. So yes, you could, in theory, use a Beam Rifle power effect, for instance Cutting Beam, as an alternate for a different power... Energy Torrent comes to mind as they're both cones, though outside of taste and timing, there's no reason you couldn't also apply i
  7. So, some questions that come to mind... If you have Extended Magazine, should the recharge timers on Pistol Shot be increased proportionally to the new ammo count? Essentially, each shot adding 2.5 seconds to the recharge timer, 1 second of which is immune to -recharge. Should this also affect the 15 second time to clear shots fired timer? My initial thought is no, extra ammo should not increase the time it takes to change a magazine, which a trained professional should be able to accomplish in well under 15 seconds whether dealing with a 7 round magazine for a 1911A1, or a 60 round bana
  8. I was just talking to someone the other night about something like this as a PEAT (Praetorian Epic ArchType). Thematically, something dedicated to, or at least engineered for (before the resistance got ahold of it) fighting Hamidon/DE stuff. Build a War Walker/War Hulk hybrid, put some big ol oversized D.U.S.T. cannons on the shoulders, a rotary cannon on one arm, and a claw on the other. There should be an area where the character's head is visible through a hatch/viewport/whatever and enough room to justify a max size Huge body fitting inside, yet still be able to see the head of a 4ft male/
  9. @Tyrannical posted Sidearm You possess a small caliber sidearm that you can use as a backup weapon, allowing you to fire on enemies at range. - Single Shot: A single target ranged attack that deals moderate lethal damage. - Covering Fire: A single target ranged attack that deals light lethal damage and reduces the target's recharge and speed. - Ricochet: A chaining power that ricochets a bullet between multiple foes dealing moderate lethal damage. - Point Blank Shot: A close range power that deals high lethal damage and knocks the target back. - R
  10. Probably more work than it's worth, but something I often find myself wishing for is a second target window for the Target of my Target, perhaps attached by default to the main target window. An actions menu for it would be nice I suppose, but would be much lower priority than just being able to see relevant info in a dependable location, and maybe be able to click on the healthbar in the window to select. On a related matter, I don't know how feasible it would be, but "target_of_target" would be a nice parameter for custom target binds... I don't think that's currently an option, right?
  11. I love the Overwatch idea. For me, the idea of a Sentinel is a "watcher on the wall" a guard at post or on patrol, or to be fair, that old TV show. Giving them a bonus to perception, to hit, and to hit resistance feels thematically appropriate.
  12. Well, you see it that way. I have received criticism showing not everyone recognizes the same merit in my efforts. It's for those who don't understand that I point out the process and reasoning behind it. Where our viewpoints differ here is that I'm not going to assume their reasoning. For many people, moving the cursor and clicking on the power tray is perfectly sufficient as a way to play this game. For me it isn't. For them, there might be something unrelated to the game that is affecting what works and doesn't. If someone wants for something to be different, they a
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