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  1. I wasn't in the PL game back before the snap, but since coming back, I have learned the joys of building a new character, hitting the P2W vendor for double XP, continue running to the tram, take it to Talos, log in my claws/fa farmer, using it to invite new alt to SG, invite to team, teleporting the lvl 1 lowbie to AE, running 5 missions of Brigg's Rainbow firefarm in about 30 minutes and then starting the game at lvl 32 with enough inf for a full boat of lvl 35 basic IOs and a few uniques. If I like the alt enough, maybe they'll get PLed again from 40-50 and fully kitted out.
  2. All incoming attacks, hit or miss, increase fury. All outgoing attacks, hit or miss, increase fury. Fury degrades faster the more you have of it. I'm sure someone will be by shortly to share the actual equation behind it. 1 fury pt = +2% damage.
  3. I take fly on 90% of my characters.
  4. I'm not sure. I took it out first due to blind hatred, not logic.
  5. I did it by chomping huge reds and a couple ultimate insps. Yea, felt like cheating but I considered that fair since an autohit fluffy against super reflexes is ALSO freakin cheatin. Edit: Yes, I attacked and killed the autohit fluffy 1st, then Rom.
  6. Inherent fitness was one of the better decisions the devs made. But don't make me go back to hovering over the Hollows.
  7. I am corrected. And as always, I like it.
  8. If this is true, then it's a bug. All scrapper primary attacks should have a chance to crit. Have you sat in front a target dummy in RWZ with this power on auto to verify that it never crits?
  9. Bill Z Bubba


    Gotta say on the dm/inv brute... yea, that sucker is HARD to kill. Much more so than I expected.
  10. Bill Z Bubba


    The DM attacks should be critting as expected on a scrapper. I've got a DM/Inv brute and a DM/Bio scrapper right now, love them both. Oddly, my scrapper is a pure concept build and her attack chain is nothing but Smite, SP, AirSup, SP, repeat. AirSup, of course and unfortunately, never crits but the other two do and more so since she has the scrapper AT IOs. The no crit on pool powers is an oversight that should have been corrected LONG before the snap occurred. This may not last, however, as there's really no reason a skinless woman kept alive by blood magic couldn't use said magic for another self-heal or a major hold. But that's my one major gripe with DM these days... the best attack chain for the brute is MG, Gloom, SL, Gloom, repeat. Nothing but left-hand jutting foward over and over. Gets boring. I don't know if the dark snipe for scrappers is left or right handed.
  11. Ya think we might get an acct wide shutoff for those? Can't stand them, to be honest.
  12. Tis a strange and wondrous thing that a video game could create a void in my chest that lingered unchanged until a fellow player pinged me on steam to tell me it was back. I also moved to the test server when Pinnacle shut down and sat there, beer in hand, staring at the disconnection screen for I don't know how long, knowing there was no other server on which to connect.
  13. I'm not very good at this badging thing...
  14. It would be very nice to have the following and all would be greatly appreciated should any of them be possible. Surgeon for the base. Alternate hand animations for all single handed attacks. Example: My dark melee brute uses Midnight Grasp, Gloom, Siphon Life, repeat as his attack chain. These are all left handed attacks. Gets a bit dull. Another example: Claws followup is only right handed, unless you are flying, then there's an alternate left handed followup that is cycled in. The ability to convert threads into empyrean merits. The Sentinel change to Super Reflexes, Master Brawler, please port over to all SR sets. I will happily respec again for that on all my SR users. Edit: To be fair, do the same for any melee mitigation set that has click mez protection. Please also add the Sybil outfit for characters. That's it. Thanks much.
  15. I sell all my purple drops for 25 inf each. The why of it? Because I sleep upon beds of inf earned from the slaughter of my enemies. My dreams are filled with the sounds of the lamentations of their women. They are driven before me and it is good. Also, I'm lazy. I've already got bins full of enhancements and spending time crafting is time I'm not killin stuff.
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