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  1. Anyone have a wm/bio build they’d be willing to share? Despite its popularity I wasn’t able to find a build. Please and thank you!
  2. Sounds fun! Willing to share your build?
  3. Rad/SS cured my altitis once and for all.
  4. I know it's a long shot, but I think it would be really cool if we could have access to AE in our base. My SG has a room that's a sort of Danger Room. It would be awesome if we could click that door and enter an AE simulation. Just my 2 cents.
  5. @Soveragreat build! Do you run hover all the time, some of the time or is it only a mule?
  6. I'm not seeing cutscene captions. I have it turned on and included in several of my tabs. I also have chat balloons enabled. Any ideas?
  7. Anyone have a martial arts/energy build they could share with me? Thanks!
  8. Looking to give myself a tough build on my rad/ss. Gonna exchange fly for SJ and hover for taunt. What would you take with last power? Would you move any slots around for Luck of the Gambler global recharge?
  9. Do bots and rad work well together?
  10. Hey everyone! Looking for some /ea builds for a concept character. Characters, actually. The concept is a Shaolin Monk who has mastery over different disciplines. So I'll be making a number of different toons and renaming them to his name when I play them. To pull it off, I was hoping you might share your favorite builds for the following: martial arts/energy aura, staff/energy aura, katana/energy aura, claws/energy aura and dual blades/energy aura. Any help you can offer would be awesome! Thanks!
  11. @Darkirdo the savage stacks help with the end drain much?
  12. Thanks! I'll check it out!
  13. @Nemu Cool. So you just skip the combos? Thank you for the insight. I'm really enjoying the build so far!
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