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  1. Hell, I'd be happy if the current base tport was as fast as the passcode port and that was that. Edit: With a drastically reduced recharge time as well.
  2. I've seen it. <shrug> No biggee one way or the other time me.
  3. Besides it being an easy way to never fail an Master of run? Or never be defeated in PvP? Or just plain being a get out of anything/let's trivialize everything card?
  4. I just use the porters in my own base. Granted... I would like to see enterbasefrompasscode be blocked from usage within instanced missions (so you can't instaport from a bad scene) or pvp zones (for the same reason.)
  5. I thought it was /gignore @<globalname> for total blockage and just /ignore <charactername> to ignore a single character on an acct.
  6. I second what BT has stated here. I second what R has stated here.
  7. When the base opinion sucks and is based on idiocy, it should be challenged. When others attempt to control what those around them do when no actual harm is befalling them, they should be challenged. If you think people like me suck, I applaud your continued right to share that opinion and will in no way attempt to stop you nor will I attempt to stop myself from explaining that you're wrong.
  8. Do you truly not believe that there are people on this planet that actually enjoy automobile maintenance?
  9. And there's the pretty thing. Want to rip AE and all the evil farmers out of your game? You can do so. Stand up your own gorram CoH shards and have at it. Oh, is that too hard? Are you not technically capable of such a task? Don't have the funds? Huh. Too bad.
  10. I'd say the same about tanks. And I'm building a new one right now. How about, instead, we just stop letting control freaks ruin everything for everyone because they think their opinions are global when it's proven time and time again that this belief is painfully false? Just a thought. Nerfherders kinda suck regardless of the facts of powercreep in this game.
  11. It is true... for him. Probably others as well. But as long as there's folks like us willing to stand up and counter ugly opinions instead of standing idly by while evil does its work, the world still has a chance.
  12. I'm not triggered at all. I'm simply capable of understanding that it is YOUR biased opinion that labels the activity "toxic." I don't find it toxic at all. Inf is not real money. Fact. Time is not money. Also fact. Get over it.
  13. I'm currently rocking 32.47 hp/sec on my claws/sr brute. Have you seen @Caulderone's SR tank build? It's sitting on like 45% damres to everything BEFORE the scaling resists kick in. This is not true. Why everyone ignores the scaling damres in the passives... I just don't get. It exists. It functions... it keeps me from faceplanting when I'm in the red more often than I can explain.
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