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  1. Tried it with a slapped together em/bio scrapper. Getting about 1:40 pylon time. Build needs more recharge. It works. I get around 1:30 with my mace/bio scrapper.
  2. True but overall DPS would suffer due to lack of musculature.
  3. So you were going with the quick ET followed by the slow ET, right?
  4. Numerically. Artistically it's crap.
  5. You know I gotta ask... why can't you grok the problems those are of us are having with the dual animations when you have such issues with the sound FX?
  6. I have not. Thank you and I will with the em/bio scrapper after I get her slotted out.
  7. 40 second buff to ST damage on the em/sr brute even staying with old craptacular ET. TF/BS/ET/BS/repeat. Yes, it's a buff overall. Yay. Still leaves the shitty ridiculously long animation for ET in place unless you purposefully go TF/ET and build an ugly attack chain wasting power picks. Or go sub-optimal with TF/ET/BS/EP/Bar. Ain't gonna lie, yay for the buff. Yay for more AoE. Still hate this ET change. It's crap.
  8. I hate hide. Also haven't seen any stalkers pull of Werner rules ITF yet.
  9. Yea, he's always been pretty cool. Even when he's wrong. 🙂
  10. And when I'm soloing pylons/avs/gms/etc ? No, thanks.
  11. Aye, @Vandenmentioned that FX issues early. Would definitely like to see those fixed if possible before go-live.
  12. I honestly wouldn't go that far. Unless you DO TF then ET, you're still stuck with the ludicrous animation.
  13. Can anyone tighten up this chain? TF\ET-short\BS\EP\ET-long\repeat Needs 261% total recharge in ET and 209% total in TF. Looks like TF\ET-short\BS\EP\Bar is doable with 289% total rec in TF
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