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Outdoor/Tram Mission Exit bug


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I first looked around to see if this has been reported but I cannot at this time.


When exiting an outdoor map accessed via PI portal or Tram, there seems to be an issue exiting via the red box. 


When entering the exit box the character won't exit the zone at first. If you try to reenter or jump in the box it will trigger and let you exit.  Not too much of a big deal and I am used to it as this was an issue in the past. 


The bigger problem is if there is multiple instances to exit to. Example being I am in an outdoor map via PI portal mission and there is PI and PI2 to exit to.  I enter the box nothing appears but after jumping the prompt window to choose zone comes up as per normal. But about half the time the box appears and quickly disappears before I am able to choose and click.  I have gotten around this by putting my curser in the correct spot and spamming the clicker so I can exit. 


This isn't a game breaking bug but more a quality of life one. I don't know if there is a fix for this.  Figured I would report anyways. Also maybe helpful for those with the same issue.


Thanks. Go. Hunt. Kill. Skulls.

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