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Old dog with old tricks.

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My HO WS and PB have sat languishing since pretty early on after HC went live. All purpled up but just... lacking.

Yesterday morning, I ran with a buddy that was testing out his new tri-form PB build and while watching the form shifting something from waaay back before the snap was triggered in my brain.

So I spun up a new warshade and PLed her to 32. Did a quick cheapo IO build in mids, geared heavily toward the forms but keeping in mind the human form tools I'd need.

Then I remembered the binds. Ok, T for Nova gototray 6, Y for Dwarf gototray 7, bind u to toggleoff the others and go back to tray 1. Ok. Slap some IOs in there, done.

Then I ran few radio missions and hopped into a Posi 1.


I had missed this. Ya see, I got my original PB and WS to 50, the hard way way back when being solo still meant a huge damres debuff. Back when being solo meant getting one shotted by boss quantums and cysts still showed up. It was frelling nightmare. I bitched and moaned so much about how bad Khels were yet I persisted.


Coming back to the game to be part of the shutdown after Khels were buffed was drastic but I didn't get to spend much time with them before everything went to dust.


So I'm going to delete my HO WS and strip him of his goodies. (Yea, I could just change his costume, sex and name but whatever.) Then I'm going to respec the PB into triform.


They're just more fun with the form hopping.


Side note: apparently back in the day, all those years ago, I used V, B and H for Squid, Crab, Human. My fingers are STILL trying to go down to those instead of up to TYU. Muscle memory is some amazing shit.


Edit: Playing her more now. I really should just rebind back to VBH. 🙂

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It's funny you post this as I am now in the midst of making a WS after finding a "happy place" with my PB. And oddly enough, I'm making the WS after teaming last night with a group of friends (and others) for a Posi 1 and one of the friends was on his WS. I figure I can find the "happy place" again with a WS by somewhat copying the PB. Obvious differences will ensue but I'm oddly optimistic I can get it to work.


All of this after I gave up on Khelds as a whole on Live because I couldn't find a way to make them fit my playstyle. I saw what other players could do, some folks just have a way of making them work. I never mind teaming WITH Khelds, either on live or here on HC. The extra Voids/Quants/Cysts are just extra XP!


Anyway, one day, I had an epiphany and a build came to mind on how I could make it work, so I made the PB. Of course it was a common IO build as I didn't want to waste the inf or time getting sets, I just wanted to see if it could work. It did work but wasn't quite what I was hoping. He languished for months until I decided get some IO sets. I knew it would take a while to get the IO's I would need so I started up my shopping list and was willing to wait. Then, a mysterious benefactor threw WAY more inf at me than I'd need to buy the IO's, so I did. Now, I have a PB that *I* find fun. Nowhere near the best, but good enough for me. And because of that, now a WS is in the mix!


So, to my mysterious benefactor, thank you. You did indeed fuel my altaholism!

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Hello, my name is Ynaught and I am an altaholic.

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I am being reminded of one nuisance. No good way to tell I'm already mezzed without dropping out of Dwarf. Would be nice if there was some holdover duration on the Dwarf's mez protection to other forms. That's how every other click mez protection works in the game.

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