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Spines/fire Normal Content Build?


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I don't have a build on hand but you might try maximizing S/L resists, S/L/M defense, and recharge. Don't forgot to slot KB protection. 


Sets to look out for:

  • Kinetic Combat in ST attacks for S/L Def. 
  • Unbreakable Guard 4 slot in resist powers for S/L defense and use the proc. 
  • LotG 5 slot for S/L resist.
  • Shield Wall +5% Res to all. 
  • Reactive Defense scaling damage resist. 
  • Of course take tough and weave. 
  • Superior ATOs for everything good, including defense I believe. 
  • Steadfast 3% def.
  • Gladiators 3% def.
  • Obliteration has S/L defense I think. 

You want to target recharge too so you can keep Healing Flames firing off. 


Hope that helps. 

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