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  1. Couple more runs. I will be respecing the sr/claws tank. That's just horrible. Claws/SR Tank Core 5:19 5:49 5:50 5:48 5:40 Avg: 5:41 Throw out best and worst: 5:46 Claws/SR Tank Radial 6:55 6:33 5:43 6:05 5:40 Avg: 6:11 Throw out best and worst: 6:07 Fire/Bio Sent Core 3:34 3:59 3:39 3:14 3:25 Avg: 3:34 Throw out best and worst: 3:33 Fire/Bio Sent Radial 3:50 3:53 4:02 3:34 3:44 Avg: 3:49 Throw out best and worst: 3:49
  2. Were you focusing on AoE output? I've got a staff/bio scrapper that runs both +damage forms and I found the AoE output pretty dang good. Course, bio makes all damage exceptional...
  3. Here's the sd/nrg tank numbers. Tank Core 2:46 2:48 2:50 2:59 2:48 Avg: 2:50 Throw out best and worst: 2:48 Tank Radial 3:34 3:31 3:01 3:10 3:27 Avg: 3:21 Throw out best and worst: 3:22 Going to have to run 10 more with the claws/sr tank to see if it gets the same spread. And then a nrg melee brute. And my fire/bio sent. Probably the claws/bio scrap as well. Later. Need a break.
  4. Not what I expected. Claws/SR Scrapper and Brute. 5 runs each with Assault Core and Radial. Core absolutely helps the scrapper but it seems a complete wash on the brute. Assault clicked with time starting. Pyronic core thrown in when up. Hasten on auto and practiced brawler clicked manually after allowing hasten to fire off. I'll do the same test with my sd/nrg tank later. Scrap Core 2:35 2:44 2:35 3:07 2:54 Avg: 2:47 Throw out best and worst: 2:44 Scrap Radial 2:46 3:03 3:39 3:21 3:07 Avg: 3:11 Throw out best and worst: 3:10 Brut
  5. I can find the hole just fine! It's my accuracy that's in question.
  6. I just wish it was a better map. I hate the drop shafts as I miss them too often.
  7. Unlike single target damage, it's hard to get consensus on rules for calculating aoe damage. I've been quite happy with my claws/fa brute for farming but I still place claws firmly in the not-the-best at either ST or AoE but damn good at both camp.
  8. I go flares over fire blast so offensive it is! /blaze, flares, blazing blast, flares. Ain't the best chain but it's purty.
  9. Can't open the build for some reason but I'll happily tell you what I do with my claws/fa brute farmer but it all boils down to the combine insps binds. Head to the P2W vendor and disable large inspiration drops. They don't drop enough to combine them often so they clutter things up. Think I also have rezzes and breakfrees disabled completely. Using the following, I always have a medium luck active which gets me to the fire defense softcap. FIre resists are capped without insps, of course. The first bind combines all Tier2 insps into lucks. The 2nd, all Tier2 insps into
  10. Based on the menu sizes, I'm guessing that's 800x600? Maybe 1024x768.
  11. You won't learn how bad your builds are. You'll only learn where your single target damage sits. If you have amazing aoe, this test won't show it. If you have amazing mitigation, this test won't show it. HOWEVER, if you want to get a general idea for how long it will take you to fight other hard targets like AVs, GMs, etc... then it's a fantastic test.
  12. I have one SS user and he's a joke bunny character. I don't see creating another just cuz it gets ported to scrappers. And, no, it's not just the rage crash. The whole set except for foot stomp annoys me.
  13. Throw me in the "just want to watch it all burn" group. Not so much setting the fires but definitely enjoying the smores.
  14. My time/fire defender is pretty awesome. Solos better than most of my squishies, too.
  15. Nuthin. Playin a db/nrg scrapper right now. It's strong, sure. Kinda fun. The animation time on Nrg Drain is a bit of a downer but Energize is freakin awesome. It also sits at 51.9% DDR. Tank's would scale up to... something, but my shield tank sits higher thanks to dbl stacked AD, so we can't blame that, either. There's a whole nuther discussion about the numerical superiority of shield over sr and adding another into the mix just means sr should get the master brawler change. Too bad the rule's already been broken with NrgMelee. Now the flood gates
  16. Why? If they were properly balanced sets then no tweaks would be needed at all for either.
  17. I'd have to argue that the players not interested in the mechanics of the game that allow for stupid-X tricks will not be getting themselves involved in hard mode in the first place. I hope they do, I hope hard mode is a raging success story, but I'm also a realist and a cynic.
  18. It's a game forum. We'll FIND something to argue about! Hell, I'm still annoyed that I was never invited to the SSPS.
  19. Besides, ya know, them actively helping set up HC's servers after the first failed go-live when someone shut everything down out of fear of NCSoft. That and writing some of the patch notes early on. And if you don't think some of the current dev batch were playing on the SSPS and/or part of its changes, you're out of your mind.
  20. It's an eye-opener for sure. Hit AE, searched 801.2, found Linea's, set for max diff, waltzed in like I do with my Shield/Nrg Tank, commenced kicking everyone's ass, faceplanted. Thought, hmmm, that was interesting. It's doable solo but it is no walk in the park. I have to assume the .3 and up versions will just turn me into a fine red paste unless I grab amps and lean on insps, etc.
  21. This is odd to me. I recently re-tested Assault Radial vs Core to see if the old belief of AT Dam Mod 1 or higher gets Core and <1 gets radial, and my pylon times improved by 30ish secs with radial's doublehit on my claws/sr brute. Course, claws has to dish out a ton more attacks than em/fa to get the same job done so that may be a factor. EDIT: Retested with my shield/nrg tank, radial 3:03, core: 2:53. Hell, now I have to retest the claws/sr tank. EDIT2: Claws/sr tank; 5:57 with radial, 6:04 with Core. That 30 sec spread mentioned above must have been a complete flu
  22. Stop, evil doer, or I shall die and punch you a second time!
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