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Requesting all Reunion PvPers!


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Oh hey.. allow me to introduce myself! I am Poned, I'm a pvper from Indomitable. I'm here in search of any Reunion pvpers, be it established or prospective pvpers and players who just may be curious about getting into pvp in general! We are creating a league amongst all the servers and currently have 2 Indomitable teams and 2 Torchbearer Teams. I would like to see some representation from Reunion! 🙂 Don't worry of your experience level. I've trained up 3 of the current teams and we have a good group of experienced pvpers willing to share their expertise/experience through builds and general coaching! If you have any questions feel free to message me in game at @RealPoned or through discord @Poned#3589. We also have a discord dedicated to networking new pvpers with existing teams/other players and would love for any and everyone to be a part of it ! 🙂


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