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New version of my DPS spreadsheet


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Added in mob resists. Averaged resists per major groups, general resists across the game, 0 Resists, Rikti Pylon and Hamidon.

Added in T4 Incarnate Interface procs (Reactive Radial wins)

Added in the majority of T4 Alpha abilities that had +Accuracy, + Recharge and +Damage

Added in Opportunity per ability, and Opportunity Strikes proc average to factor in Opportunity up-time

Added in Offensive Opportunity damage proc

Added in Defensive Opportunity heal/end for reference purposes

Pulled correct Bio Armor/Molten Armor proc calcs from game files

Moved all personal buffs to individual set pages

Added Defender level damage/recharge buffs/-res debuffs ...is for fun. Max yourself out at +400% damage and +400% recharge. It could happen.

Working on an approximation of pet dps from Patron pools


Is there anything else y'all think I have forgotten?


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