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  1. And I'd be ok with that if it were remotely true now. Which it ain't. If my EM/SR brute can't dish out better DPS than my freakin Claws/SR brute... when claws has some GLORIOUS AoE output, then EM is painfully broken.
  2. HA! That's only cuz my darker stuff always got purged!
  3. Woot. Usually when I insult someone I get a couple day ban for it.
  4. I feel like I'm missing something. Did I insult anyone?
  5. About that... In Mids with Arcanatime on, and Max damage selected (meaning all DoT ticks go off:) GFS is at the top. With Average Damage selected, it falls to #3 And with Extra Damage Ignored, GFS is STILL number 3: May not be true for other ATs as I didn't check, but for a brute? Yea, I'd be attempting to go cranked recharge and shooting for the Incinerate, Cremate, GFS, repeat attack chain. Disclaimer: Mids numbers may or may not be accurate.
  6. While true, there are 50+ lvls to get through before you have that.
  7. I hear ya. Trying and failing to come up with a way outside of PvP to test that... Anybody have any ideas?
  8. Should work just like defense and come off the top, not the cap. And since resistance resists resistance debuffs, if you're that far over the cap, you'll probably never see your resistance for that type debuffed by said resistance debuffs.
  9. I've got one! It's an excellent combo. Edit: Also have an earth/earth dom. So much smashy goodness.
  10. Scrappers don't get mezzed and are therefore superior to blasters cuz a faceplanted blaster's DPS = 0.
  11. I've seen an uptick in claws/sr users and this pleases me to no end. I have yet to see another sonic/dark corruptor but I know they have to be out there.
  12. I suspect you'll find what I found. The tank will do around 90% the DPS of the brute... while the brute will continue to have vastly lower than 90% of the mitigation of the tank. EDIT: Yea, I still have a problem with that.
  13. Oh we gonna fight now, Sovera! You don't notice the higher max HP having the same effect for a brute over a scrapper than you do a scrapper over a stalker? I certainly do. I must run with a pretty screwed up SG. Some of them glorify faceplants and have turned me into a careless moron far too much of the time.
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