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  1. This appears to be the case. As long as I made absolutely sure to damage them all at regular intervals, they stayed on me. If I forgot about someone blasting me at range and got too far away from them, they'd wander off. Side note: No, my tank can't survive this ride at +4. One AV at a time, sure, but I might not get it done in the 2 hour time limit. On the herding of them, even with avoiding Malaise and Numina, it just ends up being more than my mitigation can handle. Granted, I never popped One with the Shield as I plan to respec out of it, but even Malaise on his own was a rough
  2. But once a critter on a map has been aggroed, if I'm the only player on the map, shouldn't they stay aggroed?
  3. 15 or 16 AVs on map. All other critters wiped out. I could only keep around 10 on me. If I went after the others and even attempted to bounce targets and use aoes only the freshly hit would stick around while the rest would just forget I was there and wander back to their spawn points. It was strange. No Taunt in the build but punchvoke and taunt aura were in full effect. It behaved as if there is a lower aggro cap for AVs than for regular critters but I didn't think that was a thing. This was with my shield/nrg tank.
  4. It was the big robot version of Siege in Maria's arc that was my tank's stopper. I could not get past his heals. Finally just said fark it and called in some SGmates to take him down.
  5. Some State of Decay 2. More prep work for the move. Posted more on the forums.
  6. He ain't that bad. Time consuming, yes. But I've been on various +4 Khans and we got the job done. What's that? Have I soloed him? HAHAHAH. No. And Aeon in MLTF... I hate that guy. Regarding Eva's Praetorian Invasion arc... yes, they can all be soloed at +4. But I got bored at Diabolique and quit. A lot of times an AV fight's success is inevitable but only if ya have the time.
  7. Good point. So the real question is, should we be testing builds by herding all the AVs on @Eva Destruction's Praetorian Invasion map into a single group before taking them down and if so, at what difficulty should that be attempted? Sounds to me like the starting point should be +1 so that they'll be even con against our alpha level shift. Hmmmm. Edit: Huh. Couple things there. I survived far longer than I expected and for some reason even on a tank, I wasn't able to keep them all aggroed on me. Seemed like even having been recently hit, some would get bored and head back to their
  8. Hilariously enough, I have far fewer low blood pressure dips when I've got some booze in me. They're unpleasantly common when I'm sober. Edit: And I'm a fattish smoker as well, go figure.
  9. Then perhaps you should and no, I did not state what you are saying I've stated, (edit: This part "You want Stalkers to change because you don't like playing them and it just so happens one of those reasons fits into your "all powersets that are the same in name should match across all ATs" campaign." as I have already explained. Your extrapolation routine is malfunctioning.
  10. And now you're just lying and attacking me for some petty dumbass reason or another. I have one stalker and that's all I'll ever have and that's only so that I'll have one of every AT fully built out. The AT doesn't suit me for the reasons mentioned earlier. I wouldn't build any more of them with or without the changes.
  11. Drunk, high, sober. Sometimes drunk and high. Depends on my mood at the time. Drugs are good, mmkay?
  12. Again, wrong. You should really stop trying to put words in my mouth. I dislike stalkers specifically because Hide hides my costume and because their AoE output is generally garbage.
  13. No, I realize completely how complicated it would be. A huge amount of coding would have to be tweaked in every area of the game. It's just something I wish the devs had thought about early on. Would have made balancing issues far simpler to deal with moving forward. Instead, we get the mess we have now. One made messier with the creation of Sentinels and how their powersets were further altered from the originals.
  14. +4 no insps no temps no amps no cheats. Walk in, kill them, survive the efforts. Anything short of this is a failure. Edit: Why, yes, I've plenty of failures in my roster.
  15. On a team of course. Solo you're getting 100% of the aggro all the time unless stealthed or pulling. And I don't stealth or pull with my armored characters.
  16. Cuz the blast sets are purty. As it is, my shield/em tank survives better AND clears everything faster than my fire/bio sent for a variety of reasons, so... what you state is already the case.
  17. Truth. Super Stoned Melee is NOT like Drunken Kung Fu.
  18. Don't you have to click off hide for escorts now? How would that be different than a click you get with the inherent to suppress hide when needed?
  19. And so easily fixed. Imagine that.
  20. Excellent question. You'd need click that allowed you to turn off hide as the P2W now has a power than allows you to turn off all powers. Since we know it can be done, it can be done.
  21. Ugh. You are absolutely correct on dinging me on that. Edit 2: And for the record, yea, the inclusion of Hide created a completely new powerset called Stalker-SR that shouldn't exist. Hide should be part of the inherent and not part of the armor. Here's the side by side on brute vs stalker SR: Brute: Stalker: I knew there was another reason I always hated stalkers. Stalker order would follow the other AT order with the exception of the power removed to make way for Hide. So stalker order *would* be: Hide FF FS Agile
  22. For the possible questions to the last post: All SR users would then get the choice between PB and MB. All SR users would have a taunt component on Evasion. You get into range for that to work, you taunt. Full stop. The value of the taunt would be adjusted by the AT Mod. SR would have the same power order for all ATs. Edit: And, yes, for the blast sets, either all would get the snipe or none would. This would make it FAR easier to balance all the archetypes on both the inter and intra-AT fronts.
  23. Negative. Taunt on Evasion is power based not AT based. Tanks/Brutes have it, Scraps/Stalks don't. In my head, all powers should be identical across the board. All sets as well. Diversity would be derived from AT Mods and Inherents.
  24. No, I was specifically talking about how armor set Y is a different set amongst ATs, as with SR thanks to Master Brawler, or how SR Evasion has a taunt aura for brutes/tanks but not scraps/stalkers, or how attack X doesn't share the exact same dam/end/recharge values across all ATs.
  25. Let's roll with this a second. If Sents are cruising around with stalker level mitigation coupled with the ability to always fight from range which equals more mitigation, where should their damage levels be? Obviously not up at blaster levels as their only mitigation is range. Nor brute levels for that matter. That places them in the tank levels of damage output. Tanks are the aggro management set and stalkers are the boss killers, with scrappers and brutes in betwixt, so what do we do to get sentinels to tank damage output but with their own identity apart from "prote
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