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  1. Glowman

    Hover blaster?

    Interested in creating a hover blaster and working mostly at range. What are some good combinations for that? Bonus points if you share your build. Thanks!
  2. @CroaxI'm loving your build! The single target attack chain works really well. What does your attack chain looks like when aoe is added in? Or do you just down enemies one at a time?
  3. Here's the one I run by @Gobbledegook. I absolutely love it. https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1502&c=733&a=1466&f=HEX&dc=78DA65544B4F135114BED3CE505A8A505E2D14CA9BD2160606D91AA2A2C64013625D9998662C9732A1B6CDB4181F2B13F1157CAE8D6B75E1CA18176EFC016EDDF803C40768E27B554FE77C922633E9F49BFB9D73CFF9EE77EF4CFAE262F0F989AB0B42091E2D98954AF6B459DC90B69636F3564ED42F1FDD3166B38B724D162B523F65AE5A66D52A15B387EDF3253B8A705A16A4D4339B657ACE546D59CC57D74570A5542AE8CBD22C5BC57CAB33386EE5D7AB340A38A34C59CAD5B6FF59ABD2AEAC5BE5F0B1B295D38FD89B5599CD94360BD9B459A94AFB52
  4. Thanks for the info! No specific issues, just having a hard time deciding which powers should be in my regular rotation. First time on a controller and they have *lots* of power.
  5. @Sir Myshkin where would you be leaning for incarnates on this build? Having a lot of fun with it (even though I'm also trying to figure out controllers for the first time, lol).
  6. Hey folks! Playing my first real controller and I'm having some trouble learning the ropes. Got any tips you can give me? Like what does your attack chain look like? How's the infamous storm herding work? What powers are you always gonna throw down and which ones are situational? What looks different solo vs. grouped? I've attached the build I'm using (found elsewhere on the forums) if that matters. I look forward to all of your suggestions! Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Reborn-Team/Hero-Designer Click this DataLink to open the build!
  7. Does disruption arrow splash or pulse from where it lands?
  8. @Onlyasandwichthat's something I hadn't thought about. I've noticed when I have soloed I'm constantly backing up to line up fistfull of arrows. Glue Arrow will def be helpful in that situation.
  9. I am! I’ll be sure to check out yours as well.
  10. No. It still has the - regen.
  11. I’ve been playing a ta/archery fender and I’m loving it! It’s fun to feel like you have an arrow for every situation. The thing is, with so many arrows it’s impossible to fire them all off in most single fights. So which trick arrows do you prioritize in what situations? Typical I open with flash arrow into disruption arrow. I squeeze in an oil slick whenever i can. If fighting robots or more difficult mobs I’ll hit EMP arrow. Then into my aoe rotation (which includes a procced out acid arrow). I’ve arrow is in my single target rotation. I don’t often use glue or po
  12. @Darkir, how big a deal is repel in your build with psi? Thinking about going hover for CJ and flight instead of Repel, but wanted to make sure it wouldn't wreck things. 😛 Not really planning on farming with it.
  13. @Sir Myshkini apologize. I quoted the wrong build. This build (from the mad king reference) had the empty slot.
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