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  1. Holy fark sticks... /I still love this thread.
  2. Even if it is numerically superior, I just can't handle that level of heresy. 🙂
  3. Now that it's done and tested, shield/em is the best (numerically) tank I've played.
  4. While I still refuse to go with proc-heavy builds (dunno why, I'm old and stuck in my ways,) it still makes me grin at those builds pushing the DPS they are that run 'em.
  5. What's your pylon time with that chain?
  6. No. The numbers show a slice of reality. Nothing more, nothing less. SR not at the softcap sucks horribly. But folks don't run around talking about how much SR sucks in actual play. Edit: Well... some do but those people are stupid.
  7. I used it. I used it well. I do NOT love it.
  8. I don't think anyone is arguing otherwise. But tanking isn't what's being studied here. It's base mitigation of the armor sets with SOs. Or base mitigation of the armor set + tough/weave/cj with SOs. Or even base mitigation of the armor set tough/weave/cj with SOs and the unique +def/+res IOs. Each iteration shows us something different. Arguing that the test doesn't show what it isn't being tested doesn't make much sense.
  9. Wut. No Tough/Weave? No Gloom? No CJ? Madness, I tells ya. Also gratz!
  10. Maybe the extra inf spent keeping SOs green? Other than that, I've no clue either.
  11. I still hate the combo system being added to EM, but I hate corpse blasting even while solo even more and, sadly, I do it a lot.
  12. But that's a true statement.
  13. So you can corpse-blast AND be the corpse! Brilliant!
  14. This is my experience as well with my sr/claws BZB. It's an incredibly solid combo even if it can't touch the peak of an sd/nrg tank. Edit: SR/Claws wins on pure sexiness, of course. But that's hard to define numerically.
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