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  1. And yet neither can be proper mez protection on their own. As I've stated repeatedly and you've ignored repeatedly. Great... you can gimp the shit out of your character with 6 powers to attain what a proper character can do with a single power pick. You're sooooo good at building characters.
  2. RoP is not capable of being permanent mez protection, nor is inner will. Kuji-In Rin and Practiced Brawler are both easily permable. Your argument fails, again. As every other post in this thread has done.
  3. And either intermittent or not available to everyone. Do keep up, failure boy.
  4. Any mez that lands proves defense isn't mez protection. It's mez avoidance. I have only been discussing mez protection. Quote once when I have said otherwise. All of those offer mez protection. Personal attack because you know you've been soundly trounced on every point every time and you can't handle it.
  5. You know how I know I've been successful in my career in IT? When no one ever has to call me. Same is true here. You want to liven up the party? Be the change you want to see.
  6. Nonfunctional whenever a mez hits. Not mez protection. Liar. Validation that when RoP is down it offers zero mez protection. Fail after fail after fail. You might learn eventually.
  7. I would like to see your clear all times for DA repeatables at +4/x8. I suspect that they are admirable especially after being fully incarnated so that they are effectively only +1/x8. We're looking for somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 vet lvls per hour.
  8. Defense isn't mez protection. Resistance isn't mez protection. When RoP isn't available, it isn't mez protection. You still fail yet again.
  9. CJ - Only Immobilize Acrobatics - Only KB and Hold Weave - Nothing RoP - Can't be perma. Again, you fail.
  10. I think Sentinels have mez protection and dominators have crappy mez protection until they have permadom.
  11. There aren't any that provide consistent mez protection. Try again.
  12. And yet he can be given the correct pool choices along with the correct secondary.
  13. That would accomplish nothing so, no, no deal.
  14. Nope. Honestly, I don't see why controllers and doms don't have better mez protection than the melee ATs since they are the master of mez. No clue. The current devs would have to decide that. Until they do, we're all grasping at BS.
  15. Give all ATs some leve of mez protection either from a power in their set or from their inherent. It wouldn't even have to be much.
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