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  1. When I need to make a table for myself to tell sort them out, there are too many. But that's my 2cent. ( Attached file may be wrong, as I'm still sorting them out what each is supposed to do. )
  2. I came here looking for other people's builds to improve mine. This is what I currently have:
  3. /bind SYSRQ "screenshotui 0$$screenshot" /bind SHIFT+SYSRQ "screenshotui 1$$screenshot" First line is the default behaviour, second line is for with the UI remained on.
  4. Is there a need for us to have Consignment House/Black Market/Trading House Transporters when we have /ah?
  5. Hope more power pools (Gadgetry, etc) and balances will come after.
  6. I use the enterbasefrompasscode code, but you can't use the SG base Tailor.
  7. The picture is missing. Turns out Privacy Badger blocked the images.
  8. Grandville is just Arachnos base turned inside-out, horrible aesthetics. The other red city zones feel alive, but not Grandville.
  9. "Naked" - Never slotted any TO, DO, SO, IO from level 1 to level 50. And different badge for patrol dayjob at different zone: "Park Goer" - Atlas Park "King's Man/Woman" - Kingsrow etc
  10. I think the unofficial red-side server is Everlasting, it's almost always the one with the highest red population. But the problem is we all have both blue and red, if my blue is not in Everlasting, it's unlikely I will specifically create a red in Everlasting.
  11. Rebalance merit rewards, right now red side has less merits. Give merits per sub-mission instead of completing the whole arc. Give drastically diminishing returns for repeat (for maybe a week?), to promote people playing other mission/arc.
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