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  1. Interesting, I didn't know that. Just for my info: - does Melee/Range supersede Energy/Neg/Ps/Fire/Cold if higher as well? - is that the same for AoE, where if it's higher, it's used instead of the S/L? I was thinking a range AOE might be more useful than PBAOE. Is Burn chosen because it can slot what you slotted, or because you think Burn is just more useful?
  2. Oh no, I missed out that important part. I was thinking I can factor its bonus into combat gameplay. --- It's like each time I thought I can improve on something, I lose focus on what I wanted. --- Is it alright to have low S/L def?
  3. Updated, now I'm worry if the End aspect is good enough. How can I optimise it?
  4. Can I suggest the title of a calendar event should indicate at the start which shard it is for? So that I don't have to click in to see that it's for a shard I'm not in. Due to the length of the shard names, maybe two-letter acronym can be used: Tb, Ex, Ev, In, Re.
  5. Originally, I want to be self-sufficient in combat, so added def and res along with my main focus on damage. I did forget about melee/range defense, though ideally, I rather keep my distance, so should focus more on range defense. It was either Burn and Assault or Char or Melt, thought Burn might be nice because of the Immobilize (Res), though that's very situational. Char and Melt are ST, not sure how useful they would be. If I forgo one of the PBAOE (B or HF), and pick a ST, what are your suggestions? Is the Global Recharge Speed is in effect regardless I'm using Vengeance skill? TBH, I have no idea which is expensive or cheap.
  6. Read through other people builds, cherry-picked what sounds nice, but most likely can be better. OLD: NEW: Scroll down to check out my newer attempt
  7. Sorry to steal the attention, but are there any skippable skills from Ill/Dark?
  8. Last line: double spacing.
  9. Even when you are not visibly wearing heels, your footsteps sounded like you are.
  10. Have rewards on completion of AE, but not for fighting?
  11. I have some thoughts on the unpopulated area (red-side and gold-side). What if: 1. Contacts do not have level limit (*yawn*) - not the most unique suggestion 2. Loyalist is considered as Vigilante, and Resistance as Rogue in gameplay mechanic 3. TUNNEL connects to more low-level blue/red/gold area 4. All trams are connected, all water-transports are connected, all air-transported are connected 5. You can phone to report mission completion, but to take mission, you have to go meet him/her/it face-to-face (*gasp*) - so to promote people actually moving around, and you will see more people gathering around mission you are doing 6. Oro does not let you do out-levelled missions you missed (*blasphemy*) - just go talk to the Contacts, there are no level limit! ... ... ... 7. AE does not give inf/exp/drop
  12. Unpopular opinion: I think AE should not have Inf, exp or drops.
  13. Sadly more alt accounts have little impact to the visible population, as they seem to be power levelling in the AE.
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