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  1. Posi 1 Posi 2 Synapse Sister Psyche Moonfire Citadel Ernesto Hess Twilight's Son Katie Hannon Manticore (or Manti) Mender Lazarus Numina ITF Dr. Q Sara Moore Faathim or Justin Augustine Lanaru or Faathim (yes I know that's confusing) STF (because it used to be Statesmen's Task Force) LGTF Mender Silos That's generally how I see them in LFG on Torch anyway. Usually using the contact name to identify the task force (with a few exceptions) is the easiest to know which is being advertised. Edit: and likewise when I'm forming the team, I tend to use the above names as well. The only acronyms I typically use for Task Forces are ITF, LGTF and STF and that's mostly out of habit.
  2. Macros can help a lot with effectively stringing together attack chains regardless of form. For instance, to help pull off double mire more easily (and quickly) I typically enter the mob in dwarf, trigger dwarf mire and queue up the following bind immediately after activating dwarf mire, in order to trigger sunless mire. The bind: /bind alt+e "powexec_toggleoff black dwarf$$powexec_toggleoff dark nova$$powexec_name sunless mire" If you're more mouse dominant you could make a macro instead: /macro MIRE "powexec_toggleoff black dwarf$$powexec_toggleoff dark nova$$powexec_name sunless mire" Since dwarf mire is so quick, with this bind it will almost seem like the two mires go off simultaneously. After sunless is finished I'll jump back, pop into Nova using another bind and cycle aoes, entering melee again briefly to Dwarf Mire again on cooldown. For single targets at range, I usually cycle Nova Ebon Eye and Dark Nova Blast, throwing in Dark Nova Emanation if I need a filler. Post 50 with a flushed out build, my attack chains usually get much more complicated and macro/bind heavy.
  3. Given your stated build direction, if I were to "bling" it out further based on wanting more damage, I would likely make these changes... This will give you the same relatively high recharge levels but better ST damage in Gleaming and Radiant, and a stronger spammable aoe with procs in Solar Flare while retaining the same KB->KD as before. In addition to now having 95% slow/recharge debuff resistance; in conjunction with FFB in Solar Flare to further help mitigate incoming slows, basically rendering you virtually immune to slows and -recharge. As for incarnates, Destiny Ageless +recovery is nice for cushioning against end drain and recovery debuffs, likewise Barrier is nice for helping avoid those and Mez entirely for short instances and can be nice to have in groups. Interface is really up to you; Reactive and Degenerative are usually the go to for solo play but I'd ultimately pick whichever sounds best to you. If you solo a lot and want more damage go Reactive Radial, if you team a lot or do Incarnate Trials you may want a different, less popular damage option like Spectral for the Neg damage. Hybrid i'd go Assault Radial; Khelds have a lower damage cap and will hit that cap often, with Radial it will proc bonus energy for the duration of the buff and this will happen regardless if you are at the damage cap or not. Lore; up to you. Longbow, Warworks, Cimerorans are pretty popular. You could go Polar Lights for something more thematic though, or Rularuu because giant floating alien eyes are cool. Judgement; I personally like Void for the negative PBAOE and 50% -dmg debuff for a whopping 30 seconds. Very helpful to mitigate incoming damage for anything left alive. Ion or Pyronic are also good choices. and here are the changes I made to your build as described above... http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1775&c=791&a=1582&f=HEX&dc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
  4. It is a lot of form shifting yes, but intentionally so. I use macros for my attack chain so when I activate the powers, regardless of what form I'm in, it will drop me into the required form to activate that power, usually requires some timing and double or tripple tap to capitalize on the macros though but with practice it works well. I slotted Gaussian's and Power Transfer heal proc in Nova Form and weave Nova Blast in between every attack to activate those passively during my chain. It gives me some supplemental healing to minimize downtime of using other powers outside my chain and gives me a chance to roll Gaussian's about every 1.5ish seconds for the build-up. I sometimes see Gaussian's stacked so I keep my health/buff bar below my character so I can keep an eye on when the BU buff icon appears and try to time my Seekers accordingly. The build I used doesn't have any defense really, just Steadfast + Glad's armor (6% def to all combined) so the extra healing from PT on top of Capped resists from LF are enough to allow me to solo a pylon without really breaking a sweat.
  5. Thanks Micro 😁. I'm just surprised I pulled this off without Cross Punch. Edit: Don't break out the champagne yet... Re-viewed my math again... time was 3:15 or 195 seconds not 189... derp. 324 DPS 😑. Just barely missed the mark.
  6. Thanks, I was surprised I could pull this off without Cross Punch and FotG tbh. Attack chain is Radiant Strike -> Nova Blast -> Gleaming Blast -> Nova Blast -> Radiant Strike. Casting Seekers when up, immediately after casting Inner Light. All 3 attacks are proc'd out, Achilles heel in both Gleaming and Radiant for -res up time.
  7. These are the changes I would make with a build like this: http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1714&c=765&a=1530&f=HEX&dc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wapped Radiant Strike to Hecatomb. The added damage proc really helps ST damage out. - Swapped a bunch of slots around with your shields. Thermal is honestly the last shield I bother with. Fire/cold damage aren't super common and running 3 shields plus any other toggles can get pretty end heavy especially if you're exemping. - Moved Kheld's grace over to Dawn Strike and added a KB->KD. Moved the Form Bonus io over to Dwarf Smite (yes the bonus works even if it's just muled in a power you don't intend on using) - Jammed an extra slot into manuevers and weave for the LOTG def/end and boosted it to 5 to get your Defense back to 45 melee. - Dropped the single recharge from Inner Light for 2 piece rectified reticle for the s/l def bonus. Power is still perma. - Swapped the recharge in Light Form for end/rch and boosted it +5 to get a little more bonus recovery when in Light Form. I made a build similar to this awhile back if you're curious, it's on the previous page called the "PB Brawler build" that might interest you if you're still planning on tweaking this build some more.
  8. Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying them. The incarnate choices in that build were not really chosen specifically for that, hence why they aren't actually listed in the "features" section of those post. Incarnates are fairly interchangeable, however I do enjoy Vigor Alpha on my Shade, it really makes Dwarf Drain's heal quite beefy and helps gives us some endurance reduction which helps in protracted fights like AV or GM fights where there are not a lot of minions to Stygian off of for recovery. That being said, I don't consider Musculature on Warshades to be very ideal, seeing as how the class already easily caps it's own damage through enhancement+sunless mire+dwarf mire, making the additional damage enhancement from Musculature to go wasted regularly. Ageless isn't a bad way to go, it's helpful when fighting Malta, Arachnos or Carnies where end drain is prevalent. At the same time Barrier can also help with this as a defensive cooldown which will also help us to avoid mez, grant def/res to our nearby teammates and our essences. I typically float between Clarion/Barrier/Ageless depending on what I'm fighting. Degenerative is alright, the -max hp helps a bit on harder targets by simultaneously debuffing their regen by way of the -max hp debuff and seeing as how Warshade's don't have the best ST dps, every little bit helps. I usually run Reactive however (while solo) for the stronger and more consistent Fire DoT. This slot is pretty flexible, even some of the less popular interfaces like Diamagnetic (-tohit) and Paralytic (-dmg) can be helpful for keeping your pets alive if you prefer a more defensive approach. Assault isn't a bad choice, but I would definitely suggest going Radial and not Core for the same reason we don't go Musculature. We have plenty of sources for +dmg and a lower damage bonus cap to boot which means we're often at cap both solo and on teams. This is where Radial really shines as the bonus damage granted is by way of a energy damage proc and is useful both at dmg cap or not. I haven't really considered it no. Kheld have been my main focus for most of my time playing CoH and this is where most of my knowledge lies. I could certainly give it a whirl for other AT's but I feel like those areas are covered pretty well by others elsewhere on the forum. Yeah, I put a lot of hours in using that build on the live server. It really beefs up Dwarf's damage output so even if you get mezzed a lot, you have decent ST dps and you're still 1 small purple insp from s/l softcap in all forms. Most of the Tri-form builds I've posted exemp pretty well to be honest. The key to getting the most out of them while exemping is making sure the dmg procs, LOTG 7.5%'s, Panacea, Glad Armor, etc, are all attuned. That's the beauty of Tri-form, you're a beast from level 6 onward.
  9. Here's an idea... try making a build and posting it with requests for critique and feedback instead of spamming every AT channel with a "GIB ME GUD BLDZ PLZ" threads.
  10. I'll take a peek at it as soon as I'm able. Currently out of town at the moment so my access to mids (and time to look) is very limited right now.
  11. The budget Tri-form builds are fine to use for leveling in terms of their power order. What I typically try to encourage for slot focus while leveling are the following powers: Ebon eye and Nova Blast; 3-4 slots each. 2 acc/ 2 dmg. Both blasts recharge quickly and have relatively low endurance costs so no need to enhance recharge or endurance reduction. Nova Emanation and Detonation; prioritize these 2 powers with 5 slot each. You can slot Positron's blast here at 20 for the 5 piece recharge bonuses. Sunless Mire; 4 slots. 2 acc / 2 rch. Once you get Dwarf, prioritize slots in Black Dwarf Mire. 6 slot with obliteration at level 30. From there you can enhance Dwarf Smite and Strike with 4 slots; 2 acc / 2 dmg. A lot of the powers we take as mules (manuevers, vengeance, unleash or combat jumping, shadow cloak) are still valuable to take where they're slotted because we're going to slot Luck of the Gambler 7.5% recharge bonus IO's once we hit 25. Kheldians have far too many powers available to them to properly slot them all while leveling, so we need to focus on which ones we're going to slot for the early to mid game and which we'll wait to slot up closer to 50. Prioritizing Nova form and your damage buffs (sunless mire/dwarf mire) is probably the best way to go as Nova is really strong in the early game, granting you 2 ST blasts and 2 aoes by level 6. Once that foundation is slotted up, then you can start to decide from there which powers you want to slot up.
  12. Well this is probably the highest DPS run I've seen/heard of on a Peacebringer... Did a run the other day on my Peacebringer ( no temps, no insps, no outside buffs, hybrid off) 3:15 but just tried the same run this morning with Hybrid Radial T4 on... 2:43 second finish... I think that's 392 DPS if my math is correct. 363 DPS. edit: DPS = 127.82 + 38346/time where time = 163 seconds. Still Not bad for an Kheld I think.
  13. I'm hoping this math is correct... =((30677.15+(102.26*189))/189)/(1-0.2) That's 189 seconds or 3:15 for 330.716 DPS. Since we're not allowed to post videos I figured I would post screens with the time stamp shown for evidence. 0:06 pylon run begins... and it pops at 3:21. I hope this counts. As per the rules laid out, no temps, insps, no outside buffs, no lore pets, hybrid was not toggled on.
  14. Running 176 global recharge, 95% slow/recharge debuff resistance... even without FFB you should have perma hasten or damn near perma. I opened your build, dropped the third slot and boosted the 2 level 50 recharge io's to 50+5 . It brought the recharge on Hasten to 120.9. That's .9 seconds off from perma on paper. I run much less global recharge than your build does but can still manage instances of perma hasten through FFB usage. When you say you're 7 seconds off perma, at what level exemped? Are your LOTG 7.5% io's attuned? The only reason i'm going on about this... is that extra recharge is only buying you effectively 1 second of recharge versus 2 level 50 recharge io's boosted to +5. It's a waste of a slow IMO, but you do you. SInce you're only frankenslotting and using the IOs for their enhancement value, not any bonuses, it shouldn't be an issue using a higher level enhancement versus a lower one. The only consideration for using the lower sets are when set bonuses are factored in IIRC.
  15. Boosters could really help squeeze a little more out of this build... for example. You can boost the rch IO's in hasten to push the recharge in the ability to RED ED levels, but the 3rd slot is largely wasted, plus with FFB going off as often as it will in a build like this, hasten is effectively permanent. White Dwarf flare does knockdown (.67 KB per the tooltip) not knockback, so Sudden Acceleration is doing nothing there, you can move that slot elsewhere or replace it with something else. If you're looking to franken slot your heals, you can use 2 pcs preventative maintenance (heal/rch, heal/end/rch) and 1 pcs doctored wounds boosted to +5 to give you the same enhancement levels you have plus a little s/l resistance for when you exemp below LF range. Other than that, I would suggest looking at Unleash potential from the FOW power pool. It's a great defensive cooldown as well as a good recovery/regen tool and can be slotted for either depending what you desire. If you want another tool to help combat end drain when fighting Malta or Arachnos, you can franken slot it for end/rch and it takes a LOTG as well. Might be a worthy replacement for your last 3 power picks. Other than that you can also put in the preventative medicine absorb proc in your self rez. It's a great proc and benefits greatly from PB's large HP pool.
  16. As the title suggests... the base damage and activation shown is the base damage exclusively while in Nova Form, before the native 45% damage boost from Nova Form affects the ability. The tool tip shows no reference to this condition, though I believe it should as it's very misleading to anyone looking to roll a human form pb. Screens below... See damage shown for Glinting Eye (human form) is 44.48... Nova Glinting Eye is 112.23 or if you remove the 45% damage boost from Nova Form... it's 77.41 as the tool tip suggests... Edit: and before anyone says it... yes I know it literally says "Nova Glinting Eye" but this was only brought to my attention because it was infact misleading someone looking to build a Human Form PB, and this is precisely why I used the word misleading and not incorrect.
  17. Okay I quickly scabbed together some screens for the PB builds. I have been planning to do some more in-depth updates but due to lack of free time it just hasn't come together yet... hopefully the screenshots help. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.
  18. Thanks Camel 😅. If you need any help with your PB build feel free to send me a message.
  19. I made a couple changes since you had you were capped on 10% recharge bonuses. Remember they cap at 5 per type of bonus (ex. in this case 10% recharge bonuses). I didn't want to change too much in the build powerwise since it is your build after all, I just changed the order of the powers a bit. You're going to want Gleaming blast much sooner so you can have it in your ST chain. The endurance recovery is not ideal, not but terrible. I would probably take a slot from elsewhere put 1 end mod into stamina. Light form will give you some added recovery and you'll be using this while playing any content L34-ish and higher. While using this, leave the other shields off to help conserved endurance. Having some defense, in this case around 20% to everything is not a bad way to go. Resistance (aside from psi) is plentiful already in the powerset, might as well build some defense. Some people sacrifice a lot in their build to achieve higher defense than this but I don't really think it's worth it. Another approach you could take is trying to build specifically for s/l and melee defense. I like hitting 32.5 s/l/melee if possible so you can soft cap defenses with 1 small purple insp. This is less of a concern though if you team a lot since defense granting powers are quite common while teaming. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1499&c=698&a=1396&f=HEX&dc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
  20. I would advise you to reconsider luminous det, its an large aoe that can hit 16 targets in a 15' radius but you'll have to free up some slots first. Solar flare and Dawnstrike alone is a little light on the aoe, that's where luminous comes in. Also Dawnstrike's slotted recharge could be a lot higher. I would suggest the following slotting for those powers: Solar flare: 3 piece Superior Essence Transfer (acc/dmg, dmg/end/rch, acc/dmg/end/rch, overwhelming force KB->KD, force feedback and fury of the gladiator chance for -res. Dawn Strike: 5 piece armageddon, sudden acceleration KB->KD. Lightform could have a little more recharge, it's about 15 seconds off perma. FF going off relying will close that gap a bit but it's probably easier just to enhance it better. Franken slot if you have to. Drop 1 end redux from assault if you plan on running it. The other option would be drop assault entirely for vengeance and slot a 5th 7.5% global recharge LOTG there. Quantum acceleration doesn't need more than the base slot, with a 7.5% global recharge LOTG in its place. This power isn't used in combat as it will put you under 'affecting self only' so slotting it for more defense is kind of pointless. That will give 5 slots right there for luminous det. Also, when you're viewing your power tooltips, I would very much suggest clicking inner light off. Currently Gaussian's BU proc is inflating your damage a fair bit. Glinting eye and gleaming blast could both use more enhancement slots. Also if you're trying to use Ruin for psi resistance, there are better io's for that. Use impervium armor 6% psi resist. You can slot 1 into any resistance power up to a max of 5. Also restore essence doesn't require any more slotting past the base slot. Put preventative medicine absorb proc there. Also drop the 2 extra lotg pieces from combat flight, the base defense and end are so low, they're not really worth slotting, even for the paltry set bonuses.
  21. Peacebringers are much more self contained than Warshades. Especially in the way they replenish their health. Since a PB doesn't require bodies to use their heals, and a Tri-form PB has access to 3 heals, it can make them very tanky regardless of the # of enemies in range. All of their buffs are completely self contained, so whether you're fighting a hard Single Target like an AV or an EB or your fighting a large mob, your buffs and heals will grant you the full value unlike Eclipse or Sunless mire than which grant you a buff that scales with # of targets hit and has an accuracy check.
  22. Twist your logic? I have no idea what your going on about here honestly... I'm just going to leave it at this. This has been a genuinely confusing interaction. Carry on.
  23. Lol. What original goal are you talking about? I was responding to something you said and it was my only post... :S and you just basically re-iterated the same thing I said in less words.
  24. The problem with this arguement, is we're not really playing the same game we were back then. The HC team has already drastically changed things including making incarnate powers and IO's so much easier to acquire than they were on live, increasing the the prevalence of top end IO builds which has drastically had an impact on the difficulty of the content AS it was designed.
  25. Fitness pool powers still work while in forms. Miracle, Numina, Panacea procs all still work across all forms even if slotted into health (which is really where they should be slotted) Nova and Dwarf form are generally not worth slotting for end mod. You have Stygian Circle which is incredibly powerful for end return. Resist uniques in toggles (steadfast, glads armor, unbreakable guard, etc) will still work even if the toggle is not used. I believe the only exception is likely Kismet +accuracy, which requires the toggle to be on in order to gain the bonus.
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