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  1. Apropos of nothin, asked the SG I run with to do a max diff (but otherwise normal) ITF with all of our incarnate powers *unslotted.* Really didn't have anymore faceplants than usual and got it done in a casual 33 mins. Now, granted, it was a pretty well balanced team and we're all old-timers, but still... I found it interesting.
  2. It is but it's completely unnecessary now. The game uses what it can. If you want to try it anyway you just add it as a launch parameter HC Settings Homecoming in left nav, Extra Launch Parameters
  3. Edit: if I remember right, (I did!) it was -renderthread 1 to enable the use of dual or hyperthreaded cores. This was important to me VERY early on because I gamed on a supermassiveawesome server class dual P3 board. Which hangs on my wall to this day...
  4. Same here. Did some maintenance this morning and decided that since BZB Tank is on my 2nd acct, I'd use him to store all the excess converters, catalysts, etc and inf I had laying around with my main acct's alts. He's now sitting on a billion inf, tons of salvage, I've got another 500M inf in email and I only made it through 1.5 of 5 pages of alts. Not to mention the other alts on the 2nd acct. Guess it's time to buy some more purples.
  5. Those lovelies have caught me flat-footed many a time. And I think that the complete filling of the screen with particles affects was intentional to add to the confusion and mayhem.
  6. Is this the accurate equation for DPS conversion from time? 38346.4375/time + 127.825 =
  7. I wouldn't mind IH being turned back into a toggle as it was originally.
  8. No one is attempting to give you a reason not to use cheat codes. We're simply explaining to you that there's no difference between a regen spamming insps and any other powerset spamming them so they have no relevance to the discussion at hand. You can continue stating otherwise until you're blue in the face but you'll still be wrong. We have explained it to you many times. You just refuse to accept the facts. Stock up your email with insps and temps, refill all three amps every 8 hours, keep yourself fully cranked to the walls with base buffs. Knock yourself out. NO ONE CARES. It has NOTHING to do with balancing a melee armor against the other melee armors. I have no doubt that you're going to continue to argue that it does but you'll remain wrong. Yes, yes, we get it. You're so much smarter and better than the rest of us because you can store insps in email. Greens can replace the need for regen and more HP. What insp grants DDR? Oh wait, it doesn't matter because just as greens can replace regen and more HP purples can replace the need for DDR. It's almost like inspirations can be used by every armor just as we've been saying and you continue to ignore. Yes, we know, not utilizing every possible cheat code/P2W/base buff available means we're all old and bad at the game. Why even bother with melee at that point at all? Any blaster playing like you is going to make any regenner you have look like it's attacking people with a feather. Your ability to store insps and lean on amps and base buffs or anything doesn't impress anyone because anyone can do it. No one cares and it has no place in powerset balance discussion.
  9. Because so can any other armor set. Therefore inspirations can, in fact, be ignored completely, and should be, when having a discussion about powerset balance. It's as ridiculous a standpoint as saying my regen brute needs no help because I can have sonic and cold defenders perpetually buffing me thanks to multiple accounts. And mez protection on squishies is a non-issue because we can all buy Defense Amps from the P2W vendor. Inspiration use has no place in a discussion of powerset balance. None. Zero. Zilch. Use them as you see fit while you play but none of us are buying this line of thought.
  10. Define high end. You also neglected to mention SR's scaling damres which stacks with any other damres from pools or IOs and calling the best DDR in the game (read capped) good is a bit odd. It's not just cimerorans out there with defense debuffs. There's also the whole concept of debuffs having to hit in the first place to matter, something SR tends to also avoid completely. As for regen providing +regen and +HP, so do Set IO bonuses, both of which I happily abuse heavily on all my SR builds... well, ok, I happily abuse them on ALL of my builds. This all said, if SR is the the melee easy mode, what the heck is shield when it's numerically superior to SR in every way except DDR?
  11. Ok. Name one. SR can eat oranges and greens. Regen can eat purples and greens. Edit: Oops. Regen needs oranges not greens. Bio can eat oranges and purples. Ice can eat oranges and greens. Inv can eat purples and greens. Stone can eat greens... but is still screwed as soon as a curb comes along. etc etc etc. What armor set can't correct any hole it has with insps? (Other than stone. Poor stone, so awesome yet so bad.)
  12. And it's also how my fire farmer clears AE maps. We can ALL chew the right insps to completely trounce the PvE environment. It doesn't matter what armor set we use and it doesn't make regen special or in any way at any time superior to the other armor sets. It just means you know which insps suit your build the most. And we all know how to do that.
  13. Thank you so much for adding your opinion to validate the inferiority of regen as a mitigation set.
  14. Oh, I see you think defense doesn't matter in this game. Wow. You should play more. It's really too bad that with SOs dull pain and instant healing are up soooo very rarely. Cuz for most of the time it actually looks like this: Hmm.
  15. Ok. Show your work. Here's mine. Regen at its best, everything running, SOs, no pools. SR at its best, everything running, SOs, no pools. Regen's extra HP is awesome. Too bad it's going to be hit by EVERYTHING. Edit: And the pics still don't show SR's scaling resists. LOL.
  16. Yea, I'm willing to take that bet. All that extra HP ain't gonna matter as soon as DP drops.
  17. 43.29% with cj, manuevers and weave. Plus scaling resists. It'll stomp regen with SOs without even breaking a sweat. Not to mention throwing tough and 3 SOs into health into the mix. Of course there's also body mastery for even more regen backed by near softcapped defense to ALL positions. Yea, this is brute/scrapper values. Cuz we can't get regen on tanks. Cuz it'd still suck.
  18. I wouldn't agree that Bio is the opposite of toughest and most survivable. That'd be regen. 🙂
  19. This thread was interesting for me to read. Back in the old days, before the snap, I played at being the ATI Guru and tried to help other ATI users as much as I could so that they could enjoy the game as much as I did. Then a time came when Paragon Studios actually teamed up with AMD (or maybe this was before AMD bought ATI, my memory is failing) and all of the sudden all the little eccentricities and failures of ATI drivers in this game were suddenly fixed. ATI's superior graphics quality but unbelievably craptacular drivers just started working fine. My role as the guru was no longer needed. Flash forward 6+ years, and I don't use AMD cards anymore because the drivers just got worse and worse. I wouldn't buy an AMD vid card these days.
  20. Because there's two completely separate paradigms at work. It doesn't have to be the ITF or the MLTF or anything else. It only has to be consistent. It only has to be testable. We have already fully conceded that none of this is based on "fun." If you like regen, play it. But arguing that it's some wonderful thing when actual data is showing that belief to be a lie is a nonstarter.
  21. You are all correct. Still can't bring myself to do it. Probably because if I do fall down this procmonster hole I wouldn't be able to crawl back out of it.
  22. And to also be fair, I was playing mine like I would any other brute expecting, especially with all the buffs I was throwing at it, that it wouldn't be such a chore.
  23. I quoted you. You put those words in your mouth. Yay, regen excels at less than 1% of available content. Based on your other failed deflections, we'll all accept this isn't you claiming someone is coming into YOUR house to offer "ludicrous" claims. Sure.
  24. Bio is awesome for +damage. Bio in defensive mode is pretty good/ok but then you're giving up the +damage. My stone/bio brute is a whole lotta fun to play but she's not nearly as sturdy across the board as my SR, Inv or Shield brutes and suspect the same will be true for my future ma/elec brute. Here's the other side to bio: my claws/sr scrapper has a 3min pylon time. My claws/bio scrapper has a 2min pylon time. If superiority through excessive damage is your gig, Bio is a great choice. If survivability is your main goal, there are better sets.
  25. Implying that GB was the villain here with the line, "But much like the scam artist huckster shown in your picture you don't want to hear it." He's not the one suffering from "don't want to hear it." We're not comparing apples and oranges. We're comparing melee mitigation sets. 1: This ain't your house. It's OUR house. 2: Elec doesn't fold like a wet napkin under duress like regen does. Nice screenshot, but that ain't data. That's you happening to survive at one point in time against what? 5 whole enemies? Woohoo. Edit: My bad, it was only 4.
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