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  1. I looked at her build only to find that it was 75% basic IOs. Too many alts. I'll fix her at some point and try again.
  2. Considering how broken and op sents, tw and bio are... who gives a fuck?
  3. Bill Z Bubba

    SM Secondary

    Shield makes everything better. If ya like savage for concept, go with SM/SD.
  4. "Energy Assault: New special mechanic. Most single target attacks have a 20% chance of granting Energy Focus mode. Hitting a foe with Total Focus will always grant Energy Focus mode. While in this mode, Whirling Hands will inflict a large amount of bonus damage. Power Burst will do some bonus damage." Thanks, @Bopper
  5. Does some have a link to what the heck this is? I see that 2ndary attacks can put you in the energy focus state and the energy stored popup occurs, but I can't find any explanation of wth that actually does/mean. Thanks, -BZB
  6. I must admit my amusement at myself for shifting gears so much during the snap. Disregarding my work on my claws/bio scrapper, I went from "DPS is all that matters" to "do I look cool while I'm beatin down the baddies?" Aging. It does things to your brain.
  7. I'm not sure that it's KB. It acts like repel. Does the KB->KD from Overwhelming actually turn it into KD?
  8. I haven't looked at all. Don't think I'm ever conscious of it showing up and certainly haven't been watching the combat logs for it.
  9. It ain't great. Matter of fact, yea, it's pretty awful. However, I never faceplant and the aoe output from fireball, rain and inferno ramp up the kill speed on max diff nicely. Doesn't help that I have both Sent AT IO full sets in Flares and Fire Blast and a full Devastation set in Blaze. Attack chain is Blaze, Flares, FB, Flares, repeat. No hasten in the build. I have no doubt I could reslot for better damage, take hasten, drop flares for blazing blast and improve the time considerably. But then I'd be annoyed by blazing blast's repel during normal combat like I was before his last respec. Edit: Quick side note, if opportunity is up and I fire off flares and queue up fire blast, when both hit, I get both Offensive and Defensive Opportunity. Which amuses me.
  10. Lvl 50 Fire/Bio Sent. At login, Offensive was enabled as was Hardened Carapace. Combat Monitor shows me at 55.50% Damage Bonus. Turned off Offensive, Damage Bonus now at 30.50%. Turned on Defensive, Damage Bonus now at 5.5%. Turned back on Offensive, back up to 55.50%. So yea, +25% damage bonus. Turning off HC while leaving OM enabled does drop +dam back to 30.5%. Edit: Also, 5:45 pylon time.
  11. I can still hit 100% on rare occasions with my claws brute but only because I have the brute at io +fury in followup and only against really hard targets. EDIT: Just went and smacked a pylon. Saw 100% around 5 or 6 times. It, of course, doesn't last long.
  12. Can't be overstated. KB to KD proc in shockwave is a game changer.
  13. But... I kinda like myself and see no reason to fully self-gimp. Side note: You all do know you can go min FX on bio armor to get rid of the poop completely, right?
  14. Skinless Scarlet and her blood magic agree. On topic, yea, claws/wp is cruise control. I'd say properly played Kheldians are on the difficult side of things.
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