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  1. Why did I make such a silly comment and then contradict it in the same post? I'm gonna blame booze. Regardless,@Riverduskspeaks truly.
  2. There are no rules since many sets are hybrid. Also don't know why someone would go resist for dark blast when it provides tohit debuffs which stack well with defense. Super Reflexes is a Defense set but has scaling resists. Invulnerability is a Resist set but has scaling defense with invincibility. Rad is a Resist set but has healing and absorption. Fire is a Resist set with a heal and massive damage. Shield is a Defense set but provides solid resists as well. Willpower is the truest hybrid, going Resist for smashing and lethal and Defense for the other ty
  3. This feels more misguided than intentional. No attacks. Pets in bodyguard mode. Spam secondary? All of my characters are built for scrapperlock. This is why I suck at blasters but it works well for everything else.
  4. I hear ya. At the same time, however, ANY conversion rate would be a buff. Just spot checking my mains: BZB Scrap - 1814 threads BZB Brute - 676 Main Sent - 805 Shield/Nrg Tank - 443 BZB Tank - 608 Main farmer - 2120 And that's after repeated dumps on Luna for insps to drop on the market. At this point, I'd be happy with any conversion rate at all.
  5. To be fair, I don't think I've run a single iTrial yet on HC. Maybe DD once with the SG. It was so easy to farm Heather's arc in DA for everything I needed that there never seemed to be a point. But I get what you're saying. Just kinda blows that the ONLY thing you can do with all those extra threads is buy insps that I don't bother using or craft more incarnate powers that I don't need. I'd be happy with a ridiculous conversion value, too. 1 emp = 20 threads? Ok, make it 200 threads to make an emp.
  6. Allowed. Got a build and/or attack chain to share for the masses?
  7. You got it. Apparently doubly so. Running gag with my SG. My claws/sr sits at 3mins. Your times are standard rules, no temps/insps/lore?
  8. For the record: using lore pets during pylon time runs is verboten. Course.. using them against AVs is not so it doesn't make much sense to block them from your tests if you're gonna use them in regular practice. Much like incarnate assault. All test should be done as per your desired info, of course.
  9. Think I've got seers for my farmer. I end up telling it to follow often so that it pulls their aggro into my melee range.
  10. You speak truly! So check the time on a solo max diff ITF, too!
  11. Has anyone already created a tie-in webpage like CoD to create an Attack Chain Designer that would show you how much recharge you need for a given chain to be pauseless or what the actually timespan of a given chain would be? I know of the DPS calculator in Mids but I can't get that to work. Edit: To put it another way: Data is pulled from current CoH numbers AT and powersets are chosen Requested attack chain is chosen with given damage buffs and total recharge Data is displayed
  12. More reason to add a conversion for threads to emps!
  13. Still waitin for any of yall's "superior claws" to beat my pylon times! 🙂
  14. I've seen that behavior. She will hit her heal pretty often but if you're not in need of it, yea, she's checking her phone.
  15. I'm also not a fan of the screen filling up with huge lore pets.
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