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My short list of characters


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Altism got the better of me, I may only have 47 characters, but I don't have time for all of them. Here are a few I'm currently active with, say hi if you see them.


Radiant Raye

Mutant Scrapper – Martial/Willpower


Real Name: Raye Avvey
Age: Teen
Traits: Caring, anxiety
Likes: Friends
Hates: Bullies
Day Job: High school student
Alignment: Hero
Theme: Civilian


Raye was only in middle school when her kinetic powers surfaced. Over time, she became a small town hero, and was encouraged to go to the big city.


Accidental Cyborg
Technology Sentinel – Water/Super Reflexes


Real Name: Saiha "Sasha" Homura (焔群 砕羽)
Identity: Public

Family: Nadare Homura, sister [Accidental Fire]
Traits: Friendly, self-doubting
Likes: Reading
Hates: Her body and voice
Desire: Finding her sister
Day Job: Hero
Alignment: Hero
Theme: Cyborg


Having lost her body in the Shivan's attack on Galaxy City, she is now more robot than human. Despite being thankful to her saviour, she could not ignore the nagging feeling that her saviour could have saved her original body, or that she's just a robot with implanted memories.


Accidental Fire
Magic Blaster – Fire/Fire





Technology Mastermind – Robotics/Force Field

Real Name: Alta Nobilis
Age: 40s
Family: Aetos Nobilis, husband; Cassia Nobilis, daughter
Traits: Crazy
Likes: Invention, science
Hates: Boredom
Desire: Knowledge
Day Job: Mad scientist
Alignment: Rogue
Theme: Mad scientist


The mistress of the Praetoria noble house is unlike most rich retired ladies of high society, she spends more time in her lab working on robots and test tubes than attending tea parties or enjoying spas.


Science Blaster – Rifle/Devices


Real Name: Philip Bosch
Identity: Public
Age: Supposed 30s
Blood: Grey

Skin: Grey
Traits: Cool-headed, womaniser
Likes: Women
Hates: Crimes
Desire: Finding his own identity
Day Job: Detective
Alignment: Hero
Theme: Detective


A fictional film character brought to life by accident. Despite his supernatural original, he's as powerless as his fictional counterpart sets out to be, but that's not stopping him from solving supervillain crimes.


Illusive Ileana
Mutation Controller – Illusion/Dark


Real Name: Ileana Doherty
Identity: Public
Age: 20s
Traits: Clueless, delusional
Likes: Issac Kepler [Heavier]
Hates: Getting wet
Desire: Issac Kepler [Heavier]
Day Job: ?
Alignment: Crusader Resistance -> Villain
Theme: Goth


Ileana Doherty lived a largely ignorant life, born to a well-off family, she had no financial difficulties, but still blamed everyone for her life. Just wanting to be left alone, when Emperor Cole called for her to fight for him, she went to fight for the Resistance instead. Ileana knows and understands little of the world outside her books, doll house and imaginary friends.


Pseudo Fission
Mutant Tanker - Rad/Super Strength


Real Name: Unknown
Alias: Diana Hectic
Age: Appearance of 20s
Philosophy: The end justifies the means
Likes: ?
Hates: ?
Desire: ?
Day Job: Mercenary
Alignment: Power Loyalist -> Rogue
Inspiration: Ada Wong


Publicly known as Diana Hectic, and sometimes as [Pseudo Fission], she is an enigmatic freelancer. In-depth investigations into her past reveals that "Diana Hectic" is not her real name, and that she was a Praetorian spy sent to Primal Earth by the Emperor Cole administration in preparation of the Praetorian invasion. History however shows how she rose in the ranks of Arachnos, and cooperated with both heroes and villains to defend Primal instead.


Shortly after the end of the invasion, she left Arachnos, and disappeared from the criminal scene for some time, before returning as a freelancer.


Pseudo Zero

Science Blaster - Ice/Atomic


Real Name: ?
Age: ?
Traits: Split-personalities, confused
Likes: ?
Hates: [Pseudo Fission]
Desire: Finding her own identity
Day Job: Mercenary
Alignment: Hero -> Villain -> Vigilante
Theme: Emo goth


After [Pseudo Fission] escaped Arachnos' attempts to recruit her, Arachnos experimented on a Longbow captive to recreate her powers. Dubbed [Pseudo Zero], the prisoner gained powers unlike of [Fission]'s. Now capable of, [Zero] quickly escaped like [Fission] did.


[Zero] thought of returning to Longbow, but she can feel remnants of [Fission] in her head, and her identity slowly eroded away. She recognises that she is no longer the same person, but just [Zero], a new person weighted with [Fission]'s personality. She now knows [Fission] was right in betraying Praetoria, and is afraid of that she would do the same to Primal.


Pseudo Fusion

Science Tanker - Rad/Martial Arts
Real Name: Eugenie Ingram
Likes: ?

Hates: Arachnos

Desire: Saving people

Alignment: Villain -> Hero


After failing to capture the freelancer [Pseudo Fission], and the escape of their brainwashed [Pseudo Zero], Arachnos took the hair of [Fission] and the blood of [Zero], and recreated their ideal agent, resulting in the birth of [Pseudo Fusion]!


Raised as a widow, [Fusion] was eventually liberated by [Pseudo Umbra], who was actually looking for her sister, [Fission]. [Umbra] acknowledged her as her sister, and named her Eugenie Ingram.


[Fusion] now fights to save the others like what [Umbra] did for her.




You might see other Accidental, Paper, Pseudo and Proto characters running around for Day Job badges in Everlasting, don't mind them.


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Nancy cast a final glance across the kitchen, making sure all the appliances were properly turned off, before turning to the light switches on the wall, finally readied to retire for the night.

Wisps of shadows and flames suddenly darted across her field of vision the moment the ceiling lights were off. Without a second thought, Nancy brought back up both hands already ablaze with flames, and herself in a battle stance. What comes next should be her firing off her fires at the intruders, but a calm voice greeted her instead before she managed to do anything

"Accidental Fire, we did not come here for a fight."

With the room now illuminated by her fire, she took a careful look at the three intruders, she didn't recognize them, nor was able to identify them with any of the groups she knew of. They were dressed similarly like some sort of uniform, but with minor details differed here and there.

"What do you want?" she replied bluntly, still not keeping her guard down.

"I am the Eo of Time, and these are my brothers. I can see time and future, and saw that a great many are at risk of losing their identities." The same speaker spoke while taking a slow measure step forward.

"Go look for somebody else, I've retired from the hero business.”

"You are among the oldest and is the most powerful-”

"I'm not that old, and they are plenty of active hero whom are stronger than me.”

“Your sister-”

“Don’t you dare bring my sister into this!”

“Homura Saiha is still young, and fairly unknown in the society. You, a seasoned warrior will be protected from the changes, but not her. And only YOU can protect her name.”

“Me? Her name…? What are you talking?”

“We have said enough, this is our final warning to you!”

With that said, one of the men behind him raised a hand and conjured a cloud of black smoke around themselves, and when the smoke dissipated, Homura Nancy was all alone in her restaurant, wondering what just happened.

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Idly cupping the empty styrofoam cup, Philip Bosch peered out the opened side window of his car at the mansion down the far end of the street. He could see nothing from this distance or this angle, he possessed neither super vision, nor high tech surveillance equipment, but he couldn’t help keeping an eye on it, something was happening, his gut was telling him. For the first time, there was a family meeting, for the first time, all five members of the Nobilis family were gathered in one place, where any attack could theoretically take them all out, which was why the Nobilis family never gathered in the same place at the same time.

From the side mirror, he noticed a woman walked up to the car from behind, he spent a brief moment to examine the attractive figure from head to toe before returning his attention to the building too far away. The passage side door opened to allow his partner back in.

“Fresh and hot,” Emilie Kelly exclaimed as she handed a cup of coffee to him, which he accepted and just placed it inside his empty cup.

While not powered up (as she called it), Kelly was shorter than him, looking almost harmless and not a detective like himself.

“Anything new?” she asked casually and expecting nothing.

Alta Nobilis has all her pet robots stationed and hidden everywhere around the building, she’s careful.”

“All of them? Some of her robots are sentient and don’t like her.”

“All of them,” he re-affirmed after taking a quick at the coffee.

“Careful it’s hot.”

“What do you think is happening in there?” Bosch asked instead. Kelly shrugged, seeing he just ignored her.

Kelly gave it a thought, then started, “Maybe one of the princess got knocked up, and they are planning marriage. Maybe the old man passed away…”

“I wonder where are their top henchmen, all the robots are here, but not them,” Bosch said suddenly.

“I think they think of themselves more like independent contractors,” Kelly interjected.

“When they have been working solely under Aetos Nobilis’ whims, I think they are more like henchmen, don't you agree, Ileana Doherty?” Bosch said as he turned to face her.

The not-Kelly flushed for a brief second then winced at the sight of the handgun Bosch was holding in his left hand which he somehow managed to slip out in plain sight while handling the coffee cup with his right hand.

“Tell me you didn’t steal the coffee from my partner,” Bosch said, then sipped his coffee.

“Last I know, she’s still queuing for coffee,” Doherty said meekly as she allowed her illusion to fade away.

“And Heavier is with her?”

“Following, ya. Tell you what, you let me go, and you can zoom off and save her.”

“She’ll be fine, she’s the one with superpower.”

“And you are the one with the brain. What gave me away, detective?”

“She’s wearing sneakers today, you are too tall, and she would know I can’t feel the heat of a hot drink.”

“Right… and of course, the detective isn’t actually human. I’ve always forget about that.”

“Tell me what you know is going on down there,” he asked without giving her break.

“Nothing, really. Neither of us are informed or given any instructions. The fact that Missus Nobilis summoned all her robots, and Mister Nobilis didn’t called on us is what is bothering him, Heavier, I mean. That’s why we are here, or rather I’m here, to check up on what you know, and apparently nothing as well,” Illeana said, sounding dejected.

Looking back at him with a sudden grin, she continued, “Now what? You and me know that we are at a stalemate, you can’t defeat me… you can shoot me, yes, but we both know you don’t shoot people. So what are you going to do with a superpowered beauty in your car?” Doherty teased cheerfully, excitement in her eyes.

Just as soon as she was finished, she heard a couple of clicks as Bosch moved quickly to handcuff Ileana to the steering wheel.

“Wait- what- what?” Ileana panicked, everything was happening too fast.

“Unless you suddenly gained super strength, I will just wait for my partner to return, hopefully with your partner in cuff,” Bosch stated as he took another sip.

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Olde Guard
Natural Sentinel – Pistols/Reflexes


Real Name: Aetos Nobilis
Identity: Public
Age: 60s
Family: Alta Nobilis, wife; Cassia Nobilis, daughter
Traits: Power-hungry, manipulative
Likes: Power, Clarice Nobilis
Hates: Powerless
Desire: Power
Day Job: Criminal mastermind
Alignment: Rogue
Theme: Rich old man


Aetos Nobilis was the lord of a Praetoria noble house. He lost his fortune and status from the failed Praetorian invasion, but he retains his pride and ego. Though defeated in battle, he remains undefeated in his spirit, now he fights to regain his past glory.




Paper Knife / Paper Blade

Real Name: Cassia Nobilis
Identity: Public
Age: 24
Family: Aetos Nobilis, father; Alta Nobilis, mother
Traits: Proud, ambitious
Likes: Power
Hates: Her family
Desire: Fame
Day Job: Noble
Alignment: Power Loyalist -> Villain
Theme: Noble


The Praetorian House of Nobilis was once known for its powered lineage, but Cassia Nobilis was born a powerless Natural. Determined to restore the family reputation, Cassia honed her skills to perfection with her blade, to prove the point that she can succeed as a powerless Nobilis. When Emperor Cole created the Powers Division, Cassia saw it as her opportunity to shine, and enlisted without hesitation.




Paper Copy / Paper Clone

Real Name: Amanda Nobilis
Identity: Secret
Age: 6
Traits: Good-hearted, inferior-complex
Likes: Cassia Nobilis (sister)
Hates: Aetos Nobilis (father)
Desire: Goodness for all mankind
Day Job: Body double
Alignment: Responsibility Loyalist -> Hero
Theme: Middle-child


A clone of the beautiful Cassia Nobilis, destined to die young as her body is ageing too fast.


Cassia Nobilis who once detested Amanda’s existence now readily accepted her with open arms. The young Amanda being hungry for acceptance and love, eagerly accepted it. Amanda grew up worshipping Cassia as the perfect being she can never be. Due to Amanda sharing Cassia’s appearance, the older Nobilis instructed Amanda to always wear a mask, and to never to take it off.




Paper Clip
Science Controller – Gravity/Storm


Real Name: Clarice Nobilis
Identity: Public
Age: 4
Traits: Cheerful, immature
Likes: Having fun
Hates: Boredom, being short
Desire: Having fun
Day Job: High school student
Alignment: Warden Resistance -> Rogue
Theme: Brat


A clone of the beautiful Cassia Nobilis, but prematurely stopped aging too early in life. Free of all duties and responsibilities, she believes the world is hers to play with.


She thinks you are thinking she's short, and she hates you for it.




Technology Tanker - Invulnerability/Strength


Real Name: Paperweight
Identity: Public
Age: ?
Family: Aetos Nobilis, master; Alta Nobilis, mama
Traits: Clumsy
Likes: Coffee, cats
Programmed to Hate: Tea
Desire: To brew the perfect coffee
Day Job: Butler
Alignment: Hero
Theme: Coffee machine


When the master of the house wished for a coffee machine, his wife made him a walking bulk who likes making coffee but is terrible at it. Being a giant waste of space, Paperweight was initially tasked in also walking the dog, but after the dog kept disappearing, and him returning with cats, they gave up, and just have him watching the house.




Mutant Dominator – Gravity/Earth


Real Name: Issac Kepler
Identity: Public
Age: 20s
Traits: Professional, heartless
Likes: ?
Hates: ?
Desire: Acknowledgement
Day Job: Mercenary
Alignment: Rogue
Theme: Mercenary


Disowned by his (mob boss) father when his power accidentally killed his mother when he was a child. Now a mercenary by trade, and makes a lot of enemies along the way, but personally view them as business opportunities.

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I waited by the door for Lady Cassia, standing beside me was our robot butler Paperweight, the obsolete walking bulk. It said nothing and offered nothing to me, sometimes I wonder if it’s just that dumb, or had wised up after the numerous futile attempts to make me sit or serve me coffee. Or it just started to treat me as its equal, just another tool to the family, maybe it’s not that dumb after all.

When Lady Cassia, I followed her into the sitting room of the mansion, where the others already awaited. Before Lady Cassia could say anything, Miss Clarice was already up on her feet, leaping off the sofa to catch us.

“Amanda! Cassia!” she yelled.

Though Lady Cassia merely stepped out of her way to avoid colliding with Miss Clarice, I could feel the annoyance in her step, she didn’t like people calling my name before hers, and Miss Clarice knew that as well.

I caught Miss Clarice in the air, and placed her down, quickly moving away and dodging her attempts to pry my mask off.

“Clarice, behave yourself,” said the mistress of the house, Madam Alta.

“Let her be, Clarice hasn’t seen her sisters for some time,” said the master of the house, Master Aetos.

Though Master Aetos had referred to us as sisters, none of us had truly treated each other as that. Both Miss Clarice and myself were merely clones of Lady Cassia after all.

“Now that we are all here, Alta, why did you summoned our daughters?”

Madam Alta threw a stare that could probably murder someone, but she was staring at Master Aetos, whom probably got used to it.

“As you all know,” Madam Alta said loudly, “our names may be in danger!”

“Your name, you are the one who registered your own first name as your hero identity, I don’t know which other idiot would do that,” Master Aetos said while throwing his arms up in defeat.

True, I thought, our registered names were just nicknames, regardless of what happened, we would still be ourselves, but I said nothing, neither did Lady Cassia nor Miss Clarice.

“You all are underestimating this issue, our fame and influence tie to our registered name-”

“No, they don’t,” Master Aetos cut in. “And as a criminal mastermind, I rather go incognito.”

It was then I could see how age had caught up to Master Aetos. It felt like just yesterday that we left Praetoria, and Master Aetos proclaimed that he would regain his lost fortune and missed glory, but as far as I knew, he hadn’t doing much lately.

While Madam Alta went on, none of us were truly listening, but we could see the old man looking at each of us. Once Master Aetos saw promise in each of us, only to find disappointment, and though I might be imaging it, I think this time he was just happy to see us in the same room again.

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Under the dim moon light, two super powered individuals fought with super-punches and fridges thrown like they were nothing to them. All came to a sudden halt when a great disturbance were equally felt by both. The policewoman Emilie Kelly and the criminal Issac Kepler looked at each other bleakly, unable to believe what just happened. At that very instance, many have just disappeared, but *they* remained – spared.


Aetos Nobilis – the master of the house, knew that all he had was his title, he was the criminal mastermind, but held little to no power in real life. The squabbles between his daughter and the often frustrating debates from his wife though irritating were the only comfort he has life, reminding him that he still have them.

He blinked and a lot of things were over in an instance, he didn’t understand what happened, and it seemed like whatever just passed wasn’t felt by his family. Somehow, he knew an alternate version of him, someone he never met from, someone from the other dimension had just disappeared, their invisible tie severed. He turned to look at his phone, many names who were there in his phonebook were not absented. *Deleted*.


Paperweight, the first of the Proto series walked the perimeter of the mansion. His mother - Alta Nobilis – had summoned all his siblings to protect them from an invisible threat, so it was natural that Paperweight was eager to meet his brothers and sisters again.

Proto M was his second, he remembered that much, but he couldn’t remember what he looked like, as if he never existed. Proto F…? Proto R…? Proto N…? Something was wrong, there were blanks in his memory. He made note to ask his mother to check on it.

At the very least, Proto E and Proto K remained, though the family looked a lot smaller than he remembered…


In the temple of Eo, there was an empty room, whoever once graced the hall now were none.

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