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PB Glinting eye tool tip is misleading


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As the title suggests... the base damage and activation shown is the base damage exclusively while in Nova Form, before the native 45% damage boost from Nova Form affects the ability. The tool tip shows no reference to this condition, though I believe it should as it's very misleading to anyone looking to roll a human form pb. Screens below... See damage shown for Glinting Eye (human form) is 44.48... 
Nova Glinting Eye is 112.23 or if you remove the 45% damage boost from Nova Form... it's 77.41 as the tool tip suggests...

Edit: and before anyone says it... yes I know it literally says "Nova Glinting Eye" but this was only brought to my attention because it was infact misleading someone looking to build a Human Form PB, and this is precisely why I used the word misleading and not incorrect.


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