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  1. It's also worth mentioning that Water Burst retains the full 16 target cap from other versions, which is a bit of a rule breaker when you compare it to other Sentinel primaries. This in combination with it's other aoes likely puts it in spot #1 for Sentinel AoE dmg, even past Fire IMO.
  2. I think there may be a work around to suppress the effects of the toggle if suppressing the whole toggle out right is not an option.... Here's the idea: Look at the way Bio Armor's Adaptations currently work; when you have one toggled, it modifies the buff values of certain powers, sometimes reducing your resistances, granting the player end reduction or allowing certain powers to grant a damage bonus. I think it's safe to say something similar to this mechanic could be implemented with the form powers themselves to achieve this, a psuedo suppression if you will. So for instance if you had Orbiting Death toggled on but switched to Nova, OD would stay on but the Nova toggle power itself would modify Orbiting Death's damage to 0 and reduce it's end to 0 (or near 0) while you have Nova toggled on and likewise with Dwarf. This could then be applied to a variety of toggle powers. So in essence I guess rather than suppressing the toggle itself in whole, we'd change the form power toggles to modify or suppress the effects of the toggles while the either form power is toggled.
  3. No problem. If you need any else feel free to DM me. I'm also on the CoH: Homecoming discord as well.
  4. If you need assistance understanding Peacebringers and how to build them the Peacebringer & Warshade sub-forum is a good place to start. Plenty of knowledgeable people to lend a hand and lots of good information and resources. I have a thread there with numerous PB & WS builds I've created and posted for people to use as templates, each with a rundown of the highlights of each if you were curious about what Peacebringer builds look like.
  5. Agreed. I would also extend this to all toggles not just the ones built into the primary/secondary. While no toggles would benefit forms while shifted (and that is the intent still) having the toggles not drop when you returned to Human Form would be much more intuitive than how they currently work. There have been changes made during the course of the game to reduce the amount of re-toggling required, it's not a stretch to say this could be implemented for Khelds but I wouldn't call it a buff per say, only due to what connotations that word brings. This would be a massive QoL boost for the both Kheld AT's, it would open up greater variety of ways to build within the AT and help solve some of the clunkiness that is apparent with how shifting currently works, not to mention would be a step in the right direction as far as making the class more accessible and intuitive for first time Kheld players. This may be the 3rd thread you've seen, but this has been a topic of discussion and a request from Kheld vets for as long as i've been a part of this very small subset of the community, going way back before the snap, before HC was even a thought. I think another thread is warranted if this idea is to get traction especially given the even smaller subset of players regularly playing Khelds on HC servers. That being said, I think there are certain advantages toggle suppression could bring to Human Only builds, or rather lets call them, Human Focused builds. Dwarf form specifically could bring a lot of added utility to a Human Focused build with minimal slot investment if only you could guarantee your toggles would not need to be turned back on once you shifted back to your primary (human) form.
  6. Not feedback persay, but i've played this arc. It's quite fun and actually provides a fair bit of challenge for those seeking some. AE is the real end game :D.
  7. This is a joke right? You know both Warshades and Peacebringers do KB correct? I really hope this was a joke...
  8. The vendetta some folks have with KB comes from poor utilization mostly, not the mere fact the KB exists, it's how players choose to use it. It can be used to great effect, it can also be used haphazardly. In my experience, the latter seems to be more prevalent. That being said, it doesn't bother me personally when people use KB, though on my Khelds I slot KB-KD IO's more so out of courtesy, that and on my Peacebringer in particular it is very much advantageous to do so while I solo as keeping the mobs bunched up rather than scattering them feels an indirect buff to my damage which is nice on an AT that isn't particularly high on the damage spectrum. Furthermore, I think many suggest this change be made not only for the sake of saving slots and not having to slot KD IO's but also in part to improve the stigma Kheldians have. That when one joins your team, you can expect they will scatter mobs and be more a detriment to your team than an asset. I don't fully agree with that sentiment but I understand where it comes from.
  9. I think you misunderstood the idea... the toggles wouldn't work at all on shifted forms. They'd provide no benefit while in Nova or Dwarf form. What this WOULD do, is allow you to not have to re-toggle when you returned to human form. This would be a huge QoL change for Tri-forms and provide greater build diversity.
  10. I had a wild idea the other day on the topic of toggle suppression... in the event there is some limitation in the code that were to prevent this from being realized, what if instead of suppressing the toggles, the form power toggles themselves could be altered to change the effects of other certain power toggles (Orbiting Death, Inky Aspect for example) while in their respective forms. I'll give an example to illustrate: Say you had Orbiting Death toggled on your Shade while in human form and you then switched over to Nova; what if instead of the toggle dropping, Nova would change the properties of OD similar to the way Bio Armor's adaptations change aspects of Bio's various toggles depending on which adaptation you had toggled on. Could you not, hypothetically then change the Nova toggle to reduce the damage dealt by OD to 0 and reduce the end usage while in Nova form? Sort of pseudo suppressing the toggle in a sense?
  11. Just gonna leave this here... @MicrocosmI'm sure remembers Kheldian Fridays on Protector. I was not a Protector native but I transferred my Shade over and met several people I consider good friends and still play/talk to daily. But I agree with Micro, generally speaking the Kheldian population was/is lower thus I feel they got less attention from the devs, which only meant Kheld issues got passed over time and time again.
  12. No they definitely do not have a damage aura. I remember a time when they stayed at range, those were good times. Fluffies have 3 attacks, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Blast and Gravitic Emanation (cone). No melee attacks, no damage auras. No reason to be in melee.
  13. Thanks. I think it's fair to say most people glaze over the shields when you know you'll eventually build perma-Light Form anyway so I was trying to figure out a way to utilize the shields without feeling like I was sinking too many slots into them. In doing so still allowing their slots to be purposeful when playing end game content, even if you just use LF at that point. I wish i could have gotten more defense into the build to be honest, but I wanted to make endurance manageable without bogging the build down with too many toggles. The idea for this build came from when I was looking at just how much fire/cold resistance one can build from purples/winter sets, it dawned on me that Thermal Shield could be entirely skipped. Having basically 50% resistances to all for a measly .48 end is a steal.
  14. Can you confirm if this will extend to non-Controller/Dominator pets as well? Dark Extraction (fluffies) have been going into melee for awhile now, they don't even have melee attacks. This would really help Warshades out if their fragile pets didn't kamikaze.
  15. Regardless of whether the OP's suggested change becomes a reality or not, the larger issue of power creep will still continue be prevalent until something is done to raise the difficulty ceiling either through new content and/or higher difficulty settings, assuming that's even possible. When I think about playing certain content in the context of what character to bring, role seldom is a factor, if ever. Usually it's whether we're doing a full 8 man team or not. If there are even 2 or 3 of us min/max'd, we leave the team composition at that in order to still feel like there is some challenge left. This is a somewhat half-baked attempt trying to handicap ourselves in order to feel some semblence of difficulty and if anyone is feeling like the game has been too easy for a long time (assuming you aren't already doing this) I would suggest giving it a whirl. Kind of on that note and the subject of Fade and powerboost, recently we did a 3 man Lambda Trial with a Corruptor, Sentinel and myself on my Fire/Dark Controller. While it was still somewhat of a challenge, we completed in our second try (much to our surprise). I think the notion of something like that being doable with such a small team definitely emphasizes much of what other posters are saying about the state of difficulty in the game. If anyone is interested in seeing this, i'll post a video below. The video is shot from the Corruptor's @Septipheranperspective but take a look at his combat window to see exactly what Fade and Powerboost is able to achieve on top of someone already building 32.5% + ranged defense. Sometimes I find myself yearning for the pre-io days... Simpler times.
  16. While I agree with the OP generally speaking when it comes to Fade (currently using Fade w/ PB to great effect) I really think there are other support sets more in need of review, far more than Time. Even if Farsight and Fade are changed to no longer interact with PB as they currently do, those 2 sets are far more well rounded and powerful than other support offerings. Sonic Resonance for instance; yes -res debuffs are incredibly powerful but the set has not aged well. Many of the powers don't even accept invention sets at all and the set in general is rather end hungry. Much of what the set provides is outclassed by others, and work more intuitively. I know this thread is about Time and powerboost but rather than focus on one of the most popular and powerful support powersets, shouldn't we be addressing sets that are being largely passed over and in need of updates?
  17. It's been awhile since I last posted; I have a few more builds theorycrafted ready ,some I have already begun to have test. This next build is kind of a response to what I've been hearing from people in regards to Human PB performance and their reliance on Lightform to have meaningful resists, especially when exemping down. So in response to that... I present my Human PB Brawler build. Doom's Peacebringer - Luminous Blast - Luminous Aura Human Brawler Build.mxd DISCLAIMER: Though the build attached was made with exemping in mind, it is NOT A LEVELING BUILD. This for those who enjoy playing Human form PB and have reached level 50 but want a more robust build that's still serviceable while exemping down. This build utilizes 2 of the 3 resistance shields that normally aren't taken, in order to give us a decent amount of smashing, lethal, energy and negative resistance while playing below Light Form range. We only take these shields because we can fire/cold resistances easily through IO set bonuses at no cost to our build goals. This should grant us a significant resistance base for our inherent to work off of when teamed with other damage dealers. We don't devote many slots to these 2 shields, rather due to their naturally lower end usage, we use them for their base resistance values and also to mule crucial unique IO's, giving us some decent psi resistance levels due to the Aegis unique and Impervium Armor 6% psi resistance pieces. Features: 32.5+ def to smashing/lethal dmg (softcapped w/ 1 small purple inspiration) 48-49% s/l/f/c/e/n/psi resistances without Light Form. (Again, this is your resistance base. While teaming your inherent will really shine and push your resistance to scrapper levels when on teams with other damage dealers. Perma Lightform** 146.25% global recharge (hasten's bonus included) Hasten is perma as long as you trigger FFB (Force Feedback) via Solar Flare OR Luminous Det once or twice during combat. (though they should be firing much more often) All AoE KB is converted to KD with the exception of Luminous Det. (you can replace one of the dmg procs with a sudden acceleration if you wish to neutralize the KB) When playing in Light Form range, you can turn Shining Shield and Quantum Shield off to save endurance since Light Form will be already capping your resistances. The IO's slotted will still grant you their bonuses, even if you are not using them. Ideal exemp range is as low as 23, though you could easily play this build lower with proper inspiration usage. ST Attack chain ideal for DPS (Radiant/Gleaming/Cross Punch); leveraging procs in Gleaming and Cross punch to push DPS beyond typical PB DPS levels. A couple notes about Cross Punch.: - You may think, why did you skip Incandescent Strike? Well, comparing the two powers and given the same slotting the DPS will be fairly similar. What does this mean though? They will do roughly the same damage when the damage is divided by the time it takes the power to animate. Since Cross punch is faster, it allows you to deal more damage within a shorter time frame (by way of fitting more attacks in a shorter period of time), thus increasing your overall dps. - The other advantage of Cross Punch is it grants you +recharge and +tohit per enemy hit up to a max of 5 targets. +5% for each if you've taken boxing or kick and the two stack, so you can substitute tough for kick if you want the better buff from Cross Punch at the loss of tough. We only use tough as a mule, so the only trade off is 6% psi resistance. NOTES: **FFB in both Solar Flare and Luminous Det ensure high uptime of 100%+ Recharge buff that FFB provides. **FFB also ensures while you're knocking everyone on their asses, it's speeding up the recharge of your heal. FFB has the added bonus of allowing you to soften/counter any recharge debuffs that may land on you. **FFB is also utilized to keep things like Hasten, Essence Boost and LF permanent. Though the downtime, if at all, is minimal. While on missions and during aggressive play there should be no gaps at all and these powers should recharge before they expire. Mule Powers: (Powers you don't use so you can keep them off your tray, they're just their for their slotted bonus) - grant invis (7.5% lotg io) - brawl (3.75% s/l def) - boxing (3.75% s/l def) - tough (6% psi resistance)
  18. Just give Traps Trip Mine the 2.77 sec animation and make it uninterruptible just like Devices. 🙏 Traps on MM's doesn't have Time Bomb... but the other AT's do. :P. Maybe the other AT's should get Detonator as well and it should work on your placed traps upon targeting them AT.... then we can just do away with the redundant Time Bomb. You could blow up your old Poison Trap right before you place a new one XD
  19. As the title suggests; we had this idea to start doing trials with a small group, ideally 3-4 from our SG. The video footage below was taken from our second practice run but through dumb luck we somehow pulled it off anyway. Enjoy! The footage is unedited, you'll see extra team members leave the task force before we actually start. Footage by @Septipheran. @Doomrider - Fire/Dark Controller @Septipheran - Fire/Rad Corruptor @Honest Abe - Rad/Rad Sentinel
  20. Bump. I'll +1 the OP's suggestion. Anything to make Traps less clunky I'm in favor of. A 5 second arm time for both Trip Mine and Time Bomb is already too long on top of the cast being interrupt-able. The other trap powers likewise could use they're arm times (animation times) lowered as well. The stationary nature of traps is already at war with the pace of most teams, relegating traps to favor solo play.
  21. Yeah... but that wouldn't explain why I get the same results when I remove one of the hami's and replaced it with a dmg/range Posi blast. Also getting the same result when I pull the other hami and replace with a range/slow Pacing of the Turtle. The slow appears under buff/debuff but the range does not.
  22. This is interesting... when the dmg/range Hami's are slotted It does not show range as being enhanced (look under 'BuffDebuff'). Maybe this could be pointing to the range not being enhance-able?
  23. It's a nice little trick you can do when going from mob to mob and Dark Nova is a good one slot wonder for that. If you ever consider a human form Shade, then Redlynne is correct that the proc would be better served in Tactics (assuming you take tactics) and will see better uptime while teaming when that toggle is on.
  24. Cool math. Doesn't change the fact that the build posted doesn't use a human form attack chain and thus wouldn't properly utilize tactics. Nice flex tho... Not really applicable here.
  25. It may be just be an issue with me opening the datachunk in Mids Reborn.
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