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  1. Rough part for me is that even BZB scrapper is just fine right up until the autohit fluffy. Then he folds like used tissue. On occasion, Rom or Req in the 3rd mission have also had a series of lucky hits and dropped him. I *think* the new build I used on the tank could be used on the brute and he *might* survive, won't know until I try, but I don't think it would be nearly enough for the scrapper.
  2. This is the way. Sure, that scrapper over there keeps firing off barrier. The controller has clarion. The tank is rockin the rebirth or ageless. But now this defender suddenly finds himself also protected from mez and has rockin resists and defense so he gets to do that thing he once got yelled at for doing... he gets to use his secondary to BLAST SOME PUNKS IN THE FACE!
  3. I'm in a different boat. I feel useless on my squishies when I'm solo and trying to get them to do what my melee characters can do. On teams, I actually enjoy them.
  4. Yup... again, gonna need two bolters for that much heresy. Gonna go check my mace/bio, brb. 1:53. Clobber, JB, Shatter, repeat. Assault toggled on. 1:43 on 2nd run.
  5. How about let the game decide the difficulty? It sees you're fully IOed out and T4ed it automatically throws in extra buff/debuffers to the enemy in question? It automatically adds EBs where they didn't exist before? Random AVs with missions suddenly set to Kill All? But if you've got nothing but TOs in your build and running at +0/x1 it adds nothing.
  6. Zone into mission. TAB to target, F to follow, commence appropriate attack chain. Slaughter everything at max diff. Build based from the correctness and flow of the single target attack chain. AoE chain is superfluous, welcome sure, and yay, pretty orange numbers. TAB, F, Kill. Background music doesn't matter. Metal, folk, weird ass Norwegian chantings, goth and acid rock... TAB, F, Kill. My mind is a whole damn lot simpler than Luminara's.
  7. I'd be lyin if I said Skinless Scarlet wasn't heavily influenced by Julia.
  8. We have a winner. Devs, please don't make Energy Melee a set I don't want to play either by adding a momentum mechanic there as well.
  9. Thanks to capped defense debuff resistance, SR actually does better against Cimerorans than probably any other armor. It only folds against the autohit fluffy in the last mission. As for values, a rad defender does -30% res and -25% damage with enervating field. A rad cor with the same power does -22.5% res and -20% damage. Oddly, a master mind does -22.5% res but only -15% damage ... so either that one power is an outlier or it's not just a case of AT modifiers for buffs and debuffs. Considering how easy it is to get +acc from set bonuses and +tohit buffs from everywhere, I'd much rather someone bring more -res to the party.
  10. Having them exist at all in game would be a start.
  11. Fire/regen sent? Easy. MORE RECHARGE. No really, that's all ya need. Slap a kb->kd proc in blazing blast. You'll still have to deal with the repel part but it's far shorter than the repel+kb. Use all the recharge for your regen clicks, take hover and 6 slot that puppy. Try to get Smashing/Lethal and Range defense to 45 or as close as you comfortably can. Blast away in total safety with impunity.
  12. Claws/Bio? I don't believe those really exist. <.< >.>
  13. Now that I've done it, methinks for future stuff, I'll just stick with plain ol' no deaths/max diff for my personal standard. Maybe no insps if I'm feelin salty.
  14. Items I'm considering: Go ageless to make up for the end loss of choosing soul mastery instead of body/nrg mastery. Take gloom/moonbeam and darkest night. DN's -dam and more DPS from gloom/moonbeam sound very appealing. On BZB tank, the autohit fluffy could never get me below 800 HP. I dropped to 700 at one point due to something else getting a lucky hit in. Adding a damage debuff on top of all of that would be very cool, but losing physical perfection sounds freaking awful to me right now. For a scrapper? Man, I dunno. Buffed enemies freakin hurt.
  15. Damnit, man, don't make me think even more about going soul mastery on my BZBs. Gloom/moonbeam and darkest night are lookin real good these days.
  16. OK, @Werner Add me to the list. 49mins was afk but that's still a horrible time. Guess it's time to use the same respec on the brute and scrapper although I'm damn near sure BZB scrap can't pull this off no matter what I do.
  17. ... This is ... glorious. Edit: The tech for this is already in the game. You turn this toggle on and as with Khel shapeshifting, it locks you out of all other attacks. And like Judgement Vorpal, you don't need a target, it just hits whatever is in front of you. And it doesn't root you so you can just hop into a spawn and spin around. I want this so bad.
  18. Hasten's duration is 2 minutes. PB's duration is 2 minutes. Hasten gets the autoclick and it tells me when to click PB so PB only has a single end-red in it. Slot saved!
  19. Regardless of my other feelings on randomness in the game, I think it would do us all a grave disservice to remove the foundational fact of rolling a 1 on a 20 sided die is a fumble.
  20. I'm still fine with deleting lvl shifts from the game entirely.
  21. You're not wrong. There's a reason I slot attuned IOs as soon as I'm able.
  22. Because they're ONLY used in AE. That's it. Spines sucks everywhere else. Edit: Hell, I don't even use it in AE. My farmer is fa/claws.
  23. Looks like you don't have lucky and evasion fully slotted up.
  24. This is the only thing that jumped out at me. SR gets capped DDR without elude on tanks, brutes and scrappers. Matter of fact, elude is just plain useless. Edit for major typo.
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