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  1. There are things I can solo on max diff that I probably shouldn't be able to. There are things I still can't solo on max diff. Master of badges have probably become too easy. I can still bite off far more than I can chew with the majority of my characters the majority of the time. So, a bit too easy post 50. (Thus my calls to remove two of the three levels shifts and only allow the one left to be used for incarnate level stuff.) Pretty much just right before that.
  2. Trees and plants are ok with pee. People, not so much. Go listen to this while scrappin:
  3. Fark 'em. People that piss on love deserve a good punch to the face.
  4. As the title suggest, there are two time melee attacks that I never took but my fire/time blaster is in desperate need of a rework and I only have this to ask: Are the melee attacks in /time worth bothering with if I'm going for a full melee blaster build? Crap... guess if I knew their real DPA I'd have my answer. No, scratch that, this isn't about numbers. This is about feel. Is there any benefit at all going heavy melee on a fire/time blaster?
  5. @LuminaraDon't you think for a second that I can't still scrap with the best of them!
  6. Since it's an iTrial, only allow the +1 as with all other incarnate content would be my wish. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hellbent on this change or anything. It's just a consequence of seeing a whole lotta steamrollin goin on these days.
  7. True, but when the incarnate content is EASIER than standard content, a very poor design decision has been made. Edit: And NO I do NOT in any way want to lose the ability to incarnate it up while solo, THAT part of the design change was welcome and glorious. I'd just like to see 2 of the three lvl shifts done away with and the remaining 1 shift only be active in incarnate content.
  8. I live on Excelsior. Just as in the old days I lived on Pinnacle. One server is enough for me.
  9. So there I was, scrapper god, ATI guru, way too man damn posts on the forum, and then CoH was shut down. Then the snap got reverted. I've got a BZB from each melee set at 50 now. Ton of other 50s. Farming is part of my gamin experience in a way it never was before. The shit's fun, yo. Hop in, slaughter virtual baddies, get paid, get that alt on the 2nd account to full power so you can experience how the other half lived back in the old days. So you can finally see why that one dude loved his controller, or her tank, or his defender or her whatever. I get tanking now in a way I never did before the snap. Green Dwarf handled that shit. I'm a scrapper, damnit. Then I played a buncha tanks. Side note here: Don't believe the naysayers, SR freaking rocks on a tank. It's a whole different ride caring about your team, pondering their welfare as you punch stuff, than it is when your entire purpose is destroying that which might be a problem for your team. It seems to create a different game. I find that to be pretty damn cool game design. This is nothin but a love letter to the game. To what it evolved into and the whole damn process of it becoming that. I'm old, jaded, and lucky. I missed this game for every reason that always made it so damn ... comforting. Thanks to all those that brought it back.
  10. Still cracks me up that SR and Claws are bottom of the pack for tanks. Mine's awesome.
  11. Game on gaming rig. RDP from workstation with two monitors into laptop so that I have the same functionality as being in the office. It's been a nice week. Only downside was that my 1st beer of the day kept happening earlier and earlier.
  12. You have forever been quite groovy on replies like this.
  13. But... but... MOAR DAMAGE!!! I can't offer much help to the OP. My DM/Inv brute has an attack chain of MG, Gloom, SL, Gloom, repeat. (4 left handed attacks is very dull.) But the ST DPS ain't bad.
  14. I always 4slot perf shifter in stamina. I dig the set bonuses.
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