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Base designer - missing NPC for placement

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Thanks for all the work you folks have done and still do to bring back a great game for us all.

For my group, I'm pretty much completely in charge of base design and layout. I've done some work the guys are really happy with, especially with having vendors and such available in the base. They were really keen on that once I started setting it up.

That said, I noted one thing was missing. I can put in trainers and store people and difficulty people and the like, but there isn't anyone for the auction house that I can locate in the list to place in the base. Is that a design option that could be added for placement?

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It's been explained several times already why this isn't going to happen. In order to have the AH available in a base -- or in any other instance -- the entire AH database has to be loaded in the instance's data space. One copy of the complete AH database for each separate SG base that has a character in it. You think the AH has synch and response time problems now, with the AH accessible in each normal zone, and a new copy of the database gets loaded only when a zone fills up and spawns another (i.e., RWZ2 when a MSR is going on)? Imagine what it would be like with the AH database being loaded each time someone enters a base. The database server running the AH data does not have the bandwidth to be able to serve several thousand separate instances at once.


Think about the performance of your net connection when streaming high-resolution video. Now imagine that there are a couple of hundred other people sharing your net connection, all trying to stream high-resolution video at the same time.

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I guess nobody has come up with a way yet to setup another NPC as a relay between an instanced map and a static map. I'd thought maybe there was some progress in this area at some point and perhaps it just stalled out or something and somebody needed to poke the bear.


Thanks folks for all you do.

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