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Blaster Secondary: Illusory Combat or (Illusion manipulation)


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Thought of this in the weekly discussion thread and liked it so I thought I'd post it here for additional feedback.


New Blaster Secondary:  Illusory Combat

You manipulate light, creating complex and convincing illusions, blinding and confusing your foes, and even healing yourself.  You can focus your illusions  offensively, or defensively.  Offensive illusions will have a chance to deal additional "illusory damage" that is so convincing foes will truly suffer damage, but the wounds will heal over time if the enemy is not defeated.  Defensive illusions will have a chance to instill brief fear in your enemies as you attack.  You can only switch the focus of your illusions when not in combat.  Certain powers help your illusions become more potent, and the more potent your illusions are, the stronger the effects of your focus.  


Tier 1: Spectral trap:  Foe Immob/Moderate Psychic damage over time.  You convince a foe they are being wounded with each step they take, locking them in place and inflicting psychic damage.  Builds one stack of potency.

Tier 2: Blind:  Foe hold/Moderate energy damage. You painfully blind a single foe, rendering them helpless and inflicting damage. Builds one stack of potency. 

Tier 3:  Illuminate: Self +dmg, +tohit, Grants 3 stacks of potency. You gather the light from around you, making your attacks appear even more powerful.  The damage of your next few attacks is increased greatly, as is your chance tohit. 

Tier 4: Master of illusions:   Self +Stealth, +def (all), +special.  You are able to bend and focus light around you, making you virtually undetectable except in very close range, and also harder to hit once detected. You will be detected if you attack. Even if detected, you will retain some of your defense.  This ability also grants you the ability to focus your illusions, choosing to use them offensively to boost your own attacks or defensively to weaken your foes. Grants the Offensive and Defensive focus modes.   

Tier 5:  Deceptive Flare: Targeted AoE, Moderate dmg smashing/psychic, for Knock down.  You channel your illusions tightly, making them appear to erupt from the very earth around your target, blasting all foes within radius and having a chance of knocking them off their feet.  (This is basically Solar Flare from Khelds)  This power consumes all stacks of potency, and the amount of damage it will deal is increased with each stack consumed.


Tier 6: Light Therapy:  click Self +Res Status Affect (all), moderate heal, +Endurance.  You use the power of light to energize yourself, heal your wounds, and even free your mind from the influence of others.  When you click this power you heal yourself of damage and gain a moderate boost to Recovery for 2 minutes.  If activated when under the control of any status affect power, you trade half of that healing and recovery boost for strong status affect protection for two minutes. 

Tier 7: Kaleidoscope (or alternately, Vertigo):  Single target Stun (vomit emote)/High psychic damage.  You trap a single enemy in a kaleidoscope of light, rendering them so dizzy they become sick and unable to attack you momentarily, and dealing psychic damage.  This affect has a slight chance to spread the dizziness to up to two nearby enemies, causing them to momentarily become ill as well.    This power builds one stack of potency if the user has less than 3 stacks. If they have three stacks the duration and magnitude of the illness, and its chance to spread are increased by 50% and all stacks are consumed.  

Tier 8:  Abject Terror:  You create a cloud of illusions at a targeted location so horrific it instantly terrorizes enemies within range, and leaves their chance to hit and attack speed diminished.  This power grants one stack of potency. AoE Foe Terrorize, -tohit, -recharge speed.

Tier 9: Radiant Explosion:  Melee AoE Superior dmg, Foe KD.  You strike a foe with a burst of light and sound from your first so powerful, the target is knocked to the ground and suffers superior energy damage. The illusion is so effective that nearby foes will also be knocked down and both they and the primary target will suffer illusory psychic damage over time.  Radiant Explosion consumes all stacks of Focus.  The strength of  this illusory damage will increase with each stack of focus consumed.  


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